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Chapter 8: The Grand Scheme

Mammon was running a paid errand at Namimori Train Station for Ryohei (who was held back by Colonello about some unresolved Boxing club matters) when she saw a certain fedora hat-wearing boy aligned from the train inbound from Tokyo. The girl, smelling a chance to make some quick money, quickly snapped a photo and emailed to everyone in her contact list.

Several phones and emails bleeped and chimed all over Namimori as everyone simultaneously received a message from Mammon.

From: MistressMoney

To: All contact list

Spotted: JK, fresh from his autumn quest amongst the ladies of Tokyo and Venice. I smell trouble wrecking havoc in Namimori, especially with that scandal happened last winter in Shimon Academy. Will AL and AS not romantic relationship survive this wild storm of scandal and the unresolved sexual tension between JK and AS?

From: Ringo_Fran26

To: MistressMoney

Gossip girl, much, Mammon-senpai?

From: MistressMoney

To: Ringo_Fran26

Shut up, you stupid frog, muu.

In a undisclosed location in Namimori, where humans and demons alike fear to tread...

"So…how exactly Katou's appearance affecting our plan, again?" The grey-eyed prefect asked as he stares at the pile of pictures his associate had procured on their target.

"You see, despite of Adelheid's weird, sick obsession with you, there were always this weird vibe between her and Julie Katou. And seen that they're fuck buddies ever since you kicked her bony ass, there's bound to be some unsolved sexual issues between the two of them, especially after Katou's exile from Namimori."

"And you know this how exactly?" he asked skeptically.

"I may have some incriminating evidences of their secret liaisons in Shimon Academy's janitor closets in my stash of blackmail." She shrugged. "So," she quickly add, " with Katou's email address I got from Mammon-senpai, I may have send copies of that particular evidence to his current girlfriends under Adelheid's name to get him back here in Namimori."

The prefect can feel his eyes twitches as the girl laughed quietly. She definitely not a person to mess around with, he mused.

At Shimon Academy

Adelheid was planning another scheme to takeover Namimori (and infuriate a certain perfect and maybe, just maybe pushing him to have some angry sex with her) when she got a message forwarded from a certain redhead klutz.

Bel and Fran was concocting something highly dangerous again in the science lab whilst Shouichi warily watched them from afar. In front of them, Professor Verde was tiredly cleaning the board, ignoring the three students as he daydreamed about the latest experiment he left at his garage-slash-lab.

When the furious scream echoed in the school compound, Fran accidentally drop the vial he was holding, causing a big explosion and a hell of a stink, rendering the science labs useless and highly inaccessible for the rest of the semester.

In a convenience store somewhere in Namimori

Julie walked away smirking as he left his latest victim behind him speechless and red from embarrassment as he entered the convenience store, smirking flirtatiously at the cashier. He was walking past the snack section when he saw the flicker of purple hair walking out of the aisle.

He smirked. This is definitely his day.

Nagi was buying some wasabi flavored crisps (Mukuro was having his gang over for a gaming session and Ken like having food beside his console as he kill mindless drones) when she ran into a wall of muscle and flesh. The violet eyed girl backed away, planning to apologize when she noticed who she had run into.

"Why, long time no see, Nagi-chan." Julie purred.

In a undisclosed location in Namimori, where humans and demons alike fear to tread...

"My girlfriend? You're using my girlfriend as bait?" The girl merely stares down at the tonfa poised on her neck.

"Oh, stop being so dramatic." The girl rolled her eyes as she pushed the weapon away. "Julie's going to only have enough time to say hello to her before Adelheid find them." She then turned back at the map route she was measuring, ignoring the irate boy beside her. "Beside," she grinned up at him, "Nagi has to be there for the next stage."

At a park beside the convenience store

"You." The self-proclaimed ice queen was literally seeing red when she saw her ex-sex buddy and her archenemy no.2 (Hibari is more of a epic rival she wanted to banged while no.1 surprisingly was Yuni, who unsurped her title of Shimon's academy fem-idol) looking all cosy together (blatantly ignoring Nagi pissed-off expression.) " How dare you come back here. After what you did to me?!" the banshee was shrieking angrily as Mammon (with her usual illusionist entourage and Bel) swooped into the scene.

"As I recall, darling, " Julie smiled coyly at the incensed girl, "You're the one kicked me out of Namimori after I flirt with Nagi-chan here."

The ice queen sneered at the petite girl in front of her. " Figure you would back for a meaningless fling with a cheap slut like her."

"Excuse me?!" Nagi said in shock. She had never liked the girl especially the rumors she had heard concerning the her and Kumo-san.

"You're excused, bitch." Adelheid waved Nagi away as she turned to deal with her ex. The purplenette twitched indignantly as the blatant way Adelheid was treating her, finally snapped.

"Well, thank you for so graciously excusing me, bitch, but you're the one who's not being excused right now." Nagi snapped sarcastically, causing others to perk up in surprise. Did she just?

"What?!" Adelheid couldn't believe her ears as the usually shy, mild-tempered girl pulled her ponytail, forcing the taller girl turn to face her.

'Listen up. I want to believe we are now living in the enlightened age, where people can lived their lifes withouft being total animal about it. But judging from your close-minded, fucked up ways, you seemed to unable to grasp the concept of behaving like a normal human being." She did. The rarely seen Dark Nagi persona was out in full force, fully intend to slaughter the girl in front of her.


