And here it is, the end of TDROTI! D: No worries though, the PI characters will soon be on their way as well. Lightning, the winner in America, is up, but never fear. Despite his overwhelming stupidity, he actually has a good poem. Why? Who knows?! Let's go.

Chris was dancing a little jig on the dock, glad to be on the last camper, after which he'd be done. Wait, what about PI, you ask? Well, there's that of course, but even though Cameron had just told him about it last episode, the stupid host had already forgotten. Right now he was elated; but when Beardo rolled around in a few days for his poem to be recorded, well, let's just say the host wouldn't be as happy then.

Meanwhile, Lightning was standing next to him, flexing. "When we gonna get this started, Chris?" asked the jock. The middle-aged man ignored him, continued to prance around in utter glee. Lightning got angry and punched him in the face.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"For not paying attention to the sha-Lightning! Now bitch, here's my sha-poem!" Lightning shoved the paper in his face.



It's tightening,

My hair's whitening.

Lightning sha-wins,

His good luck begins,

He ain't got no sins,

He hates violins!

On the shitty show,

Cameron's menstrual flow,

Couldn't sha-stop or slow...

Lightning down you know!

Lightning is the champion,

Favorite flower's the rampion,

Much better than the campion,

Goin' back to the Cambrian!

Chris interrupted. "Where'd you get the big words?"

Lightning shrugged. "Forced Cameron to sha-write this."

"You mean you didn't write this yourself?"

"Uh ..."

"Never mind. Keep going."

Finale time came,

End of the game,

Cam was sha-lame,

Lightning won, got the fame!

Sha-bammity boom,

Lightning was sha-Cam's doom,

Sent him back to the sha-womb,

Sha-bang of a zoom!

Lightning bowed, and then punched Chris hard in the face again. The host didn't care; he was happy to finally be done, or at the very least think he was done. "Well. Won't be seeing you guys again!" laughed Chris cluelessly.

Oh Chris, but you will. Beardo is next! Although before I start his poem or any of the PI casts, I'm going to be re-watching the season to get a better idea of their characters. And just for those who are wondering, 'rampion' and 'campion' are real words. They're types of flowers. TIAW likes flowers. Thanks for reading and please review!

~TIAW Mr. Coconut Beatle