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Chapter 6: The End of The World part 2

Alice then noticed that Rose wasn't with them. "Doctor, where did Rose go?"

"I'm not sure." The Doctor said as he stopped dancing. "But we should probably look for her now. Don't want your mother threatening to kill me as I explain we accidently lost one of her daughters in the future." He grabbed Alice's hand and started to leave when they were stopped by Jabe.

"Doctor/" Jabe said as she pulled out a kind of white device that shot a brief light as it scanned him. "Thank you."

Alice and the Doctor looked at each other a bit confused before continuing to walk out the door and look for the lost sister.

"What did Jabe do exactly?" Alice asked as they walked side by side, the Doctor still holding her hand as they tried to find Rose.

"Probably just wanted to take my picture." The Doctor joked. "Alice, how are you feeling so far? Overwhelmed? Anxious? Wanting to go back home?" He asked nervously, anticipating her answer.

Alice shook her head at him and offered him a smile. "Surprisingly I feel good. Well at first I was a bit nervous and scared to know what exactly would be out there. It was bit shocking to see other life forms besides well us here. But once you get passed the shock it's like when you ride the first ride in an amusement park you've never been to. It's really quite exciting. I'm really enjoying it here though I am worried on how Rose is now. She must feel overwhelmed, apparently mum would always say that I would be the older one instead of Rose with how calm I am when it comes to tings…and now I'm just rambling and will not be quiet." Alice said after letting a breath out and blushing. Mickey always did say she would tend to ramble once someone got her talking and he would always tease her about it. Hopefully the Doctor doesn't find me too weird, she thought.

The Doctor looked at her with a fond smile. He thought it was adorable that she rambled, usually he would find that annoying and would tell them to shut up but with her he thought it suited her and found it endearing. He locked that part in the back of his brain, that way whenever he learned more about her it could analyze it later and find out why she made him feel…..

"Oh. Um Doctor, um where can I put the plant that Jabe gave us? Don't want something to happen to it or end up falling and breaking it." Alice added as she held up the plant with her other hand and showed it to him. The Doctor let go of her hand and gently grabbed the plant from her and gently lowered it into his pockets.

"Don't worry. They are bigger on the inside. Well I am glad you like it then." The Doctor told her with a smile as he grabbed her hand again. Alice smiled back at him.

"Just like the TARDIS?" she asked him, fascinated that things weren't quite as they appeared.

"Exactly!" He told her as they made a turn. "It reminds me of that time when I was helping out a friend of mine and they could not believe it when….."

****************************VCAABF**************** *****************

Rose walked back to the place where she, Alice and the Doctor came from, where the burning sun was. She still had the metal ball that the Meme's gave her.

"Earth death in twenty-five minutes. Earth death in twenty-five minutes." The PA voice said overhead.

Rose sat down on one of the steps and watched the sun consuming bit and bit of the Earth. "Oh thanks." She said sarcastically as the announcement was repeated. She did not want a reminder of how in a short time her planet would be gone. She tossed the metal ball for a bit then set it down behind her.

"I can't believe the earth's dying. I mean I was just there moments ago! And now….mum and Mickey… This first place he takes us is here. But I couldn't exactly let my little sister travel with him alone! I mean she hardly even knows the guy, and she had the thought of actually leaving without me!" Rose exclaimed to herself. She didn't get why that thought bothered her, or the fact that several times Alice and the Doctor would be holding hands. She didn't understand why that annoyed her the most. It's because she's only 16, she reasoned. Besides someone has to take care of her and make sure she wouldn't do anything dangerous, well knowing Alice she would probably just wander off for a bit and ask questions and then find a way to help out. Her sister with the big heart.

The metal ball behind Rose opened up and a metal spider crawled out. It turned around for a bit until it started to scan Rose's hand.

************************VCAABF******************** *************

The small blue aliens started to push the TARDIS, trying to move it somewhere else.

"Oi now, careful with that. Park it properly. No scratches." The Doctor told them in a stern voice, causing Alice to giggle. It reminded her of Mickey and how he was always paranoid when Rose would want to drive it. Must really be a male thing, doesn't matter what species. She thought.

