'Sup, readers? This is definitely the best poem yet. Enjoy!

Chris couldn't help but be happy. Maybe his crazy poetry idea would succeed after all! He flashed a pearly white grin at the camera and introduced the next former camper. "This guy's finally back to give us a whopping amount of sarcasm in his own special way. It's Noah!"

The short bookworm walked up to Chris. "Do I have to be here? I don't even have a chance at a million bucks this time. It's just frickin' poetry."

Chris ignored his question and cut straight to the chase. "Well, Noah, the entire viewing world is ready to see your poem. How does that make you feel?"

"All warm and fuzzy on the inside," replied the egghead sarcastically before reluctantly handing over his poem, which Chris showed to the camera.

My name is Noah,

As I'm sure you're aware,

Chris forced me to write this,

My feelings to air.

Why did I join the show?

Well in retrospect,

It was an asshole,

Decision to make.

I was the smartest of all,

It was clear as day.

How dumb was my fall?

Sports aren't my forte.

In truth I regretted,

My time on the island,

I felt like I'd been netted,

Into a mental asylum.

Few good came of it,

Except for maybe,

My friendship with Owen,

Which is great, you see.

Don't ask me how,

But all the fans love me,

I should come back now,

With the blue sky above me.

Sure, Season 5's wasted,

But Season 3's not,

You asked for more Noah,

And that's what you got.

I came back for World Tour,

Much as I hate travel,

I didn't plan to lose nor,

Get left in the gravel.

Everyone else there,

Was an easy out,

Except for Alejandro,

Who I had to worry 'bout.

I should've been more cautious,

In voicing my concerns,

It just makes me nauseous,

That that lesson was learned.

Did I get anything,

Out of the game?

To be perfectly honest,

It was pretty lame.

It's all based on luck,

Strategy has no place,

The hosts really suck,

The whole show's a disgrace!

The food is gross,

It all makes me pissed,

But the thing I hate most,

Is that stupid damn Chris!

"Wow!" said Chris after it was finished, somehow missing all the bits of the poem insulting him. "I never knew you were such a good poet! You're as great as Picasso himself!"

"Picasso was a painter, not a poet," corrected Noah. "Although, his random splatter paintings do look a lot like whatever garbage poetry you would write yourself."

The host ignored him. "See you guys next time, when we'll figure out if male models are actually good at poetry!"

"Can't wait," quipped Noah sarcastically.

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