Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who nor any of the original characters; just my OC Alice, if I did then Eccleston would've had at least another season *sigh* but he did a fantastic job and so did Tennant and Matt This story will start from Series 1 and will continue thru the regeneration.. I may just go up to series 6…not sure though… anyhoo read ahead and hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1: Rose and Alice

Beep Beep. Rose Tyler turned around and turned the alarm off.

"Alice. It's time to get up now." Rose said and she tried to wake up the girl next to her. Alice Tyler waved her hand around and answered "Okie Doke Rose. I'm waking up now."

When Rose was sure that Alice was up, they both walked towards the closet to get dressed. Rose decided to wear a light pink shirt, jeans, and a pink jacket with running shoes. Alice chose to wear a hello kitty shirt that was blue along with her grey jeans and her purple converse. They both brushed their hair and were getting ready to leave. Rose went up to her mom and kissed her cheek. "Bye mum." Alice also gave her a kiss and said "Bye Ms. Tyler."

"Bye Rose and Alice, you don't need to call me Ms. Tyler remember?" Jackie Tyler said as she got up from the sofa and put her hands on her hips.

"Sorry Ms. T- I mean sorry mum." Alice said before going over to her and giving her a hug. Jackie smiled at her and kissed her head. "I'll see you both later then. Love you both!"

She let go of Alice so she could give Rose a kiss as well. "Bye mum! Love you too!" they both said as they got out the door. They took the bus until it dropped them off at work.

"Rose, those mannequins look a bit weird, don't you think?" Alice asked her as they headed toward the shop. Rose studded them then nodded her head. "Have to get used to them then." When it was lunch time, they both went to the plaza to meet up with Mickey Smith, Rose's boyfriend. Alice liked him, better than Rose's other boyfriends who were all jerks to Alice, but then again she did grow up playing with Mickey so it would figure that she approved of him. Luckily he liked her as well and treated her like a younger sister, making sure she was always happy. The three ate sandwiches that they bought and sat down for a bit. Mickey tried showing them some 'cool' danced moves which only caused Alice and Rose to laugh since he looked quite silly. It was time to head back to work so they both said goodbye to him, which he responded with a hug for Alice and a kiss for Rose, while Alice decided to pretend to be grossed out by them in the background. They rolled their eyes at her and went separate ways. Alice continued to embarrass Rose until they reached the shop and went back to work.

"The store will be closing in five minutes. Thank you."

"Yes! Finally we can go home!" Rose told Alice with a smile.

"Yeah finally, I was already getting tired of folding clothes all day." Alice responded as she tried to massage her shoulders.

"Hey!" A voice said to Alice as she and rose were getting ready to leave. She turned around to see a security guard with a bag of money in his hand. Alice took it from him and turned to Rose. "I'll catch up with you later then. Tell Mum I'll be a bit late."

Rose rolled her eyes at her. "And let you walk out alone by yourself? No. Besides mum would kill me if I let anything happen to you." Alice beamed at her. Rose knew that she didn't like walking alone, especially at night. They walked towards the elevator and pressed the button to go down. Before the doors closed, they saw the guard already locking up the store. They finally reached the basement and got off.

"Wilson?" Rose asked as she looked around. Alice grabbed her hand so they wouldn't get separated. The halls always looked scary to her, especially at night. They both turned left and kept on walking.

"Wilson I've got the Lottery money." Alice squeaked, waiting for him to show up any minute and trying to scare her, like always. "Wilson. Are you there?" Alice asked as they reached his door. Rose knocked but the door was locked.

"Look we can't hang about 'cause they're closing the shop. Wilson!" Rose talked to the door, to see if he would let them in. Alice got a bad feeling in her gut, as if something was going to happen. Mickey's been showing me too many scary movies, Alice thought. I'm going to kill him as soon as we get home….if we do…. Stop that Alice! This isn't one of those horror movies…. At least I hope not. Just then Alice heard a noise. "Rose, what was that?" She asked with a quiver in her voice.

"Hello?" Rose asked as she walked towards where the noise came from.

"Rose! Don't go there!" Alice exclaimed, trying to pull Rose back. "Let's just go home. We can give him the money tomorrow." Rose ignored her and continued moving forward.