One of the blue aliens walked up to the Doctor and handed him a sort of parking ticket, well that's what it looked like to Alice. The Blue alien left, squeaking to them. Alice looked to see what it read and it said "HAVE A NICE DAY." Smiling she shook her head and pulled the Doctor a bit, wanting to find Rose.

"Rose? Are you in there?" Alice asked from the door they found. The Door opened and sure enough Rose was there sitting down. Alice let go of the Doctors hand and rushed towards her sister, hugging her tightly and almost knocking her over.

"I was worried about you!" Alice told her, almost squeezing the air out of her. Rose hugged her back then patted her a bit so she could loosen the hug a bit.

"No need to worry. I'm fine." Rose offered her a smile as Alice let her go. She grabbed Alice's hand and let her sit next to her. Alice complied and looked to see that the Doctor sat on the steps that were on the other side of them.

"What do you think, then?" The Doctor asked, curious to know what Rose thought of it. .

"Great. Yeah. Fine. Once you get past the slightly psychic paper. They're just so alien. The aliens are so alien. You look at them, and they're alien." Rose said, a bit unsure but still excited. Alice squeezed her hand and smiled at her.

"Good thing I didn't take you to the Deep South," he joked.

"Where are you from?" Rose asked, realizing they had no idea who he was or anything about him.

"All over the place." The Doctor said, turning serious. Alice noticed he looked away when he said this and it made her wonder why.

"They all speak English." Alice piped up, wanting to know how that was possible.

"No you just hear English," the Doctor replied, grinning again as he found a new subject to talk about. He leaned back and rested his arm on the floor as he explained to them. "It's a gift of the TARDIS. The telepathic field gets inside your brain and translates."

"It's inside my brain?" Rose said in a disbelieving voice. Alice just had a look of wonder on her face when he said this. The Doctor beamed at her but then realized Rose didn't look happy about it.

"Well, in a good way," He tried to reassure her but Alice knew Rose wasn't feeling assured.

"Your machine gets inside my head and changes my mind and you didn't even ask?" Rose accused him.

"I didn't think about it like that." The Doctor said as he saw she was getting a bit mad. Alice knew what was coming and just let her sister blow off a bit of steam but would stop her if anything happened.

"No you didn't." Rose said getting angry at the thought that he didn't even ask permission or ask about it. You were too busy thinking of cheap shots about the Deep South. Who are you Doctor? What are you called? What sort of alien are you?"

"Rose..." Alice said in a warning tone.

"I'm just the Doctor." He said getting up and his shoulders started to tense.

"From what planet?" Rose continued to ask, ignoring her sister telling her to stop.

"Well, it's not like you'll know where it is!" the Doctor said getting a bit angry at her questioning. "What does it matter?"

"Rose just drop it please?" Alice told her in a soft tone, not wanting to upset the Doctor.

"Tell me who you are!" Rose insisted.

"This is who I am, right here and now. All that counts is here and now and this is me!" The Doctor exploded.

"And I'm here too 'cause you brought me and my sister! So just tell me!" Rose exclaimed, getting frustrated.

"Rose stop it now!" Alice said, getting tired of their bickering. She didn't want her sister to fight since she would never stop and she didn't want the Doctor to get upset, it made her feel sad to see him distraught. Besides she didn't want them to make her choose sides, because she wasn't sure what side she would choose.

The Doctor noticed all this bickering was upsetting Alice and he really didn't want her to leave. He just walked up until he reached the window, with his back towards them, trying to calm down. Rose didn't understand what he was going thru, she doesn't know about… He just took a deep breath, trying to calm down.

"Earth Death is twenty minutes. Earth Death in twenty minutes."

Alice sighed and shook her head. She gently squeezed Rose's shoulder before getting up and walking slowly towards to where the Doctor was. She tentively reached him and put her hand on his arm. When she saw that he didn't tried to move she gave it a small squeeze and left it there. The Doctor put his hand over hers and gave it a squeeze, offering her a small smile which she returned. Rose felt bad bursting up at him like that and walked slowly towards them.

