"Modern myth".

How to train your dragon, Toothcup.

By: Sinattea.



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Chapter 35: Turnarounds.



By the time the gang arrived at Sunstone in Astrid's and Snotlout's cars, although Hiccup and Toothless had already digested the fact that Evelyn would be joining them, they still had no idea how to break out the news to their friends. They just watched as the cars pulled over, and waited for everyone to get off the vehicles.

- Sorry we're kinda late – Astrid stepped forward -. Blame it on the guys – she nodded towards Snotlout and Fishlegs.

- Ready to go guys? Can hardly wait – exclaimed an excited Ruffnut.

Toothless and Hiccup exchanged concerned looks. Toothless was carrying a huge black suitcase, in which his prosthetic tailfin was concealed.

- What's the case for? – asked Fishlegs.

- This? Ehm, well – Toothless began speaking, though he had trouble to get himself through the task -. Let's say today is a special day… You'll kinda have an exam about dragons…

- WHAT? – everybody whined in unison.

- Whoa, exam? Ain't nobody said nothing 'bout exams – Tuffnut whined the loudest.

- It's not really up to me to decide – Toothless looked down, avoiding eye-contact with his friends.

Hiccup gulped hard and tried his best to fake a condescending smile.

- What Toothless is trying to say is that today you must get along your best with all the dragons. Try your hardest.

- And that is because…? – prompted a very concerned Snotlout.

- Evelyn is coming with us – informed Toothless finally -. Looks like I finally convinced her.

- Hell, no… – mumbled the twins as soon as they understood what those words meant. They completely froze when someone they hadn't realized was standing behind them muttered:

- Oh, yes.

Tuffnut shrieked, and even Ruffnut was too shocked to laugh at her twin's unmanly scream. Toothless had to reproach Evelyn for her sneaky behavior.

- These are the friends you deem so brave and worthy of dragons? – she teased.

- Well, ehm, I already touched one – whispered Snotlout to himself, but Evelyn heard him, and she drew a judgmental smile.

- So I was told. Let's see if you get that lucky again.

Everybody seemed to grow a little smaller in her presence. Even Astrid was extremely uncomfortable.

- Evelyn, you promised – interfered Toothless, upset. The woman didn't have to pull her most intimidating façade under those circumstances, it was uncalled for, and Toothless was not going to hesitate to remind her so.

- Fine – she gave in, and didn't speak another word in the whole trip.


They all started the trip to their rendezvous point with the dragons, Evelyn leading the march. This time nobody carried fish in their hands, they'd stopped needing it a couple days ago; but knowing this time Evelyn would be watching, they all wished all-heartedly they had kept at least a bit from that day's fried fish from the cafeteria.

- Why would you do this to us? – hissed Astrid under her breath as they walked, looking at Toothless in accusation.

The dragon-boy shrugged, trying his best to look innocent.

- This whole dragon thing is already hard enough – supported Snotlout.

- It's necessary, guys. Remember the only reason I'm teaching you about dragons is because she agreed to… Kinda. You have to convince her that you deserve to do this.

- Or what? She'll forbid us to see the dragons again? – spat Astrid, genuinely upset.

Even Hiccup had to look inquiringly at Toothless before that question. Did Evelyn have the power to keep all of them apart from the dragons, really?

- That's the thing you don't understand about her. She can do it, she can make sure you never mess again with dragons. You have to convince her otherwise.

- Yeah, right, and how are we supposed to do that, you genius? – growled Ruffnut.

- Because today you're gonna ride your dragons.

- You're kidding – exclaimed Fishlegs.

- I said ride, not fly. You're not ready for that yet.

- Oh, well, that certainly makes it easier – complained Snotlout in an annoyingly sarcastic voice. He couldn't even touch the dragon's head, because Hookfang kept refusing to come any closer. Apparently this whole being the alpha thing wasn't working at all, and Toothless wanted him to ride the dragon?

- Don't be like that. It's like… wild-horse riding. Just climb on the dragon's back and stay there as long as you possibly can.

- Wild-horse riding – repeated Astrid, on the verge of hysteria -. You've got to be kidding.

