Hhhmm, Okay so I just had to get this off my chest it's been on my mind for awhile now.

Pairing: Ulquiorra and Yoruichi alot of mentions of Ulquiorra and Orihime and Orihime and Ichigo

Warning: Ooc'ness kinda hard keeping Ulquiorra in character.


He sighed as he saw the 2013 black Mercedes Benz in the driveway. You would think that he at least has the decency or respect to not park in his drive way. To at least park some where a small walk from his house so it wasn't so obvious. This was the fifth time this week he was here for 'business' as she liked to call it. It didn't matter that the guy was her boss, no boss came to discuss 'business' this many times with their personal assistant after work hours unless something was fishy was going on.

He was no idiot, hell he was far from it. The first time he had given her the benefit of doubt; not wanting to believe his wife was capable of something so... heinous. The second time when he heard his back door closing he let her convince him it was nothing more than the wind. The third time he had walked in on them just as they were backing away from each other. Both their faces flushed from embarrassment. They tried to cover up what had just happened by engaging in awkward discussion of business.

The fourth time, damn it the fourth time he had walked in on them in a heated make out session with the man pinning his wife to the table. Once they noticed his presence they quickly parted, with her saying 'he was all over me'. He was no fool. He knew what was going on, he would just believe that they had been a little more discreet about it. It's been going on for at least two months, he hypothesized. Only just this week had they been going at it in his house.

Two months ago he noticed a change in his wife's behaviour and schedule. She would often stay late at work for overtime or her meetings ran over into the night. Her usual schedule of getting off at 9:30 would change to her being home sometime past midnight often smelling of him. He knew that wasn't his Cologne. She would often come home with her clothes and hair messy as if she tried to fix it but failed or didn't have enough time.

It was a good thing he learned how to cook otherwise he would have to consume fast food, or instant ramen while she was gone which was often. He would always prepare dinner and leave it on the table for her, in hopes that she would be home before it grew cold. But by time she even got home to look at the gorgeously deliciously prepared meal it was ice cold. And he would often be found in bed waiting for her. He never slept until she got home. He never questioned her of her whereabouts and activities, for she would always give him the same answer.

'Working.' Is what she would say. Yeah, he wondered what kind of extra work she was doing. He knew what it was once they stop having sex. He knew he wasn't sexually inadequate, so the sudden stop in their sex life was evidence enough of what was going on. He's heard of a married couples sex life slowing down but to stop all together after only two months was fishy. He kept things interesting and new in bed, nothing was ever dull. He often tried to have sex with her but she would shoot him down with some excuse often leaving him to deal with it himself under the cold water of his shower built for two.

He didn't know where the marriage went wrong or how it began to fall apart so fast, all he knew is that it had and is his wife was currently getting fucked by Ichigo Kurosaki. He never fought the man like most husbands would, because that wasn't him. Every time he threatened to leave her, she would often fall to her knees and grip onto his legs begging him not to leave her promising she wouldn't do it again. He found out the her promises were as empty as his threats. Every time she broke down crying it had diminished what little resolve he had to leave her.

He sighed once again as he gripped his steering wheel and pulled over near the curve of his house to park. Slowly, she began to come home at her regular time again, but he had got an extension on his hours tired of coming home to an empty house. He buried himself in his work trying to forget. He guessed his wife had decided to take advantage of those extended hours and decided to bring her Mister home to play. Like he said the first time he didn't want to believe she would actually bring him to their house. The second it was just the wind that closed the back door. The third was just and embarrassing moment between them. But the fourth was another man's tongue down her throat.

He opened the arm rest and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. An annoying habit he picked up once this all started. He checked his watch and saw that it was 10:30, his wife had no idea he got off early today. He took a cigarette out the pack and lit it. He didn't dare walk into the house, for he knew if he did he would see his beautiful wife Orihime being fucked by another man. There was one thing he knew for certain, and that was he was quickly falling out of love with his wife. If Ichigo wasn't done by time he got done smoking one cigarette than he was leaving.