"Thank you for proving my fricking point! It's obvious that you seem to be suffering from some fucked up delusion that you're better than everyone else, but let me give you a reality check. You seriously think you can saunter into this town and make everyone your bitch?! Newsflash! You're the whore here. No one gave a damn with that charade of yours. You're just this attention-seeking, psychotic slut that needed to be dragged down from her high horses so she could at the very least learn to behave like a normal person." Nagi tugged at the ponytail even harder as she emphasized what she was going to say next.

"And. Stay. the. Fuck. Away. from .my boyfriend, you brain-deficient whore."

(Are...are you taping this, Mammon-chan?)

(I smell big bucks on this breaking news, now please shut up Bel)

In a undisclosed location in Namimori, where humans and demons alike fear to tread...

Watching the live recording of the verbal fight, Hibari wondered how strong Yume's strategic skills were.

"Ok, I see your plan now. So how are we going to get Alaude there?"

The girl smirked. "Leave that to me."

A crossroad not far from the park

Byakuran was running for his life as a pack of bull dogs were relentlessly chased him (courtesy of Reborn when the white-haired genius miscalculate the long division question the tutor had given him). The poor marshmallow lover was fervently cursing the sadistic tutor as he turned around the corner, just crash someone who was just as dangerous as the person he was trying to ditch.

Alaude was not pleased. He was already having a bad morning when he had received a mysterious letter containing some discriminating photos of his girlfriend and one of her acquaintances... Getting all acquainted-like. Together with the photos were also included a disturbing video (it was in a grainy, yet with high defined quality) in it had contained a certain incident that involved between his poor, poor cousin and Adelheid.


No wonder his cousins looked traumatized every time they meet his girlfriend. And not to mention Adelheid weird obsession with Kyouya. Fuck dam nit.

So when Byakuran crashed into him, he could just stared uncomprehendingly at the big splotch of (thankfully lukewarm) coffee on his once clean white shirt.

His bad morning had just turned into a worse, horrible, crappy load of shit of a day.

Poor Byakuran.

Oh well, his sacrifice is needed for the greater good.

The Park

Alaude skidded into a stop as he took in the scene in front of him. His girlfriend was standing toe-to-toe (figuratively) with his cousin girlfriend, a fedora wearing boy (whom he recognised as the boy in the photos) standing beside Adelheid, smirking in amusement.

"What's going on here?" Adelheid twirled to see her boyfriend standing in front of her, holding a throughly beaten Byakuran with his left hand and a pair of dangerous looking handcuffs with his right. "Why are you breaking the peace of this town?"

"Stay out of this." she said rudely. "this hisn't not of your concern."

The Frenchman only frowned as he focused at his girlfriend (subsequently letting Byakuran off the hook, who hobbled off for his poor life) "we need to talk. Alone. Now."

"I'm a bit busy here." she gritted out in frustration, the veins on her neck bungled dangerously as she tried (and failed) to collect herself. "I'll deal with you later."

"This is important." Alaude frowned; what could be more important to her than him. "It concerns our relationship and some photos I received about you and him." he pointed at Julie.

"I don't care. " he pressed on, " I just want to know if you dated me for myself or just for you to get close with Kyouya."


The awkward silence that followed the proclamation was broken by the sniffled sniggers coming from one of the spectators. Others whispered furiously, money quickly exchange hands as they keep an eye on Alaude.

(Did she just?)

(She just did. Holy shite, someone's gonna die)

(Ushishishi, the odds kept on rising, Mammon-chan.)

Alaude just stood there; stared quietly at the girl in front of him. Others thought that for sure (referring to previous cases) he was going to murder the girl to avenge his sullied honor. So when he opened his mouth to speak, others could only watch horrified as the scene continued to unfold.

"I'm breaking up with you." the ice-queen could feel her jaws go slack at the blond Frenchman as he continued to speak. "You're psychotic, too self-centered and you're stalking my poor cousin. I don't think this relationship going to work with a volatile girl like you and a normal guy like me in It. So the least I can do to you girl" he sneered, " is to be the mature one in this doomed relationship and walk away." he coolly stalked off, ignoring the horrifying, awkward scene.

(Did he just?)

(I think he just did.)

(Could someone slap me? I think I just dreamed Alaude just verbally bitch-slapped the biatch)

(Oh my god. Are you tweeting this, mammon-senpai?)

(I'm selling this vid in high-definition, muu.)

(It is what we call pot calling kettle black, pineapple senpai?)

(Ku fufufu, someone needs to tell I-pin she can stop purifying the house.)

"YOU DID NOT JUST BREAK UP WITH ME!" Adelheid screeched angrily. "YOU NEED ME, YOU FUCKING BASTARD." She screamed at his receding back. "ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?!"

"You need to get some psychological help." Alaude bite back. "All that obsession with my cousin can be quite dangerous. I sure there's some qualified doctors that can help you with your mental problem."

Adelheid screamed even louder, spewing insults to the criminology major, who merely walked away, ignoring his psychotic ex-girlfriend.

"So," Julie, who was watching the entire interaction, asked. "Does this mean we're back on?"


In which Dark! Nagi puts Daemon in his place.

Daemon was slumped over the couch, fast asleep when the front door banged opened. Thinking that it would probably be Giotto (who came to gush about his cousins), or Alaude (who wanted a rematch) or even Mukuro (who probably wanted to pick a fight with his dear cousin), merely turned over the couch to catch some shuteyes.

He however, did not expect to have his beloved long hair pulled. He turned incredulously to see his adorably sweet, shy cousin looming over him, looking as if she was on a warpath.

"You're the most irresponsible, useless cousin I ever have. This is for all the nightmares and pain you gave me."

Mukuro, who followed Nagi from earlier, couldn't help but winced in sympathy as Nagi punched her older cousin in the face and kick him, hard, on somewhere the light does not shine.


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