"Alright. As my mate Shareen says, "Don't argue with the designated driver."' Rose said jokingly, pulling out her cell. "Can't exactly call for a taxi. There's no signal. We're out of range. Just a bit."

Alice saw him smile at her sisters thought and knew things would be ok then.

"Tell you what, with a little bit of jiggery-pokery.." the Doctor told them both as he grabbed Rose's cell and pulled out his sonic screwdriver and took her phone apart.

"Is that a technical term, "jiggery-pokery"? Alice couldn't help but let out a giggle at the term he used. The Doctor heard this and smiled, he liked hearing Alice's laugh.

"Yeah, I came first in jiggery-pockery" the Doctor joked. "What about you?"

"No," Alice said with a shake of her head and smiled at him. "I failed hullabaloo"

The Doctor finished with the phone and handed it back to Rose, giving her a smile, bad mood forgotten. "There you go."

"What did you do to it?" Rose questioned, looking over the phone. He just nodded at her, silently telling her to use it. Rose did what he said and began to call her mum.

"Phone?" The Doctor turned to ask Alice, putting his hand out. Alice quickly got her phone out and gave it to him, watching how he did the same thing he did with Rose's phone. Rose continued to talk to their mum for a bit.

"Here you go." The Doctor said as he gave it back to Alice. She sent a quick text to Mickey and sure enough he replied back. Alice let out a squeal and then hugged the Doctor, the impact almost knocking him over. For a small person she sure makes an impact, the Doctor thought. They hugged for a bit until they heard Rose hang up the phone which caused them to break apart and for Alice to appear as red as a tomato with all the blushing she was doing while the Doctor was grinning but immediately missed the warmth that came from Alice. He thought she fit quite perfectly between his arms, though he put that thought away immediately.

"Think that's amazing, you want to see the bill." The Doctor said as he tried to hide the grin from his face.

"That was five billion years ago," Rose said as she looked at the Doctor. "So she's dead now and my sister is too. Five billion years later, our mum is dead."

"Bundle of laughs you are." The Doctor said, though avoiding the smack that Alice was trying to give him when she heard what he said. Before Alice could tell him to stop being rude to her sister the space station started to shake.

"That's not supposed to happen…" The Doctor said as he got a curious look on his face.

***************************VCAABF***************** *********

"What was it?" The steward said in his office after he felt the shake. "I'm just getting green lights at this end." He turned the PA on. "Honored guests may be reassured that gravity pockets may cause slight turbulence. Thanking you." He turned back to the screen. "The whole place shook! I felt it! I've hosted all sorts of events on Platform One, Three, Six and Fifteen and I've never felt a tremor. If this lot decides to sue…. I'm going to scan the infrastructure."

As soon as he started to type in a few things, the screen beeped at him.

"What's that? Control, I don't want to worry you, but I'm picking up readings... I have no idea! They're small. The scan says they're metal. I don't know what they look like." The stewards said to the screen. The metal spider that got out from the ball started crawling closer to him. "Although I imagine they might look rather like that." By this point, the metal spider had already jumped on top of the desk and was facing him. "You're not on the guest list. How did you get on board?" The metal spider walked towards the keyboard and pressed a yellow key. "No!"

"Sun Filter deactivated."

"No!" The steward said in panic. "Sun filter up!"

"External temperature 4,000 degrees."

The steward started to scream.

*************************VCAABF******************* ***************

The Doctor, along with Alice and Rose ran back to the observation gallery where everyone else was.

"That wasn't a gravity pocket. I know gravity pockets and they don't feel like that." The Doctor said as he walked towards the grey cover and started to check it. "What d'you think, Jabe? Listen to the engines; they've pitched up about 30 hertz. That budge you or what?"

Jabe walked towards them and answered the Doctor's question. "It's the sound of metal; it doesn't make any sense to me"

"Where's the engine room?" The Doctor asked her, trying to see what was going on.

"I don't know, but the maintenance duct is just behind our guest suite, I could show you…" She glanced at Rose first. "And your wife."