- Guys…

Evelyn pulled to a stop. The teens behind her could only obey in time by tripping on their own feet, which seemed like a better alternative to tripping on her or bumping against her back. They looked so pathetic, to be honest, scared to death of that thin red-haired woman.

Evelyn buttoned up her jacket, and turned around to look at Toothless.

- Do the honor, Dean – she said for the first time since Sunstone.

Toothless knew what she meant. He nodded to her and took one last apologetic glance towards his friends before running ahead and disappearing amidst the trees.

- Relax, kids. You just have to do the best you've ever done – she then said to the gang.

In that moment Hiccup would be lying if he denied there were times when he honestly wanted to slap this woman across the face.


They made it to the clearing, where the Night Fury and the rest of the dragons were already waiting for them. Everyone stood on their spots, not daring go any further, so Evelyn stepped up with all confidence towards this unfamiliar dragons. She immediately recognized the species, and she smiled.

The Hiddeous Zippleback growled at her.

- Good Barf – sniggered Ruffnut to her twin's ear.

- Maybe Belch will bite her – Tuffnut whispered with delight.

- What is she doing? – mumbled Astrid, talking to Hiccup, who stood next to her with his arms crossed.

- Humiliating us, apparently – sighed Hiccup.

- What happened to the rules: no harsh moves, let them come to you first and stuff? – insisted Fishlegs, sharing Astrid's doubts.

- I have a feeling she's waaay beyond that – yup, Hiccup had no doubt about it: she was going to humiliate them all.

Evelyn was now standing right in the middle of the two heads, who kept acting extremely hostile at her, but she seemed not to notice.

- These are beautiful, Dean – she said.

One of the Hideous Zippleback's heads started breathing out gas. At that point Hiccup had to reconsider his assumptions and step forward to try and warn his aunt. Didn't she know that if the other head spat a spark, she'd have a fire explosion on her face?

- No, you don't – Evelyn stated, firmly, defiant.

She raised one of her hands and snapped her fingers, making some strange movements, like the ones you do when you try to get a cat's attention.

To everyone's surprise, both the Zippleback's heads were hypnotized by that movement, and stopped their aggressive behavior. "Here" said Evelyn, pulling down her hand; both heads followed it until they were both within touch-reach and that's when Evelyn patted them on the forehead like it was no big deal.

The gang members were all in total, dumbfounded shock.

- How did she do that? – they all yelped in unison.

- It took me a week to touch Stormfly. How? – whined Astrid.

Even Hiccup was perplexed. He could touch dragons on their first encounter, but not with that much charm.

Evelyn kept patting the Zippleback like it was nothing especial. "Such a good dragon" she said every few seconds. She looked back, a mischievous and satisfied expression tainting her face, earning her a glare from the Night Fury. "Show-off" the bright green eyes said.

- Don't look at me like that, Toothless. I just preached with the example – she turned around -. Are you touching these dragons or what? – she called the boys.

And surprisingly, the one who replied "hell yes" and walked up next to her, was Fishlegs.

- Come 'ere Meatlug, let's show them what we've got – he called his gronkle, but the dragon didn't move. It simply looked at Fishlegs, adoringly, yes, but did no more -. Meatlug? – Fishlegs was getting worried, he could hear Evelyn chuckling beside him.

The dragon did not respond, and the gang didn't understand why.

Hiccup exchanged looks with Toothless, and the dragon told him with his eyes that Evelyn had something to do with it.

Fishlegs saw that gesture too, and had a brilliant idea. He walked away a couple meters from Evelyn, and called from his dragon again with the enthusiasm of someone calling a playful puppy.

And then it was Evelyn's turn to be absolutely surprised, because the gronkle flew straight towards Fishlegs, tackled him down and began licking his face in adoration.

Astrid gasped.

- They're afraid of her! – she understood -. She didn't do that fancy trick with all the dragons. They're afraid of her!

- They don't know her – Snotlout realized as well, exchanging an excited look with Astrid.

- And they're wary – Astrid went on.

Evelyn being there was no obstacle for them to engage in recreation with their dragons.

- Then what are you waiting for? – encouraged Hiccup.

- Stormfly! – called Astrid, running to the clearing. Her Deadly Nadder met her midway.

Snotlout did the same, and although the Monstruous Nightmare didn't have as positive a response as the other dragons, it was obvious that it was responding to the quarterback.