"Hello Wilson, It's Rose and Alice. Hello?" Rose continued to ask, pulling Alice with her so she wouldn't get lost. Alice in the meantime was looking around, trying to see where the noise came from.

"Wi-Wilson?" Alice asked timidly, hoping he would answer and quit trying to scare them. Rose reached some doors and pushed them open. Alice followed her until they went inside. Rose turned on the lights and Alice noticed there was a bunch of mannequins and boxes everywhere. "Wilson?" Alice asked. They walked around the mannequins, calling out for Wilson but no one answered. This was starting to freak Alice out. "Can't we just leave?" she asked Rose again, pulling her hand, which Alice had in a somewhat tight grip. Just then the door slammed. They both looked at each other and started to run towards the door, fear creeping into the both of them. "You're kidding me!" Rose said as she tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge. They started to hear strange noises so they got even closer to each other.

"Is there someone mucking about?' Alice shouted. "Who is it? This isn't funny at all!" Something like plastic creaking sounded and both girls turned around, trying to find what made that noise. One of the male mannequins started to move and walk towards them. Alice and Rose started to walk backwards, trying to look for an exit.

"You got me very funny!" Rose said in a shaking voice. "Right, we've got the joke. Whose idea was this?' Is it Derek's? Is it?" Alice continued to look around, trying to find an open door but still didn't find any. "Derek is this you?" More mannequins started to surround them until they cornered them to a wall. A hand grabbed Alice's left hand. She turned her head and saw a man. "Run!" He told them both. All three started to run, Alice making sure that Rose was still behind her and that the strange man wouldn't leave them yet. They ran thru the corridors, opening doors until they reached the elevator. The man pushed the button while both girls turned around to see the mannequins catching up to them. Finally the doors opened and all three got in. Just when the doors started to close, one of the male mannequins tried to get in. The doors were trying to close but his arm was in the way. The strange man pulled on the mannequin's arm until it popped off. The doors then closed and both girls sagged in relief. After catching her breath, Alice finally got a good look at the man who saved him. The man appeared to be 6 feet tall, making her feel smaller then she already was. He was wearing a black v neck shirt, with black jeans, black shoes and accompanied with a black leather jacket. He looked to be about 40. He looked a bit cute had short black hair, has blue eyes, they look gorgeous Alice thought and he had a bit of big ears, which she found adorable. Before she could thank him Rose started to speak.

"You pulled his arm off!" Rose said in a shocked voice.

"Yep. Plastic." He answered before turning around and throwing the plastic arm at Rose. Alice tried to stifle the laugh she knew would come when she saw that Rose almost not catching the arm. The man noticed this and grinned at her. Alice started to blush and before she could embarrass herself Rose interrupted again. "Very clever, nice trick. Who were they then students?"

"Students?" Why would they be students?" He asked in a baffled tone, crossing his arms and looking at Rose. Alice tilted her head and looked between he both of them, watching their reactions.

"I don't know." Rose admitted confused, thinking what she said was stupid and wanting to take it back.

"You said it why students?" He continued to stare at her, making her feel a bit uncomfortable. Alice would have helped her out but she wanted to know why rose came up with that explanation.

"'Cause to get that many people dressed up and being silly, they gotta be students." Rose explained, proud with her answer.

"That makes sense well done." He turned around and offered her a smile which she returned, feeling quite proud. "Thanks." He turned back around and said "They're not students."

Alice saw the deflated look Rose had when she saw that she was wrong and couldn't help but finding it a bit funny and giggled. The man turned around and smiled at her, finding it adorable. He shook his head at this thought and turned forward.

"Well whoever they are Wilson will call the police." Rose said in a haughty tone.

"Who's Wilson?" He asked.

"Chief electrician." Alice answered, then looking down at the floor. Rose went up to her and grabbed her hand.

"Wilson's dead." He said before getting off the elevator. Both girls looked at each other with horror on their faces before following after him.

"That's not funny. That's sick." Rose told him before he grabbed both of their shoulders. "Mind your eyes."

"I've had enough of this now. Who are you, then? Who's that lot down there?" Rose continued to ask as he pulled out some kind of device that started to glow blue and pointed it at the elevator. "I said, who are they?!"