"She's not my wife." The Doctor said quickly.

"Then is she your wife?" Jabe pointed to Alice, who then started to blush. The Doctor quickly felt his ears burning and denied it as well.

"Your partners?" Jabe questioned.

"No." The Doctor said, trying not to look at Alice who was looking at the ground trying not to blush while Rose was starting to get angry.

"Concubines?" Jabe insisted

"Nope." The Doctor said shaking his head.

"Prostitutes?" Jabe asked. At this comment Alice's let out a small gasp while Rose looked like she would murder her for suggesting that comment. The Doctor had a frown on his face, wondering why anyone would think that of Alice… and Rose as well.

"Whatever I am, it must be invisible. My sister isn't one either!" Rose said angrily, defending them both. "Do you mind? You two go and pollinate. I'll just catch up with the family. Word with Michael Jackson. Come on Alice." Rose walked away from them and headed towards the last human. Before Alice could take a step forward the Doctor grabbed her hand.

"I would feel better if you stayed with me. If that's alright." The Doctor asked nervously.

"It's fine." Alice said as she gave his hand a squeeze and smiled at him.

"I am sorry if I insulted you both. It was not my intention to do so." Jabe said, looking apologetic.

"That's alright. I know you didn't' mean to." Alice offered her a smile.

"Don't start a fight." The Doctor told Rose before offering his other arm to Jabe. "I want you both home by midnight." Rose told them.

All three walked out while Rose continued to walk towards Cassandra.

*********************VCAABF*********************** **********

"Who's in charge of platform One?" the Doctor asked Jabe as he lead her Alice and her through the engine room. "Is there a captain?"

"Just the steward and the staff. The rest is controlled by the metal mind." Jabe informed them as they continued walking.

"The computer?" Alice asked a bit confused. "Who controls that?"

"The corporation. They move Platform One from one artistic event to another." Jabe answered calmly.

"But there's no one from the corporation on board?" The Doctor asked, finding it all very weird.

"They're not needed. This facility is purely automatic. It's the height of the Alpha Class. Nothing can go wrong" Jabe assured them.

"Unsinkable?" Alice piped in.

"If you like. The nautical metaphor is appropriate." Jabe said.

"You're telling me. I was on board another ship once they said that was unsinkable. I ended up clinging to an iceberg. It wasn't half cold." Alice gave the Doctor a look of disbelief. He silently told her he would explain this some other time when they stopped. "So, what you're saying is, if we get in trouble there's no one to help us out?"

"I'm afraid not." Jabe said.

"Fantastic!" The Doctor said with a grin on his face. Alice just looked at him in shock.

"I don't understand. In what way is that fantastic?" Jabe asked Alice confused.

"I…I have absolutely no idea." Alice told her in an apologetic tone before following the Doctor.

**************************VCAABF****************** **********

"Soon, the sun will blossom into a red giant and my planet will die," Cassandra said as she was pushed to get a closer look at the burning earth. Rose walked right beside her. They both walked closer to the window and looked out at the Earth as she continued speaking, "That's where I used to live, when I was a little boy, down there. Mummy and Daddy had a little house built into the side of Los Angeles Crevice. I'd have such fun."

"What happened to everyone else? The human race? Where did they go?" Rose asked, concerned.

"They say mankind has touched every star in the sky." Cassandra told her.

"So, you're not the last human?" Rose asked a bit relieved.

"I am the last pure human." A look of disgust appeared on Cassandra's face. "The others mingled. Oh they call themselves the new humans and Proto-humans and Digi-humans, even 'Humanish, but you know what I call them…" Her voice turned into a whisper as if she was telling Rose something she should not repeat. "Mongrels."

"Right," Rose said, not trusting her. "And you stayed behind."

"I kept myself pure." Cassandra justified.

"How many operations have you had?" Rose asked in an innocent voice.

"Seven hundred and eight," Cassandra replied proudly. "Next week, it's seven hundred and nine; I'm having my blood bleached." She glanced at Rose briefly before saying. "Is that why you wanted a word? You could be flatter. You've got a little bit of a chin poking out."

