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New Mexico 1899-

Intro-Aeris Coles journal march 21st 1899

I've always loathed one week business trips. Long enough to be tired of the road, but not long enough to see anything new. Leo and I just got back from one said trip. I hate being a saleswoman but Leo and I do a good job and were NEXTTECHS best. That means we get a good chunk of money for are three uses: us, our families back in Canada, and our habits namely my smokes and our gambling. Canada, Leo and I were better off there. There we had prospects as land owners (Leo's parents are land owners and I was always his best friend.) and a nice place. Then Leo always a gambler, (He started at age 3 with rocks and got me started about a month later (we were friends since birth since Leo was one hour older and our parents met on the way out of the hospital a few days later (My dad later worked for Leo's after he went bankrupt, I picked up smoking from his tobacco fields.) at age 13 we were already being allowed into games.) yelled at the mayor of are town for not paying debts and got us run out of town) We were 19 for the first day and he yelled at the mayor for not paying up gambling debts (exactly 2 years ago today, were 21 now) and they ran us out of town . So provided with supplies from Leo's parents, we went to the states and got these shit jobs. Luckily we live near a gambling hall and a horse track.

Chapter 1-Double or nothing

Leos POV

That's Aeris's first half pack, I wonder what she's writing. She never writes unless it's one of those messed stories about her favorite characters or gambling hall tales. I throw off my dirty and patched brown jacket leaving only my equally patched brown pant and white under shirt, then try to see what she's writing. It's a journal entry about our lives. That's as much as I can tell since Aeris then noticed my ties bell and started strangling me with it; the tie not the bell. "Why are you reading my journal" I manage to pry her hands off my tie, "I just wanted to see what you're writing!" She sighs and sits down rubbing the silver dice I gave her that morning (she gave me the bell when we were age 12) lighting another cigarette she sat back, "Sorry Leo I'm just tired after the trip". I smile, "Understandable, but this should lighten the evening, to tickets to the races" I say pulling them out of my pocket. "Its old Gladyuss versus some foreign horse, it's mostly going to be outsiders". We both jump up and I grab my cap and toss her the three hundred dollars for betting (the rest is for food and we sent some home on the way back). Then with a spring in our respective steps, we head down to the races. I find us seats while Aeris goes to place our bets. I find a good pair near the track, the one we betted on is the third. Aeris comes back with six people betting 300 each on the foreign horse to win. Ones the local kingpin of crime ( or at least that's what is thought) so we know he'll pay up. The matches are two horses doing best of 3 but people bet on the indivual races. The first races go quickly and ours is soon up in race three. Gladyuss is the fastest horse anyone had ever seen but the foreign one outran him easily. He finished a minute ahead of our bet, we owe 1200 dollars, we have 500. The local boss James Thompson comes up to us with the other betters, obviously his thugs. "Pay up you two". Aeris smiles worriedly, "We don't have the money on us but we can get to you in two weeks". "Not acceptable make it one or I'll make you an offer you can't refuse." Were dead, I do the last thing I should've in the one percent chance of it working, I stood up, "Double or nothing!" The whole crowd was watching, Thompson nodded, "Very well". Gladyuss lost again we owed 3600, Thompson stood up, "Remember one week and I expect the money". Then he left and Aeris and I slunk home in shame.

Aeris punched me in the face as soon as I closed the door. "Double or nothing, you idiot! Now we certainly cant get the money, no one will lend us that much, NEXTTECH will kick us out for being in debt for gambling, and well both be out on the street". "Aeris we still have the gun your dad gave us for our trip". "What are we going to do with the rifle, sell it for the hundred its worth"? "That or we could pull a robbery!" "No Leo we aren't criminals"!