Online Mafia War: Vongola Days

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Chapter 2: Daily days: Surviving high school.

Everyone jumps away from the streets as a red Ferrari shot past them. Prefects and students of Namimori High alike dove for safety as the car twisted and turned a perfect 180 and parked beautifully into the allotted parking lot.

"Yes! This is the bomb!" a black-haired girl yelled in delight, laughing out loud, her adrenaline still sky-high.

Two pale boys ran out of the car, immediately puking into the nearest bush. The girl laughed as she slammed the car door shut, holding their school bags for them.

"B-Bucking horse. I still can't believe you let that mad woman drive your car." Mukuro turned and heaved out the last remnant of his breakfast into the bushes.

Dino could only roll his eyes as he weakly puked over the headmaster's prized begonias. Oops. "How…How do I suppose to know she drive like t…hat?"

Yume could only giggle as she leaned against the car, watching as Dino and Mukuro gargled the nasty feeling out of their mouths. "So this means I can't drive you guys home today?"

"No!" the girl pouted as the two Italians tries and failed to glare at the girl.

"Y-You're a menace to all." Dino muttered, wiping his mouth. "I can't believe you had your driving license."

Yume tilted her head, "But I haven't. Didn't I tell you? I still have my learning permit."

"W...Wha?"Dino was horrified as the girl waved a piece of paper in front of him. "Thanks for lending me your car, Dino-kun. I think I'll forgive you. See you in class." The two watched as the black-haired girl walked away.


"Oya, what is it now, bucking horse?"

"I think I'm doomed."

"Ku fufu, it seems you are ass backwards crushing on her."

"Are the two of you ok?" both of them looked up to see Bianchi looking quizzically at them as she leaned against Dino's Ferrari. "You guys looked ill. I think you guys should drink some of my insect soup."

Both of them blanched and immediately ran as fast as their weak legs can carry them.

Everyone crowded into the auditorium, buzzing about whatever was going on. It was very unlikely that school had a joint school assembly ,except for very special occasions. (Last time it was because some idiots had accidentally flooded the school joint library. The culprit was never found though there were some whispers pointing it to a certain albino who doesn't even go to said school.)

Tsuna was happy that he was missing class, he wasn't ready for the surprise pop quiz; couldn't help but noticed Gokudera was scowling at the air, sometime staring at Haru, who determined not to look back. Did they have another quarrel while he wasn't looking? The brunet groaning at the idea having to play mediator for their quarrels.

The boy was trying his best to listen to the rambles of the headteacher for the middle school section (something about the trashed dance hall) when he felt a presence behind him. The brunet turned to see Fuuta tugging his sleeves. "Ne, Tsuna-nii." The blond boy smiled shyly at his adored adopted brother before whispering furtively, others leans in to listen.

"Tsuna-nii, I heard the Arcobaleno Gang looking for Vongola Decimo gang because what happened on Saturday and last night. Apparently Lal-sensei wants to put a bullet on them." Noticing Verde-sensei glaring at their direction, Fuuta moved away to sit with his class.

Namimori High and Namimori Middle are built right beside one another, thus most students usually hang out together during breaks and lunchtime as long as they do not break any serious school rules. As much as Hibari Kyouya tries to control discipline of the two schools, there was one place he would never go. Where a fence should have be built as a barrier between the two schools, the headmaster had instead built a grove of cherry blossom trees. And due to his…ah, aversion to the pink colored flowers, Hibari would never go there unless if he really, really need to do so.

But not today.

Students gaped in surprise as Hibari walked into the grove, (he always avoid the place whether the flowers are blooming or not) and sat down beside Nagi after pushing her cousin away, glaring at anyone who brave (or stupid) enough to comment. Mukuro, who grumbled, thankfully didn't pick a fight, instead sitting between Dino and Yume, who decided to join the gang for lunch.

Lambo, who just arrived with I-pin from the cafeteria, bringing everyone's drinks and breads, tries to make a conversation with Tsuna.

"You know, Tsuna-nii, I just saw poor Fuuta being dragged to the teacher's staffroom. Lal-sensei musta really, really determined to get her hands on us." Tsuna looked up from his bento, his cheeks pale.

"Err, Lambo, what did you just say?"

"That Lal-sensei looking for us?"

Fuuta de la Stella was a renowned for his information-gathering skills. As master of the information stream in both Namimori high and middle, he knew about anything there is in both the virtual and real world. And Lal-sensei knew well enough to go for Fuuta, who knew about Vongola Decimo gang. Looking at each other, everyone quickly packed up their uneaten lunch. No one wants to be at grasping distance when Lal-sensei finds out who wrecked 7 online game websites for the last 2 weeks.

"Where do you think you're going, kora?" Colonello leaned against the cherry blossom tree, his modified anti-tank rifle strapped against his back. "Don't tell me you guys thinking of hiding, hmm, kora?"

"Ha-ha, hi Colonello-sensei. We weren't hiding, we were going back to class, right Tsuna, Gokudera?" the two of them frantically nodded as others tried to look for any possible escape routes.

"Don't worry kora. I'm not the one going to punish you guys, kora." The Italian teacher smirked, "She is."

A loud 'click' came from behind.

Paled, all of them turned, just to stare down at the double barrel of modified shotgun pointed at them.

Lal smirked.

"Found you shitheads."

Yells of fear and a triumph laugh echoed across the school field.