Rose looked at her in disbelief and said in a disgusted tone "I'd rather die."

"Honestly it doesn't hurt." Cassandra assured her, seeing more flaws on her.

"I mean it, I would rather die. It's better to die than live like you—a bitchy trampoline." Rose said in a strong tone/

"Oh well. What do you know?" Cassandra said in an airily voice.

"I was born on that planet. And so was my mum and so was my dad and my sister. And that makes me and my sister officially the last human beings in this room. 'Cause you're not human. You've had it all nipped and tucked and flattened 'til there's nothing left. Anything human got chucked in the bin. You're just skin, Cassandra. Lipstick and skin. Nice talking." Rose told her before walking off.

************************VCAABF******************** *********

"So Jabe," Alice asked a bit curious as the Doctor kept leading them, not once letting go of her hand. "What is a tree like you doing in a place like this? If you don't mind me asking."

"Respect for the Earth." Jabe said.

"Come one. Everyone here's worth zillions." The Doctor said, not believing her answer.

"Well, perhaps it's having to be seen at the right occasions." Jabe answered with a smile.

"In case your share prices drop? You've got massive forests everywhere. Roots everywhere. There's always money on land." The Doctor exclaimed to her.

"All the same, we respect the Earth as Family." Jabe told him. Alice beamed at her, happy that even many years unto the future; those forests are not destroyed as much as they are now. "So many species evolved from that planet. Mankind is only one just like dear Alice here. I'm another." The Doctor heard this comment and couldn't help but to smile. Alice was very different from any other human, she was unique. "My ancestors were transplanted from the planet down below. I'm a direct descendent of the tropical rainforest."

"Really? That's impressive." Alice told her.

'Excuse me." The doctor told them as he gave Alice's hand one last squeeze before letting it go and checking the screen that was in front of him, using his sonic screwdriver.

"And what about your ancestry, Doctor? Perhaps you could tell a story or two. Perhaps a man only enjoys trouble when there's nothing else left. I scanned you earlier. The metal machine had trouble identifying your species. It refused to admit your existence. And even when it named you I wouldn't believe it. But it was right. I know where you're from. Forgive me for intruding, but it's remarkable you even exist. I want to say how sorry I am." Jabe said in a soft tone. Alice looked at him confused and compassion. He offered her a shaky smile and squeezed her arm a bit. He opened the door and both of them followed him to some kind of room that had three huge fans.

"Is it me or is it a bit nippy?" The Doctor asked them both, while Alice looked at him in concerned.

***************************VCAABF***************** ************

Rose continued to walk, trying to forget about Cassandra and wondering where the Doctor and Alice went. Next thing she knew, the black cloaked aliens of the Repeated Meme appeared in front of her. One reached its arm out and struck her in the face which knocked her out.

***************************VCAABF***************** *************

"That's a great bit of air conditioning." The Doctor said sarcastically. "Nice and old –fashioned. I bet they call it retro." He noticed a panel and used the sonic screwdriver to open it. Inside was a metal spider that managed to escape and crawled on the walls. .

"What was that?" Alice asked them.

"Is it part of the retro?" Jabe asked the Doctor.

"Hold on." The Doctor said as he pointed the sonic screwdriver at it which caused it to stop moving. Jabe used a vine from her hand which caused it to fall. Luckily, the Doctor caught it.

"Hey, nice liana." The Doctor said impressed.

"Thank you. I shouldn't show them in public." Jabe said with a grin.

"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone. Who's been bringing their pets on board?" The Doctor asked trying to figure it out.

"What does it do Doctor?" Alice asked him, looking over his arm.

"Sabotage." He answered her.

"Earth death in ten minutes." The PA announced.

"The temperature is about to rocket." The Doctor told Jabe, fearing for her.

The Doctor started to run and Jabe meant to follow when Alice grabbed her arm.

"Yes?" She asked her a bit curious on what the human wanted.

"Maybe it would be better if you ran now." Alice told her.

"But he needs help." Jabe replied, confused.

"I know. That's why I'm here. You should go though. The Doctor is right. It is hot in here and well, you're um..." Alice said, not sure how to explain.