Evelyn had gone completely silent. Toothless looked at her with a smug draconian expression.

- And what about us? – complained the twins -. She still has our dragons – reminded Ruffnut.

The Hiddeous Zippleback was the only one who hadn't attended their master's call. No matter how much the twins yelled Barf and Belch, they were still in Evelyn's hands. Literally.

- Well, think outside the box – stated Hiccup, as he approached Toothless -. What do you do that nobody else does that this dragon loves?

The twins looked Hiccup walk away without understanding.

Taking a look around, as she saw Snotlout chasing his stubborn dragon around, realization hit Ruffnut like a truck. She looked at her twin, who remained oblivious to it all.

- Tuffnut – she called him.

- What?

There was a second of silence, in which the twin girl stared fixedly at her brother.

- What? – insisted Tuffnut.

- BELCHIN' WORM! – screamed Ruffnut as she punched her twin square on the face.

- Whatdahell! – stunned, Tuffnut did his best to stay on both his feet despite the hit, launched forward and tackled his sister down -. YOU BARFIN' BEETLE!

It worked like a charm, a charm better than Evelyn's. Excited, the Hiddeous Zippleback pulled apart from her and ran towards the fighting twins, both heads biting and gnawing at each other, and then helping one twin or another once they were close enough to the fight.

When he realized the dragon had come to them, Tuffnut was too happy to continue fighting his sister, and simply hugged the head that was his, clinging from it with arms and legs.

- Belch! – he exclaimed, a fine line of blood streaming from his mouth and nose.

- I can't believe it worked! – shouted Ruffnut.


Evelyn was absolutely petrified right there were the Hiddeous Zippleback had left her.

Hiccup walked past her towards Toothless, the same smug, satisfied expression that was on the dragon's face painted on his.

- How's that for their very best? – he teased.

Toothless released a draconian laughter.

Evelyn gazed around, bewildered.

- They trust them – she breathed -. They trust them.

Toothless shook his tail and wove it in front of her to catch her attention. He had a "told you so" in his eyes and he wanted Evelyn to see it.

- This is impossible… is…

Wherever she looked, she saw teenagers befriending dragons like it was the most average and normal thing in the world. When she did it, it was one thing, but when had others become capable of imitating her?

- So, uhm, I guess Toothless wants to know if you're convinced now – interfered Hiccup.

Evelyn looked at him as if it were the first time she ever heard his voice.

Suddenly, however, her expression changed from astonished to incredibly serious and calculating, as if she'd just thought of an idea that could counteract everything she'd so far witnessed.

- I need to make a phone call.

And she left.

Hiccup and Toothless couldn't help but exchange terrified looks. What was that supposed to mean? They had to follow her and stop her before she did whatever she was planning to! They had to…

- Hiccup! – someone screamed - How's this for dragon-riding?!

It was Snotlout, who had climbed onto a tree and jumped on top of the Monstruous Nightmare, and now held for dear life to its neck. The dragon shook and twirled like a raging bull, and ultimately threw Snotlout off its back.

Worried, Hiccup went right away to his cousin's aid, and Toothless jumped in front of the Monstruous Nightmare and started roaring at him in a scolding tone.

- NO! – Snotlout rejected his cousin's help and stood up on his own. At this point, the rest of the gang was already paying attention to the scene, their eyes glued to Snotlout. Was that blood on the back of his head? - NO! – the boy repeated - Don't do that, don't try to help me!

- But, Snotlout, you're hurt and you could- - -

- No – the boy didn't let his cousin finish. He rolled his sleeves up and stood right before the Monstruous Nightmare.

Toothless stopped arguing with his dragon comrade and stepped back, he'd heard so many no's already that he wasn't risking having Snotlout yell another one at him.

- Snotlout what are you doing? – Astrid inquired from a safe distance.

The Monstruous Nightmare was incredibly antagonistic, glaring at Snotlout and breathing smoke through its nostrils, walking in circles without removing its sight from the human.

- Snotlout, it's angry, you're getting' hurt! – warned Ruffnut, worried.

- No – he repeated.

He raised his right hand, looking straight into the dragon's eyes.

