Shadowhunter Alec Lightwood and Warlock Magnus Bane wake up in the same place at almost the same time remembering nothing but a few things about themselves and knowing that they know each other. They are found by a girl named Annabeth and taken to a place named Camp Half-Blood, where they are supposedly safe and protected by their parents, the Greek Gods. Neither Alec nor Magnus remember anything about their parents, but they are sure: they are definitely not Greek Gods. Something is very, very wrong.

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The first thing I thought when I woke up was My life must really be a joke. That same instant I knew something was really wrong. Waking up in the popcorn-covered floor of a movie theater was messed up enough, but not remembering anything about my life was by far worse. The lights in the room were on, the screen blank like when the tape has run out and I was completely alone there.

Or at least I thought so until I saw a guy, sound asleep in the projection room. His chin was resting in his chest, slightly cocked to the side and his raven-black hair was a mess. He was too far away for me to properly see his face, but when I looked at him, alarms instantly went off in my head. I had that feeling when you see someone you're sure you know but you can't quite put together their name or from where do you know them. As I looked at this guy, I was certain as I could ever be about two things: that I knew him and that he was anything but trivial to me.

He seemed to sense me, because at that exact moment he woke up. Even if the room wasn't very dark, his eyes had a certain luminescence. They were bright green, almost the color of a cat's. He instantly locked his gaze with mine and I could feel myself blushing furiously for no apparent reason. The guy's eyes widened at the sight of me and I couldn't help but wonder if he also had that strange feeling about knowing me.

I walked towards the stairs at one side of the room and tried to find a door to the projection room, but apparently, there was none here. The guy turned around to look for an exit himself when a teenage guy with a mop entered the projection room. He looked at the green-eyed guy as if he weren't out of place and then looked past him at me, raising an eyebrow. Even if there were a few rows of seats and a window between us, I could still hear the theater employee talk.

"Is he with you?" He asked, looking quizzically at the green-eyed boy. A puzzled look crossed his face but he composed himself quickly and told him that indeed, I was with him.

All I could think about was his voice. I knew that voice really well. It brought a flood of emotions to me, I just wasn't sure what kind of emotions they were.

"Is he staying for the next show?" The employee asked with a bored look on his face. Green eyes thought about it for a few seconds, a confident look still in his face.

By the Angel, he is a really good actor, I thought.

"Yes, darling, I invited him." The other guy raised an eyebrow but did not question him. He finished moping the small space and left without another word.

I was mesmerized, I couldn't stop looking at the green-eyed guy, wondering who he was and wondering why the hell he caused this kind of commotion inside me. Time seemed to freeze until, after what felt like hours, he looked away from my eyes and exited through the same door the mop guy had entered minutes before. I was confused, but in less than two minutes he came through the door to the same room I was in, startling me.

I was able to take a closer look at him. As I had seen before, his eyes were bright green, but now I noticed that they turned gold-ish towards the pupil, which was elongated exactly like a cat's. He had straight, black hair that came down to his angular jaw. His features were small and delicate, but there was also something hard about his face. His right ear was pierced and he had a silver earring on. He shot a kind-of-forced smile at me and I noticed his teeth were pearly white and perfectly straight. The corners of his mouth quirked up, which gave him a look of mischievousness.

I definitely knew this guy. Maybe I couldn't remember how, but, as certain as I was that he was the most gorgeous boy I had ever seen, I was equally certain that I definitely knew him. My own thoughts surprised me, why was I thinking about this guy in that way? But suddenly it popped to my mind that maybe I was gay. I knew it the instant I thought about it, failing to recall anything else. I was gay and I could stare at this guy forever, looking at his face and the way his skinny jeans fit. Yep, he was the most gorgeous and sexy guy I had ever seen, even if I just remembered ever seeing him and the employee with the mop.

Maybe he noticed I was checking him out, because he smiled wider and stared at me in return. I had no idea of what he was thinking about since his seemingly-permanent grin made his face very difficult to read. I started to say something but he opened his mouth at almost the same time.

"I know you." We both said, almost perfectly synchronized. He gave me a little smile and I blushed. Even if I didn't remember anything, I had a feeling that blushing was a very uncomfortable habit of mine. He kept smiling and it was making me really uncomfortable, so I decided to focus on something else.

"Um, where are we?" I asked, suddenly aware of the fact that I didn't know where the hell I was.

