A/N: Just a little piece that popped into my head about the Black family. Hope you like it. Reviews, especially constructive criticism, are much appreciated. I don't own Harry Potter.

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Narcissa spent her nights trying to




In her little butterfly net

And her days

(Lying on a hazy pillow of white in the sky)

Counting them.


One – the brightest of them all.

Named after herself

Because even though Narcissa was a flower

And not a star

She always had been a

Vain little thing.


Two - Bellatrix, dearest Bella.

The star that twinkled the most.

On. Off. On. Off. On. Off.

Just like her smile, and later, her

Glimpses of sanity.


Three – no longer lovely, lovely Andy Black

But Andromeda Tonks.

"No longer our sister!"

When she fell from the sky

Leaving only a blazing trail of that

Lovely, lovely laugh and a

"I will always love you, Narcissa."


Four – Sirius loathed living

Entangled in a net.

So he wished upon himself

And broke free

The day that wretched Sorting Hat screamed out



Five – Regulus, who had always been too fond

Of the Gryffindor and that nasty little house elf

And gave up his life in memory of both.

In the end

Too soft hearted for the death eaters.


Years and years later, though

Narcissa renamed the brightest star in the

(Now worn and frayed)