He turned to both of them and started to walk around while talking to them "They're made of plastic. Living plastic creatures. They're being controlled by a relay device on the roof, which would be a great big problem if I didn't have this." He pulled out what looked like a bomb and showed it to them 'So I'm gonna go upstairs and blow it up. And I might well die in the process. But don't worry about me, no. You both go home, go on! Go and have your lovely beans on toast." Then he added in a serious voice "Don't tell anyone about this, 'cause if you do, you'll get them killed." He closed the doors and both girls looked at each other and before they could say anything they opened again. "I'm the Doctor, by the way. What are your names?

"Rose and this is my sister Alice." Rose told him and they started at him with looks of confusing and sadness on Alice's part. The Doctor noticed this and offered her a reassuring smile. "Nice to meet you both, Alice and Rose." He held up the bomb to them and gave them a wide grin. "Run for your life!" He closed the door and both girls looked at each other before running. They continued to run down the block and looking back behind them until the shop exploded. Both girls held on to each other to make sure they wouldn't fall. After making sure Alice was ok, Rose grabbed her hand and they both continued to run until they reached home. When they got home Jackie gave them both a hug and ushered the, inside, all the while telling them they should sue. They both sat down and Jackie went on the phone and started to call people.

"I know. It's on the telly. It's everywhere. They are lucky to be alive! It aged them both. Their skins are like an old Bible. "Jackie said as she handed them both their teas. Alice shook her head at her mum and started to drink her tea. Rose rolled her eyes at her and drank from her cup as well.

"You would think I was their daughter. Oh here's himself." Jackie said as she walked back towards the kitchen and both girls turned to see that Mickey was there.

"I've been phoning both of your mobiles. You both could have been dead! I can't believe the shop went up!" Mickey exclaimed as he rushed towards them both and pulled them into a hug.

"I'm fine. We're both fine." Alice said to him returning his hug and offering a shaky smile to him.

"Don't make a fuss." Rose told him, getting out of the hug.

"What happened?" Mickey asked them both as he sat down on the sofa next to Rose. "What caused it?"

"I don't know. We weren't in the shop. We didn't see anything." Rose exclaimed a bit irritated.

"Debbie's on the end. She knows a man on the "Mirror". 500 quid for an interview." Jackie told them as she walked back into the room.

"Oh that's brilliant give it here." Rose told her mum, Alice could see she was getting a bit frustrated and knew what was going to happen next. Rose pressed the end button on the phone and slammed it down on the table. Alice rubber Rose's back, trying to get her to calm down which Rose noticed and gave her a small smile.

Jackie looked at her in shock before saying "Well you both need to find some way to make money. I'm not bailing either of you out." She would've continued scolding them but luckily the phone rang and she answered it. "Bev! They are both alive! I've told them both. Sue for compensation. They were within seconds of death! Alice was the most terrified! They should offer double for her, since she's only 16!" Jackie continued to trail off as she walked back towards the kitchen. Alice offered Rose a timid smile to try to cheer her up. Mickey got up and grabbed her cup. "Is that tea? That's not good. You're both in sock! You both need something stronger! Well something with more sugar for Alice. You Rose deserve a proper drink though." At this Alice stuck her tongue out at him and Rose gave a small laugh. "We are going down to the pub to get you both something." Alice rolled her eyes at him, she knew only one reason why he would suggest that and it seemed Rose knew as well.

"Is there a match on?" Rose said offering him a teasing smile.

"No! No I'm just thinking about you both." Mickey said in a shocked voice, trying to look hurt but failing.

"There is a match on." Rose and Alice both said in teasing voices.

"That is not the point but we could catch the last five minutes though." He told them getting up.

"Go on then. We're fine. Go get rid of that." Rose told him, giving him the plastic arm that the Doctor tore off. Rose kissed him and Alice pretended to gag at the sight of them. They both chuckled and Mickey got up and gave Alice a kiss on the head. Mickey waved goodbye to them and used the plastic arm to wave and pretended that it was choking him as he left. Alice rolled her eyes at him and turned to Rose. "He is such a charmer." Rose laughed at this and hit her with a pillow. "Movies then? To get rid of the shock?' She offered as they both got up. Alice gave her a smile. "I'll go get the ice cream and candy then."

Authors note: How was it? I am trying to stick to the original put in some chapters I will put my own adventures and if y'all have any ideas on where you would like for them to travel then I am more the welcome to listen to them and write it down! Hope you guys enjoyed the first part!