"At the movies, of course, silly!" He smiled like he was the funniest person in the world, and while I thought it was cute, I was also a little annoyed, since I was beginning to seriously worry. I didn't have any idea of the date, where I was, or much less why was I here. I rolled my eyes and I was trying to think about a smart comeback when the guy with the mop came into the room, this time carrying a broom, and started sweeping the popcorn scattered across the floor.

He paid no attention to us, like our being here was completely usual. I could see the guy closer now. He was probably Latino. His curly black hair was covered by a cap, -which I guessed was part of the uniform, since it said Long Island Cinema-and his name tag said Leo. He had acted like he knew the green-eyed guy before, but not like he had known me. Maybe he had been around in this place longer that I had been.

The green-eyed guy kept staring at me with that little grin of his while I kept staring at him, probably blushing. None of us said anything. Leo went on sweeping for a full five minutes until he finished and then he appeared to notice the awkward silence between us.

"Ummm, next movie starts in ten, guys" He said and left. I looked quizzically at green-eyes. He shrugged and walked towards the back row to take a seat. I had no choice but to follow him.

He sat down smugly and crossed his legs in a well, manly sort of way. I sat down next to him, almost staring. He didn't seem to notice, though, he was too lost in his own thoughts. I couldn't help noticing that the armrest was folded back, leaving nothing but empty space between us. I hoped he didn't notice my embarrassment. He then appeared to break out of his bubble of thoughts and looked at me with those strange and beautiful eyes.

"Magnus Bane." He said as he stretched his hand towards me. I couldn't help blushing as I shyly shook his hand. Then it came to my mind to introduce myself. As I looked in my mind for my name, it instantly popped up.

"Alexander Lightwood. Alec."

Apparently, the movie was a hit, since almost all the seats were taken. Magnus had left to get something to eat, since we were both pretty hungry. I still felt unsettled around him, but, strangely, I didn't feel in danger.

"Hey, sorry, is this seat taken?" A tall, blond girl asked shyly as she patted Magnus's seat. So this movie really was a big blockbuster…

"Yeah, sorry." I shrugged apologetically. She still had a serious expression on her face but she smiled gently at me and walked away. After a minute I noticed her sitting on an empty seat in the row in front of me.

Magnus came back carrying a red plastic tray with two fountain drinks, something that looked like a pile of chocolate bars and some popcorn. The butter smell was invigorating, so I hungrily shoved my hand down the bucket, grabbing as much popcorn as my fist allowed and stuffing them into my mouth. By the Angel, I was hungry!

The movie was a little creepy but interesting. It consisted of only two characters, a guy and his German shepherd, who lived alone in New York after a virus had spread and killed all of the population except the ones who were immune to it. Magnus didn't seem to like it, though. I could tell he wasn't paying a lot of attention to it, focusing instead on picking on his cuticles, eating the chocolate bars or even looking at me sometimes.

In the movie, the man's dog was dying and I was making my best effort not to cry. Without looking at the popcorn bucket, I submerged my hand in it, thinking that maybe having my mouth full would help get rid of the lump in my throat. As I was grabbing popcorn, Magnus's hand collided with mine, the touch sending shivers through my whole body. I frowned and let out a nervous giggle, since stuff like this always happened in extremely-cliché movies. His hand was amazingly warm and soft, like that of someone who takes extreme care of their skin. I was stunned, not sure about what to think about it, but he seemed normal. He was even smiling. Maybe he was in the same situation as I was, without a clue about anything in the world. But even if that was the case, I was sure he knew far more than I did.

We spent the rest of the movie in silence, none of us daring to grab any popcorn again. He occasionally tried to drain his soda, which was already empty and made only gurgling noises when he sucked on the straw. I could tell that he was anxious. I hadn't even touched my soda, so I tried it and was surprised, since it wasn't soda at all. It was iced tea. As I tasted it, I instantly knew I loved iced tea. Did Magnus also know it, or was it just a coincidence?

The movie was about to come to an end, the man was about to sacrifice himself to give the world a cure for the virus. As the infected creatures were trying to attack him, a high-pitched scream pierced the air. I looked in the direction of the screamer and my jaw instantly dropped. Even if it was dark, I could still see what the commotion was about. Next to the emergency exit stood a greenish-brown monster with multiple heads. I mentally slapped myself, knowing that kind of creatures didn't even exist. They were movie stuff, tales to scare little children into behaving. My tea must have been spiked with something. I looked at Magnus for an explanation, but, to my surprise, his face was stricken with horror. The popcorn bucket he was holding fell to the floor, the noise drowned in all the panicked screams.

