A shower inspired two-shot. Don't hate me, I need to get this idea out of my head.


'I'm just going out with my boys, we'll watch the game have a few beers and I'll be back before midnight. I swear.' He promised. She believed him.

So here she was, cold, tired and worried. It was 2 am and she was curled up on the couch with he favourite purple blanket and an untouched grilled cheese sandwich at her side.

Beck wasn't home.

The only sound was my uneven, worried breathing and the consistent ticking of the clock counting off one more second that Beck was late.

Almost every possibility ran through her mind: car crash, shot, kidnapped etc. Her thoughts were racing with what ifs and should ofs. Her breath hitched in her throat when she heard the front door open and close again. In comes Beck.

He stumbles into the living room, his hair slightly messed up, a bottle in his hand. He has a smirk on his face as he moves over to Jade and tries to kiss her. The stench of alcohol fills her nostrils and a sudden wave of anger flows over her.

'Where have you been?' She demands, pushing him away. He looks startled but answers anyway.

'I went to a few clubs and bars with Andre and Tai.' He slurs,' I thought I told you?'

'I know that idiot. But you said you'd be here two hours ago. I was worried sick! What if something had happened to you!' She screeched angrily and he snorts taking another swig from his bottle.

'Jeez I'm sorry MOM! I didn't realise I had a curfew.' He snaps at her angrily, the alcohol taking over his mind.

'Don't give me that attitude! What the hell is wrong with you.' She screams back at him.' No more of this.' She says snatching the bottle out of his hands. She storms into the kitchen and pours it down the sink.

'WHAT THE HELL? I wasn't done with that!' He screams desperately tying to salvage the last drops.

'YOU need to go to bed. Wake up when your not being a dickhead.' She snaps pushing on his chest so he stumbles back.

The next few seconds happen so quickly. She sees the angry look on his face get stronger and hears the connection before she feels it. Her cheek is stinging and tears prick into her eyes as his hand falls back to his side.

'Get the fuck off my case,' he spits at her before stomping up the stairs to their bedroom. She spends the night on the couch, crying herself to sleep.