He was nothing but an afterthought, a reserve, and he knew it.

Mother, beautiful, human, Mother.. There were no words to describe her beauty, for it was that enchanting. She taught him many things while she could, for she wasn't in the best of health when Father died. Sewing, baking, cooking... He learnt them all, just to see her happiness. Yet, he knew.. He was just a replacement, for Her.

Being the youngest, he was not the next in line for the throne. However, She shirked her responsibilities and thus, her duty fell onto him. But he did not complain, for the Masterians were happy that they would have a competent ruler in the future, and what could he do, but abide? A king is there
for his people, and not the other way round.

Sister…beauty, strength, talent, She has it all in spades. Yet, She chosed to ignore it, all to become a warrior. But he does not begrudge her for that; for it is their nature, to seek for power. That's why, he wasn't surprised, or shocked, that the Black Mage asked for Her. It was natural, to go for the strongest first, then the weakest.. Yet She threw everything of importance away, all just for Mother, and him, chose to leave Masteria to His mercy.

But its fine now. He isn't left alone anymore. He had them now. Refined Von Bon, playful Pierre, elegant Crimson Queen and the ever-protective Vellum.. Along with the entirety of Masteria...

"Sir, it's time. "
"...very well. "