I then stand up and angrily glare at him. "Alright Gideon, what the hell is going on?!" I demand.

Instead of answering me, his evil grin widens.

"Fess up Gideon, what are you playing at?!" I accuse him. Mabel then stands beside me and begins growling at Gideon.

I guess seeing Mabel on my side must have annoyed him, as his grin fades from his face, soon replaced by a much more peeved expression.

"Okay, well I guess nothing gets past you does it, Dipper Pines? Oh wait, of course it does, you've not outsmarted me this time, boy!" Gideon confidently laughs.

"What are you talking about?" Mabel asks.

Gideon then begins walking around the hall, a confident yet evil look painted on his face. "Well Mabel, you and your brother may prance around thinking you can solve all mysteries, stop all who seek to destroy you, but you're wrong, as this time, I have outsmarted you two, finally, I have won!"

"Oh yeah, and how many times have you said that and have it blew up in your face?!" I yell, knowing how much this will annoy him.

"Well this time is different! I can't believe you did realise earlier that this was a set up, you think you're so smart, your just an idiot, a wannabe, you can't stop me! You're just pathetic!" Gideon shouts at me. It hurts. I know he's just an evil brat, and I shouldn't listen to anything he says, but I heard it, and it hurts. "You didn't seem to suspect for a minute it was I who invited you, some "mystery solver" you are!"

"You invited us?!" I cry in confusion.

"Yes, boy, I write the invitations inviting all of you here. A set up, it was." Gideon tells us.

"Well, why did you invite me?" Pacifica asks.

"It would have been to obvious if it was just me and the Pines', you and your friends were a good distraction, helped to keep most the attention away from me." Gideon explains. "And you never guessed that Claudius, Rose and all the other were just actors, did you? No!"

Claudius, Rose, their daughter, Eloise and Jade then all gather round Gideon.

"Okay, well as fun as this was kid, pay up." Eloise barks at Gideon. Gideon then hands all five, stacks of money, I'd estimate $50 maybe $100. All five actors then leave.

I feel so stupid, I can't belive I fell for Gideon's plot and all his lies.

"So that whole story about you falling off a cliff didn't actually happen?" Soos asks.

Gideon laughs and shakes his head in pity. "Of course it didn't actually happen! A very talented actor I am though, I'm so great that sometimes I even convince myself. There are trap doors all over the house and secret passages, I used several of them to get to the kitchen with you. And the gate, I locked it! Your all trapped. Hope you've enjoyed your lil' lives so far, your minutes are numbered!"

After saying this Gideon pulls a gun out the inside of his cyan blazer. He points the gun at all of us. "Now get against the wall!" He screams.

Terrified, Mabel, Soos and I move back against the wall.

"I bet it's not a real gun." Pacifica says to us.

"You don't think it is?" Gideon asks me, his eyes wide and twitching slightly. He then points it above his head and shots a warning bullet at the ceiling. The bullet catches the chain the chandelier is held on, causing it to come crashing to the floor. The shock knocks Natasha and Esther back but the chandelier encases Pacifica. Her two friends begin pulling her weak, but still alive, body out from underneath the crashed light decoration. Gideon steps forward to Mabel, Soos and I.

"Move!" He spits at us.

We fearfully do as he says. I hate doing as he tells me to, I could easily try wrestle the gun from his hand, but if he pulled the trigger and I died, I just couldn't put Mabel through that.

Gideon marches the three of us back into the garden.

"Now I can finally kill you three! Nothing can stop me! It's perfect, I can shoot you and roll your bodies into the pond. The DNA will wash off, no evidence can be tracked to me!" Gideon laughed evilly.

"It's clever how those actors did it, I guess." Soos sighed.

Gideon then stared at Gideon. "Excuse me?"

"With the memories, of the children dying, clever special effects, I guess, dude." Soos complemented, lowering his head sadly.

"Memories? I have no idea what you're talking about!" Gideon shouts.

"With the little girl drowning and the little boy who killed his father and himself." Soos begins to explain. I'm not sure if he's making it all up to distract Gideon or if it's true, but it's made Gideon stop to think about something.

"You. are. lying." He accuses Soos.

"No I'm not." Soos insists.

"Well, I don't care! I'm going to kill you and theres nothing that's going to stop me!" Gideon yells. He then pulls me forward and puts the gun to my head. "It's over for you Pines! I won! You're dead!"

I can feel the pressure he's putting on the gun. I'm going to die. In away, I guess I'm glad he's killing me first, I couldn't watch Mabel die and know there's nothing I can do. But I can't put Mabel through this! I forcefully push Gideon in his massive stomach, knocking him backwards. The pistol slips out of his sweaty palm and into the pond.

"How dare you!" He screams. And knocks me to the ground. I can tell he's going to fight me, but I'm ready for it. As he sends a punch in my direction we are interrupted by the sound of boiling water. Out of the pond rises the same girl who tried to pull me in. This time she looks even more horrible, knotted in her hair is clumps of pond scum, blood and dirt, her eyes are red and bloodshot. Her skin is still peeling but small flakes are caught on her dress. And the main difference this time, is her angry, vengeful expression.

The girl crawls toward us, and for a moment I'm scared she's going for me, but instead, she lunges at Gideon. Her bony hands wrap tightly around his fat legs and she starts to drag him back with her.

"No! Get off me!" He screams, attempting to kick her, but we can all see it's useless. We gather around the pond, watching. He shrilly screams as the girl begins dragging him under the water. "Help me!" He pleads, but I lock my eyes on him and shake my head, as he sinks to his watery grave.


Claudius, Rose and their daughter, Primrose, head back to Hollow Hill manor. Actors they were not. This family were in fact just three of the many ghosts of Hollow Hill. All three make their way back into their house, but as Claudius and Rose go to their bedroom to relax, Primrose makes her way to her garden and begins poking sticks in the pond. She does this for a while until one is tugged strongly by something in the pond, pulling Primrose forward.

Sorry, I know this was a terrible ending but, oh well.

Just so you know, Dipper, Mabel an Soos then went back to Grunkle Stan and happily went back to a peaceful life in the Mystery shack. Pacifica and her friends were unharmed physically but were so traumatized by the experience that they rarely spoke anymore, Pacifica Northwest is no longer the most popular girl in Gravity Falls. Gideon's parents lived a happy life now there soon was gone, they never found out what happened to him at Hollow Hill manor, but they hope he's in a better place...He's not.

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