This is the sequel of my previous Tinkerbell fanfic 'Aurora the Sunset Fairy'. For those who haven't read it then you should! Or else you won't understand who Aurora is…

Tinkerbell Fanfiction
Title: Opposites
Author: Rania Isabella Reaser
Rate: T
Language: English
Characters: Queen Clarion, Lord Milori, Aurora, other
Pairings: Queen ClarionXLord Milori
Previous Story: Aurora the Sunset Fairy
What if Aurora wasn't live with Queen Clarion before Queen Clarion and Lord Milori united? What if Aurora lived in Winter Woods, with Lord Milori? An opposite story would happen… A new twist of 'Aurora the Sunset Fairy'…


Hello everyone,

My name is Aurora; I'm the daughter of Lord of Winter, Milori. Yes, he's my father, the ruler of Winter Woods, making me some kind of Winter Princess, though I never really take the title 'Princess'.

If you questioning who my Mother is, I don't have any answer. Every time I asked Father about Mother, he would always either change the subject, leave me for some make-up duties, or even give me long last speech (which I don't enjoy at all), so I don't ask him about her anymore, not even mentioning about her in front of him, unless you have some earplugs for me to use…

Anyway, I lived in Winter Woods, and only Winter Woods. I love being in Winter Woods, it was cold, you can skate all day, play with snow, and other fun things to do. But I often wonder, what it like was to be in the warm seasons. To feel the sun shone, to see fishes swim in the melted ice, to see bugs and flowers.

But unfortunately, Father never let me go near Winter Woods. I know why, because he was scared that I might break my white monarch wings, like when he broke his wing…

It's short, I know. But this is just prologue. Give me reviews and I'll give you the first chapter...