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Aeris's POV

I'd never driven a car before, but it turns out it really isn't that hard, especially since the car was already started. I was surprised at how everything had turned out, I hadn't wanted to kill anyone, a quick job and never discuss it again. But I guess it isn't a perfect world… I'm not sleeping for a while. The mob boss killed, our old boss, several cops, we are so ****ing dead. Leo leaned out the window and started shooting at our pursuers; I turned the car through an alley and out of town into the wastes. I looked behind as Leo ducked back inside his gun smoking. He was laughing like an insane cat, "HA, dead there all DEAD." Suddenly his face went pale and he stopped laughing. He buried his face in his hands, "What have I done." I patted him on the back but kept my focused on steering, "Don't worry Leo", he slapped my hand away, "NO IT WON'T BE FINE. Yes it will were going back up North no extraction treaty hopefully." I parked the car which was running out of gas and we started walking toward the next town-well two away from where we started- and finished the mile trek on foot. That night we slept in some guy's barn. We had no money, supplies, or transport. All we had were two guns, robbery time. Two older couples later we bought food and clothes and went to get a room at the local boarding house. 3 days and several stick ups later we bought train tickets and headed east.

An hour later cops caught on but we were already gone, long gone. Three stops later we made our way to the front of the train. Unfortunately some other guys were already doing that. Or trying anyway, they were against the wall with the driver pointing a gun at them. I scrapped him as Leo blasted thru the door grabbing the emergency cord and pulling sharply. Then he clubbed the two guys working with coal. I walked thru the door and kicked the other robbers their guns. They were a Lion, a Demon, and a guy with underpants on his head, I faceplamed. The man with underpants checked his revolver, "So what now?" I gave him a look, "What do you mean?" "Well you saved us so are we going to split this treasure or do we owe you, because I sure hope I don't owe you. I'm late on my mortgage. " Leo ducked back into the carriage from where he had been fighting the engineers, "You know work for us, go rob the train and give us everything you find." The idiot nodded, "seems totally reasonable, by the way our names their Krug and Ternaldo, I'm Scott." Then they sprinted thru the train. But first they went to the back and started coming forward. Leo and I couldn't help laughing as we opened the door to a crowd of angry passengers wanting to know why we stopped.

Leo's tommy encouraged them to take their seats again. He walked down the aisle holding out a bag as people emptied money and valuables. I followed almost a car behind. At one point someone tried to jump him, they couldn't see me I was in between the cars jamming the door. Luckily the doors have windows. About halfway thru we found the others facing off against a platoon of troops. Luckily they couldn't hear us enter and Leo mowed them down. We came into the carriage were the 3 fools we had recruited. Scott handed over the money and started reloading, "So can we go now?" Leo gave him a smile, "Are you joking, why don't you come and work for us. Look at all the money we got, we could do it again!" The three went into a quick conference, I high-fived Leo and we pulled down are bandanas. A few minutes later they came over and Scott held out his hand "deal".