"Please, Mirch-sensei, as much as it is amusing your method of punishment, please administered them outside the school." Timoteo Vongola, headmasters for both Namimori High and Middle, stared at the colorful array of students standing in front of them. The gang was covered in head to toe with colorful paints (with exception of Nagi, who Hibari managed to threw his jacket on her before Lal started shooting, Hibari himself, who used tonfa to defend himself and only got paint on his shirt, face and hair and Kyoko, who Tsuna valiantly protected and only got paint on her hair.)

"Well, do you have anything to say?"The self-important science teacher, Donachiro Nezu puffed out. Lal and Colonello rolled their eyes in disgust, their hands itching to punish the gang instead. Oh, the pain to having to reprogram the entire websites and the huge piles of paper works they had to write on over their precious weekend, due to what now known as the 'Saturday Fiasco'. There's no wonder Lal's itching to put the entire lot into detention for the rest of their schooldays. With a hate-filled glare, the two Italians walked out of the room, their sinister smiles promised pain and humiliation for the Vongola Decimo gang. Tsuna shuddered to even think about it.

"A school hall ruined! We had to replace twenty new window panes! Forty-five students were admitted into hospital for physical and mental trauma! And the relation between Shimon International Academy with Namimori in shambles. All of you are delinquents with no respect for the school," Hibari glared angrily at the teacher, who visibly cringed before bravely plowed on, "most of you are going to be trashes of the society if this goes on!"

"Ah, sensei?" Dino raised his hand tentatively. "Both Shiraishi-san and I weren't involved in the Saturday's incident. Matter of fact, we're not even in the gang. We were coincidentally in the wrong place, at the wrong time, right, Yume?" the girl frantically nodded, splattering paint over the floor work.

"I see. Very well, you two may leave." The two sighed in relief, Hibari muttered something about traitors. "But Cavallone-san," Dino turned, his fingers rested on the door knob, turning as green as the paint on his hair as the headmaster smiled at him "as much I appreciated on your...uh...fertilizing efforts on my prized begonias, please report for detention today."

The boy slumped as the both of them walked out of the room, leaving others to their fate.

"Give me 100 reasons why we should not suspend all of you!" Hibari snarled again, pulling out his tonfa, thankfully Nagi managed to stop him (she looked quite comical wearing a paint-splattered coat).


"Be quiet, Sasagawa. You're an inch away to suspension, young man."

"Sensei. It wasn't our fault, really." Kyoko tilted her head, subtly signaling to others to get ready. "We were just defending ourselves. It was the Shimon Academy students who attacked us."

As Nezu-sensei turned to stare at the girl, he found her looking up at him with eyes that grew more and more round, seemingly taking up half her face. Tears started to brim at the bottom of those honey-color eyes, making them shine with the reflected sunlight from the window. Kyoko's hands were clasped just underneath her chin as she stifled another sniff.

Kyoko puppy eye attack strikes again.

The others sneakily creeps to the window (thankfully the office was on the ground floor) and slowly climbs over the window sill. Tsuna turned back to see the headmaster smiled at the boy and with a jaunty wave, Tsuna leapt off the window sill ( tripped and crash into Yamamoto) and together, all of them made a quick getaway.

"Wait, you brats! Come back here and accept your punishment!"

Cursing, Nezu-sensei turns back to find Kyoko, Nagi and Hibari had also disappeared, this time, using the door.

Later after the final bell

"Ah, Tsuna, Kyoko." The two stopped just at the doorway to find Dino, Yamamoto, Lambo and I-Pin waiting for them. (Ryohei had Boxing Club, Gokudera went home early, muttering about a certain brunette, Haru had disappeared the moment after the final bell, avoiding everyone, Hibari had patrol and paperwork, Nagi and Mukuro went…somewhere.)

"So did you guys got detention too?" Yamamoto asked, as they all walked to Dino's Ferrari. Everyone had planned to hang out at Takezushi that afternoon after detention.

"Yes. You guys got it too?"

"Yup, I heard from Tetsu-san Kyou-keke and Mukuro-san got it too. Apparently Tetsu-san had to give the detention slip to Kyou-keke." I-Pin said, her twin braids swinging around.

Dino and Tsuna winced. "How bad was it?"

"Mm, a sprained ankle, a few bruises and a cut to the jaw."

"Ma, I-pin, your cousin is too violent!" Yamamoto suddenly laughed. "I wonder what his reaction was when he found out what the detention was." Everyone shuddered. Given that Lal Mirch, Colonello AND Ms. Aria, were given full rein of the detention, anything could happened.

Dino, throwing his keys to Yamamoto, who cheered loudly, (Dino was not allowed to drive unless Romario was sitting beside him on the passenger seat) suddenly noticed Tsuna wasn't in the car, instead stood frozen as he stared at the gates.

"Tsuna, are you ok?"

The brunette merely point at the gate, his face was as pale as milk.

There, standing in front of the school, a handsome man talking with Colonello and Lal. Like Tsuna, Dino paled as he took in the curly side-burns, the fedora hat and the green chameleon on his left shoulder. Oh dear god, that can't be him.

The man turned.

And smirked… no, smiled at Dino and Tsuna.

Both of them promptly fainted.

Author Note:

* Yume Shiraishi, a character from Guardians of Fate and a friend of Dino. She was his date in Online Mafia War: Blind Date.

**Fuuta will be two years younger than the rest of the Vongola gang whilst both Lambo and I-pin would be the same age as their TYL! self.

***Aria will be playing a huge role in the detention despite not being a part of the school faculty like Colonello and Lal.

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