People were running around the room, some of them to find a place to hide, some of them banging on the doors, which seemed to be stuck shut, some of them even ridiculously running in circles. I instantly knew Magnus and I were probably the only people who were still sitting.

Then, something quite unexpected happened. The window that separated the projection room from this room shattered, glass flying everywhere. The glass wasn't the only thing that landed on the floor, though. The theater employee, Leo, landed perfectly on his feet as if he hadn't dropped from almost ten feet high. He paid no attention to us, running towards the beast as he concentrated in getting something from what seemed a tool belt on his hips.

I was astonished as I saw him pulling out a colorful orange broom, but after blinking, I no longer saw a broom in his hands but a sword. It looked glorious, like something out of a museum, not something to touch. He charged the beast and cleanly cut off one of its heads. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was drugged! I was hallucinating! Sweat ran down my forehead as my hands anxiously clung to the seat beneath me. I didn't even notice Magnus's strong grip in my arm, revealing he was as scared as I was.

Maneuvering the sword and defending himself with one hand, Leo quickly summoned a fireball directly to his other hand. His fingers were on fire, and he didn't seem even a little bit dismayed about it. He set fire to the stumps that were left where two of the monster's head had been. The creature wailed with pain. Leo cut another head off, but the beast tried to attack him with its claws. As Leo was looking for something on his tool belt, two pieces of flesh started growing from where the beast's head had been a minute before. I soon discovered they were two new heads and resisted the urge to throw up.

I was distracted from Leo's battle when I noticed Magnus violently shaking me. Only then I realized I must have been in a kind of shock. I wasn't paying attention to anything but Leo fighting the beast with his sword and his lit-up hand. Magnus grabbed my chin with one hand and gently turned my head towards him. His eyes were wide with horror, his beautiful face pained. I drifted out of my shock and snapped back to reality, my ears suddenly paying attention to the chaos in the room. A few seats close to the screen were on fire. As bizarre as it seemed, a couple of trashcans, along with their trash, were scattered across the floor, revealing cups, popcorn and even something that looked suspiciously like a used condom.

Leo was still battling with the monster, but he seemed to have everything under control. His whole arm was ablaze, his other arm expertly maneuvering the sword, completely focused in ridding the monster of its three remaining heads. People were screaming and trying to hide. Pandemonium broke as the emergency exit at the top of the room burst open, almost taken down by running and screaming people.

There was only one person running in the opposite direction as everyone else, coming towards Magnus and me. The projection must have ended when Leo jumped off that window, since the room was now dark, the only illumination coming from the ablaze seats and from Leo. He himself was glowing with fire, his metallic sword reflecting the glow. By the silhouette, I could the person coming towards me was a girl.

I glanced at Leo and saw him gloriously burn the last stump as the beast suddenly fell to the floor. The impact was hard enough to cause a local earthquake. Seconds after hitting the floor, the body turned to ash. Leo looked straight at us, panting. His arm wasn't ablaze anymore. He ran towards the fire, easily putting it out with just his hand.

"We have to get out of here!" Magnus, Leo and I looked up towards the direction of the voice at the same time. Standing in front of us was the girl who had been running. She was holding a dagger in one hand and a shield in the other one, both gleaming pure bronze. My eyes focused on her face and a pang of familiarity hit me. I stared at her eyes, noticing that they were a stormy shade of grey. Those eyes could have been ageless, hiding so many feelings. Her eyes were intimidating enough. I grabbed Magnus's hand out of pure fear. In her face, I could see horror but also determination. It was a face that I had seen before, but now, she didn't look shy as she had. She looked fierce, capable of anything in the world. Her skin was tan and she had long and wavy blonde hair.

"Guys, come on!" She pleaded, beckoning for Leo with an exasperated gesture. I quickly got up from my seat, determined to follow her. Magnus did the same, clinging desperate to my hand. I didn't know why, but I had a feeling that she was no enemy.

I had seen her an hour ago, even if it seemed like ages ago now. She was the girl who had asked for the seat.

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