Darry's POV

I loaded scoop after scoop of ice into the cooler. Dance lessons ended at 5 and being the first one off of work had it's downfalls. I was always stuck setting up for the parties every night at the Hangout. I felt someone clap me on the back and turned around to find my brother, Soda, standing behind me with a wide grin on his face. He was still wearing the signature Kellerman's waiter uniform.

"What's up, bro?" he asked.

"Just setting up as usual. Why don't you find something to do to help me out." I motioned to the unprepared room we were standing in.

"Just tell me what to do, boss."

"When Johnny and Billy get here from bell hopping, get them to help you with bringing in all the drinks." I said, pointing to the door and then to all the coolers along the wall.

"They should be here soon, check-in ended at 4 for the day." Soda said.

"Got it. If you see anyone else, send them my way." I walked off, finding more set up to do.

I found a closet with tables and chairs in it. They weren't going to have much use, but it was probably good to have. I heard more people walking in and Soda saying, "he's in the back."

I was greeted by Two-Bit, Steve, and Robbie. They took it upon themselves to move the tables and chairs into the main room. They lined them up around the sides so there would be plenty of room in the middle.

"Thanks, guys!" I yelled at them. They grunted in return. Johnny and Billy walked in. There wasn't any more to do so they wandered around, talking with the other guys.

"Has anyone seen Pony?" I asked to the room of guys. They all shook their heads.

"He should be here anytime. He's always the last to show." Two-Bit told me.

Steve rubbed his hands together and looked out the window, waiting for all the other staff members to show up. "Let the games begin!"

We waited a few more minutes and more people started to arrive. First was Sodapop's girlfriend, and my dance partner, Penny. She was looking better now, even after what had happened. At least that made one of us... Next we had Steve's girl Tamia along with Two-Bit's Lisa. Everyone was mingling and the music was getting started. Pony walked in late as usual and waved to me. Couples were starting to pair off and move to the dance floor.

I heard the door open and close once more, and heard the familiar voice yelling about the music. "Sorry I'm late guys, you know work! The party can start now!"

I walked over to where he was standing. "How are you late, Dally? What do you even do here?"

"To tell you the truth, I have no idea what my job is." He laughed and slapped my shoulder.

Dorry's POV

I turned onto the highway and gunned it. I had a red 1954 Chevrolet Bel-Air: however, it's now 1963 so it wasn't the tuffest car on the block, but I payed for it myself and I loved the thing to death. I cherished anything I got on my own, so basically just my car and my clothes. My parents were never very good in the money department seeing that my mom ran out on us when I was six and my dad can't hold a steady job due to being in the clink half the time.

That's only my past though, I just turned eighteen and I'm starting my life over. I am Dorothy Sue Henderson and I am going to prove to my father that I can make a life for myself, no matter how much he thinks I'll fail.

"Dorry, what are you thinkin' 'bout? You've never looked so serious in you're life!" My best friend Anna Schmidt shouted at me, breaking me out of my trance.

"Sorry, I'm just so glad to finally be getting out of this town. I can't even believe it!"

"I know! It's happening, it's really happening..." She trailed off with a smile on her face.

"Will you two stop yappin' and turn the radio up? I love this song!" Julie, Anna's little sister, yelled at us from the back seat. We both laughed and I cranked up the dial on the the radio and began to sing along to "Light My Fire" by The Doors.

We were all going to this place called Kellerman's. It's this big resort type thing where all the rich folks go to vacation in the summer. Something bad happened to the dance instructor there and they recruited me to replace her if need be. Anna had gotten a job there as a new lifeguard. At first they wouldn't allow is to bring her little sister along if she didn't work there, but after we explained, they were okay with it. Anna's parents died in a fire last year. They didn't have any other relatives so they were supposed to be separated and put into girls' homes. When they went, Anna fought so passionately that the allowed her to become Julie's legal guardian even though she was only sixteen. So for the past year they've been taking care of each other with weekly check ups from the court. Anna got sick of it, though. She knew she could do just fine on her own. So when she turned seventeen she just up and left. Now we're doing this, all on our own.

It was only about an hour drive up to Kellerman's, but it felt like a life time. We were finally there. When we pulled up to the front and identified ourselves, we were immediately told to drive around back to the staff quarters. I parked the car and hopped out.

"Hey! Hey you!" I called out to a girl walking past.

"Yeah?" She said, coming over.

"Umm, we're supposed to start working here this summer, where are we supposed to go?"

"Oh, you're new, okay. All the rooms are down there, they'll have your name next to the door. There unlocked now, you just have to check-in with Kellerman to get your key. Hey, all the staff are havin' a party up at the Hangout tonight, you should stop by."


"Just go up those steps on the path over there," She pointed "And it's the back shack at the top."

"Cool, we will, thanks for all the help." I told her.

"No problem." She waved at me and then headed towards the path she had just indicated.

We got all of our stuff from the trunk and found our rooms. I had my own, but Anna and Julie we're right next to me. I unpacked, then went to tell them about the party. "Yeah we can go! Come on!" Anna said excitedly.

"Hey Ju-Ju Bee, I'll race ya!" I challenged Julie, before racing ahead of her. I heard her giggle and come up behind me. Soon the three of us had made our way up the path, out of breath from a bad combination of running and laughing at the same time. We stopped outside the door and looked at each other before going in. This is it.

It was dark and smoke-filled on the inside, and there was loud music coming from somewhere. I saw Anna looking around, and her eyes locked on a dark-haired boy sitting in the corner. He noticed here right away, too, and he looked her up and down. He let out a low whistle before he said, "Correction. Now the party can start."