This story basically does what it says on the tin. The following drabbles are unfinished (I repeat, UNFINISHED) and were mostly scribbled down in about ten minutes by me over the past few years. There's no point in them simply sitting rotting at the bottom of my computer for all eternity – hence the birth of this story.

The general formula for each drabble's information will be this:

TitleofDrabble (NameOfScene/Song it's set around/in, Pairing/Ships, featuring OtherCharacters.)


I know we readers like to pick and choose our drabbles, so it's worth noting that I will be providing ALL OF THE ABOVE INFORMATION for each drabble at the top of each chapter. In the chapter selection bar, I will also provide TITLES AND SHIPS/MAIN CHARACTERS - that way, you can skim for all the Fiyeraba you like, without having to plough through every single drabble.