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"Aurora," Father called as he walked into the house. "Aurora, where are you?"

I came walking toward him from another room. "Yes Father?"

"Where have you been?" he questioned,

"What do you mean?" I asked back, confused with his so urgent tone.

"Where have you been all day long?" he inquired, "You weren't home and neither was in the Frost Forest."

I rolled my eyes, urgh… he was so overprotective! I'm not a little fairy anymore! Geez… "I was with Glimmer all day. You could ask her." I said, shrugging.

"Where?" he asked; maybe because the fact that Glimmer was almost as rebellious as I am.

"Dewey's Library. But we didn't find anything fun to read so we went on making snowflakes."

"And you didn't go anywhere near the border again?"

"No!" I said, irritated by his suspecting tone. "Geez Dad, lighten up. I did what you tell me to do. You said I can't go near the border, so didn't."

He sighed and nodded. "Alright then, I believe you. You may go to your room."

I shrugged and turned around, making my way to my bedroom and closed the door. Father's acts made me suspicious though… he has something he was hiding from me. And I'm determined on finding out what's up with him!

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