Kujo leaned against the doorframe smiling. He didn't think he'd seen a sweeter sight in his entire life.

"Where'd Inu go?" Victorique was sprawled out on her belly playing with their two year old daughter, Selene. The girl, who had inherited hair of the same gold that Victorique's had once been, was giggling and digging out in a rather snaggly looking mess of her mother's hair.

"Mommy in here." She responded, finally pulling out a small stuffed dog from where it had been hidden beneath silver locks.

"Oh there he is!" Victorique explained brightly reaching out to take the dog. She tapped him on the nose and stated in a mockingly scolding tone. "Don't ever do that again. We need to know where you are so Selene can play with you."

Selene giggled wildly and took the dog from her mom. With a sneaky expression on her face, she buried the dog in her mom's hair again. Kujo almost laughed but restrained himself. He didn't want Victorique to notice him in the doorway and get mad at him for spying.

"Oh no!" Victorique exclaimed a moment later. "Has Inu run off again?"

Selene began shrieking with laughter.

"Selene," Victorique grabbed onto her daughter's shoulder urgently. "You have to help me find Inu."

Selene's head bobbed up and down, a grin still splitting her face. She could play this game for hours.

Kujo watched for a few more moments, then ducked out of the doorway. For now he'd leave them be. He'd hate to interrupt their bonding time. There would be plenty of time for him to be with them later. He wanted to let Victorique have as much time as possible playing and giving her daughter the kind of childhood she'd never been able to have.

Besides, he still wasn't sure he wanted to risk Victorique's reaction to knowing he'd been watching her play that way.