"The Only Time He and the Dobe Will Ever Agree"
(Day Six of SasuSaku Month.)

Sasuke decides that, aside from fangirls and the Dobe, there are some things worth more hating.

As a genin, he had always hated getting D-rank missions. But getting D-rank missions that has something to do with irritating, noisy and troublesome things called kids will always test his patience. And even if five years have passed, it always will.

Like now, for instance.


He was still on probation, and as a part of his punishment, he was obligated to do a number of D-rank missions together with his past teammates. And Tsunade, the sadistic woman, had to assign them the mission that had Team Seven running around the local orphanage because the matron had something important to do and she just couldn't leave the children alone.

Sasuke could only sigh as the hysterical crying of the Dobe from under the pile of laughing children caught his female teammate's attention.

Sakura was busy entertaining some of the few kids who wanted to know all about her escapades as the Godaime Hokage's apprentice, and it must have been a riveting tale because her audience kept getting bigger and bigger every time he looked at her.

Unlike him and the Dobe though, she looked happy about baby-sitting. And when she turned back to look at her flailing teammate, her eyes have a fond look in them. "Really Naruto, you've defeated several S-class nins and you can't even hold your own against children."

The children who were dog-pilling the Dobe were laughing uproariously as he whined. "But Sakura-chan! You know I hate baby-sitting! And Teme's not even helping!"

It's true; he's standing off to one side and giving off an aura that makes sure no pipsqueak comes toward him. He knows Sakura saw him though, and maybe she deemed him inappropriate for the task, because she leaves him be.


But then a child who's clinging on her arm speaks up, "Ne ne, Sakura-nee, how did Naruto-nii defeat some S-class nins?" and suddenly, the children above Naruto disappears and all of a sudden are hovering around her.

Sakura looks surprised. All the children are crowding around her, and not one of them are paying attention to her other teammates.

What was it about her, Sasuke mused, that drew people in left, right and center?

Himself included.

Silently, Naruto padded his way towards him and plopped himself on a vacant seat. Together, they watched their only female teammate amuse the children without their help.

Naruto grinned beside him, a knowing glint in his eyes. "Hey, Sasuke-teme, I bet Sakura-chan will be a great mother."

Sasuke smirked, silently fingering a ring that's been inside his pocket for weeks.

He thinks so, too.

A very very short oneshot. For that I apologize, but i think I ended it right where it should (at least, in my opinion). I hope you agree with me. Reviews are appreciated.

[Day Five: Baby-Sitting]