Hello! This will be my second fanfic that I am writing but my first one for Doctor Who (The first one I wrote was They Don't Know About Us which I wrote for Damon and OC.) Well I hope this story Is somewhat good… ….Here's the intro to my character!

My OC for Doctor Who: Hestia Alice Kingston-Tyler

Birthday: 10/28/1989

Age: 16

Appearance: chocolate brown hair, with the bottom part of her hair colored purple (since I really love that color haha), hair reaches her shoulders. Light colored skin (a bit tan) lavender eyes, and she wears glasses. Lips always look naturally pink, has a freckle on her upper lip, and one behind her right shoulder. Wears ear cuffs, has ears pierced, and belly button pierced.

Family: Josh and Athena Kingston.

Jackie Tyler (adoptive Mother)

Rose Tyler (adoptive sister)

Facts: Parents died in a car crash when she was 8. Started to live with Jackie Tyler and Rose Tyler, who are friends of the family and neighbors. By the age of 9, Jackie Tyler adopted her and gave her the last name Tyler along with her original last name. She plays a bit of volleyball and football. (Soccer) She likes to dance and sing but is too shy to do it in front of people, usually only performs in front of Jackie, Rose and Mickey. Loves to read a lot, especially about history. Even though her first name is Hestia, (named after the Greek Goddess thanks to her mother who loved Greek Mythology) they always call her by her middle name, Alice.

Personality: Very over protective to those who hurt her family or people who are like family to her. Extremely shy and quiet, bit of a loner. Rose and Mickey are extremely over protective of her. A very sweet girl, sometimes she speaks before she thinks, can't hold a grudge for too long. She is a very curious person, which is why her parents named her Alice.

Best Friends: Rose Tyler and Mickey Smith.

Relationship: Single