- I tried your rules and they didn't work. This dragon's listening to me now! I am the alpha!

- DUDE – screamed Tuffnut.

Everybody was sweating out of worry, except for (strangely enough) Fishlegs, and naturally Toothless.

The Monstruous Nightmare snarled. Snotlout took one step forward.

- Hookfang – he said, staring at the dragon right in the eye, his hand stretched out.

Another snarl. Another step.

- Hookfang.

This time a growl. The Monstruous Nightmare started covering his head in flames. Snotlout hesitated for a moment, and the dragon seemed to smirk before that gesture, but the human gulped down his fear and took another step.

- Dammit, Hookfang! – he gritted.

The dragon stopped moving. Snotlout took another step. His hand was only inches from the flame-engulfed head.

- Are we really fuckin' doing this? – Snotlout challenged in his authoritative quarterback voice.

A shiver went down some of the witnesses' backs.

- Are we?

Dead silence.

- Hookfang.

And then, to everyone's surprise (and relief), the dragon put its flames away, and laid down its head.

Snotlout took the final step and pressed his hand firmly on Hookfang's head. For the first time in three weeks he didn't find any resistance.

Fishlegs was as proud as a mother. "It worked" he kept mumbling to himself, his hands trembling. "Wow" murmured everyone else.

- And that's how you prove a Monstruous Nightmare that you have the guts to ride him – approved a smiley Toothless.

His voice caught Hiccup by surprise; he hadn't noticed yet that the dragon-boy had gone hybrid. Toothless looked really pleased with the development of the events, but he also looked really naked, and Hiccup immediately removed his jacket and wrapped it around his boyfriend's hips, his face as red as a tomato. Luckily no one else had noticed, they were too focused on Snotlout.

- I did it – he couldn't believe he'd done it, but Fishlegs' thumbs up had to mean he actually had, right?

- You should ride him now.

Evelyn had been the one to pronounce those words.

She stood right behind the girls, with a cellular still on her hands, and an honest attempt at a smile on her lips.

- You should all ride your dragons now.

They all looked at each other, confused. Was she mocking them, or…?

- You won't fly, of course – Evelyn affirmed -… but this could be a really nice horse ride.

That's when they all understood: she meant it.

- Climb up – encouraged Hiccup.

Once the gang members were all on their dragon's backs (insecure, scared and excited all at the same time), it was Evelyn herself the one who started giving instructions on how to lead them, tell them to walk or halt, and she even corrected their postures while sitting so they didn't get hurt with the scales until they got saddles.

- I see it and I don't believe it – Toothless let out. Hiccup agreed.

They had finally convinced Evelyn.



An hour later, she gave the instruction to get off the dragons.

- We have to leave now, or we won't reach Sunstone before nightfall. Say goodbye.

The gang did as told, and soon enough all the dragons were flying away, with the exception of Toothless. He and Hiccup had sat down to watch the lesson, Toothless still in his hybrid shape, with Hiccup's jacket wrapped around his waist.

- Ok, time to go – Toothless helped Hiccup stand up.

- Not so fast – called Evelyn -. You did a really fine job, boys, but I take it teaching these kids was no easy task.

- Hey! – Tuffnut tried to protest, but Astrid quickly elbowed him in the ribs so he didn't interrupt any further.

- You know why I asked you to bring the prosthesis, Dean. When was the last time that you and Jay took some time for yourselves? – both boys looked down, not daring to reply, because they didn't want to admit they hadn't gone flying since before the whole Green Death issue. Evelyn smiled, sympathetic -. That's what I thought. I'll guide the guys back to Sunstone. You take some time off. Go, take a flight.

- Really? – Toothless' eyes gleamed.

- Yes – she conceded -. I want to talk to them alone, anyways. Go.

- Thanks, Evelyn! – exclaimed Hiccup.

He and Toothless brushed their lips together for one second before Toothless went full dragon again and Hiccup began pulling the prosthetic tailfin from the case they'd been carrying all along.

Two minutes later they were ready to go, saddle and harness tightly fit in place. Toothless propelled himself forward, shook his wings… and in the blink of eye they were gone. "See you later!" Hiccup's voice echoed for a while.

Fishlegs shed some dramatic tears. "That is so awesome" he cried.





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