"And I am part tree. Understandable. Tough I will help, I 'll just find out who is setting these up in the observation station." Jabe told her, a bit honored that this girl who she first insulted and has only known for a short amount of time was worried about her safety. "You will be careful right?"

"I will. I've got the Doctor." Alice assured her. Jabe gave her a brief hug and wished them luck before turning around and leaving the room, hoping to find some answers about the metal spider.

****************************VCAABF**************** ***********

"The planet's end. Come gather! Come gather!" Cassandra told the others in the room. "Bid farewell to the cradle of civilization. Let us mourn her with a traditional ballad." One of the assistants put a record on the jukebox and Toxic by BritneySpearsstarted to play.

***************************VCAABF***************** ***********

The Doctor followed by Alice, since Jabe ran off first to find more information found the small blue aliens from earlier squeaking and standing in front of a room that smoke was coming from.

"Hold on. Get back." The Doctor told them. He used the sonic to read the scanner.

"Sun filter rising. Sun filter rising." The PA said.

"Is the steward in there?" Alice asked the aliens.

"You can smell him." The Doctor said with an angry look on his face. Alice gave a small gasp and put her hand to her mouth. This needed to be stopped.

"Hold on," the Doctor told her after the scanner beeped. "There's another sun filter programmed to descend." He grabbed Alice hand and together they ran.

**********************VCAABF********************** ******

Rose started to wake up and found herself in the same room where she ran off to when she got overwhelmed earlier.

"Sun filter descending. Sun filter descending."

Rose slowly got up from the floor and looked around. She noticed the rays from the sun were starting to come into the room, burning down the top part of the room.

"Sun filter descending. Sun filter descending."

"Let me out!" Rose exclaimed as she pounded on the door, hoping someone would find her.

Alice and the Doctor started running until she heard a voice. Alice stopped him and both were in front of a door.

"Let me out! Let me out!" The voice said. Alice could see their shadows banging on the door.

"Sun filter descending. Sun filter descending."

The Doctor pulled out the sonic screwdriver and tried to fix the scanner. "Is anyone in there?"

"Let me out!" Rose screamed.

"Oh, well it would be you." The Doctor exclaimed.

"Rose!" Alice said in a panicked voice. "Please get her out Doctor!"

"Open the door!" Rose shouted, on the verge of crying.

"I will get her out I promise Alice. Rose, hold on, give us two ticks." The Doctor assured Alice as he tried to open the door.

"Sun filter descending. Sun filter descending."

"Sun filter rising. Sun filter rising."

Alice and the Doctor started to grin at each other and Rose let out a breath of relief.

"Sun filter rising. Sun filter rising. Sun filter descending." The rays started to lower again and Rose panicked. Alice looked at the Doctor in shock and he tried fixing it again.

"The computer's getting clever." The Doctor told Alice, but still trying to fix it.

"Please get her out. Please." Alice told him, almost in tears.

"Stop mucking about! Alice!" Rose screamed and pounded from the other side.

"He's not rose! It's fighting back!" Alice told her, hoping the Doctor would be able to fix it and soon.

"Open the door!" Rose shouted.

"I know!" The Doctor said, getting frustrated with the machine.

"The lock's melted." Rose told them as she ran and hid next to the stairs, lowering herself to the floor.

The Doctor continued using the sonic screwdriver, which caused sparks to start flying. Alice hid behind him, getting worried about her sister.

"Everything will be fine." The Doctor assured her, wanting her to stay calm. She nodded her head and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Sun filter descending. Sun filter descending."

"Sun filter rising, sun filter rising." Alice and the Doctor looked at each other in joy before she gave him a hug which he accepted. Alice then let go and tried talking to her sister.

"The whole thing is jammed. You have to stay there okay? Be safe." Alice told her in a soft voice.

"Where am I going to go, Ipswich?' Rose told her, but then she softened her voce and told her she would stay, though making the Doctor promise to take care of Alice in the meantime. He was her responsibility now.

They both then started to run.

"Earth death in five minutes."

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