"Mmmm… My dearest Moony." 6th year Sirius Black murmured into his boyfriend's neck as he pulled the boy in for a surprise hug from behind.

"Padfoot." Remus Lupin sighed happily, leaning back against him.

"And how are you?" Sirius asked softly, pressing light kisses to Remus's neck and jaw.

"I'm okay, better now. You?" Remus smiled, leaning into Sirius's touch.

"All the better being with you, dear Moony." Sirius grinned a little, gently moving in front of Remus and pressing him against the wall. Their hips resting against each other, Remus's arms around Sirius's neck and Black's hands on Lupin's hips.

"So another school day ends." The werewolf said softly, smiling into the gently kisses Sirius gave him.

"At long last." Sirius said with a small grin. "I love you, Remus." He whispered.

"I love you too, Sirius." Remus whispered as Sirius continued to kiss him, their eyes sliding closed.

"I love you so much Moony. I can't even tell you." He murmured against the werewolf's lips. "Love you, so much."

"You're being very sweet today." Remus said with a hint of mock suspicion.

"I've barely seen you all day, I missed you." Sirius pouted playfully, moving one of his hands up to stroke Remus's cheek.

"I love you too you daft pup." Remus chuckled, kissing the dark haired boy again.