I win.

"Why are you carrying that folding chair?" Kyoko asked.

"The same reason I'm taking the camera with me." October said without a hint of emotion.

"Why have you got a camera?" Kyoko said as though she had taken a grammatical correction.

"The same reason I've got the folding chair!" October said as though she couldn't imagine any other answer.

"Whatever," Kyoko opened the door that lead into the president's office, today it was decorated like an old detective office.

October walked up to the man, who was clearly supposed to be the private investigator, and whispered something in his ear after handing him the camera. He smiled in return and took the device from the girls hand.

Ren, Kanae, and Yashiro filed in shortly after the exchange, only to find Lory smiling like he had just killed someone.

"Moko-San!" Kyoko dove and wrapped her arms around the taller girls neck, ignoring any sense of professionalism she may have had before.

October stood up on her folding chair and held a sign over the three (Ren included) entertainer's heads. Lory snapped the picture, and everyone froze. October quickly held up the sign before dashing out of the room.

Yashiro's jaw dropped as he read the crisp letters across the paper that read 'Friend beats out Lover for affection'

Kyoko's face erupted in red as Kanae turned to Ren and said, "I win!"