Ulquiorra knew he should feel angry about the situation, but all he had felt was emptiness. He wasn't angry, sad, spiteful, regretful, insecure, or any other emotion. He was just empty and unfulfilled. Hell, he could blame it on the sexual tension. He was never unfaithful to her even now he still had not touched another woman. Rumors spread quickly among colleagues and family, many people at her job knew of her affair and somehow people at his workplace caught wind of the situation. Woman believing he should get even with 'the cheating whore.' (Their words not his) often threw themselves at him and tried to seduce him.

Yet, he turned them down saying he would stay faithful for as long as he can. He's done a very good job so far because the majority of those women were very tempting. He took the first puff of his cigarette and exhaled the smoke gently. He took out a book from his glove department and began reading where he last left off. 'A game of lies and unfaithfulness' A book written by Rukia Kuchiki.

It was a book he could relate to somewhat after all both he and the main character who was the husband was being cheated on. But that was were the similarities between them stopped. The main character got even by sleeping with his wife Mister's love. Ulquiorra refused to touch someone else right now. The main character knew why he was being cheated on, Ulquiorra didn't know. Noticing the inside of his car starting to fill with smoke Ulquiorra rolled the windows down.

No point in having his new silver 2013 Lexus smelling like smoke. After a few more minutes he was done with his cigarette, and yet Ichigo still hadn't left. What does he do? Sleep with her until he got home at 2:00 a.m.? He checked his wrist watch and saw that it was 11:07 p.m. He was actually smoking for longer than he thought. For the third time that day he sighed. He had put his book away but not before placing the little bookmark in it's place. He snuffed out his cigarette and put it in the ash tray before putting his keys into the ignition.

He looked one final time at his house, his bedroom window to be more exact and saw that the light was still on. That was the only light on. He quickly sped off with a loud screech of his tires towards a specific direction. This was the one of two places he went at times like these. This was not the first time he has gotten of work early and had to wait until his wife was alone to go home, he also knew this wasn't going to be his last. He had to work on Saturday as well.

He stopped in the parking lot of Tiburón, a nice and exotic bar owned by Tier Harribel. It was nice and quiet where he could get a drink in piece. Surprisingly the place got alot of business because a lot of people preferred the quiet and relaxation it brought on. He walked into the bar and took in his surroundings. The place had an aquatic theme to it. With a very large shark tank on the left side of the room holding tiny sharks. The floors was a dark shade of blue while the walls had realistic waves painted on them.

The tables themselves were fish tanks in the shape of circular tables holding rare and exotic looking fish. The booth seats were plastic and held different corals and anemones in them. The glow from the water gave of a beautiful tint to the place. Ulquiorra walked over to the bar and took a seat at the far end. As he waited he looked around some more and noticed a girl swimming beautifully with the sharks. She looked memorizing as she swam around and with the sharks doing turns and flips under water.

She could also hold her breadth for a long time. But even she to needed air and had to come up eventually. He could hear many groans as she had to stop her dance. Soon after she was replaced by two other girls. The girls instead swam with a light blue mermaid tails. Their coordination, tricks, beauty, and talent stunning onlookers. They too swam with the sharks in a beautiful way. But Ulquiorra didn't find any of the three girls as captivating as the other men and some women did.

Once their routine was done they too left out of the water. The last woman to make her appearance in the water he recognised. It was Harribel in all her shark glory. She swam faster, more beautiful than the other three. Her moves though quick were well practised, and when she slowed down it looked as if she were a siren beckoning men to their doom. The majority would have gladly gone. In her costume she looked beautiful and deadly.

She trained her sharks well for every where she swam they swam a perfect circle around her. She swam so beautiful it looked like she belonged in there with the sharks rather than with the humans out here. A voice caught his attention.

"Beautiful isn't she? Lady Harribell is such a beautiful swimmer, I hope to be as good as she someday. Oh, enough of my talking what can I get for you sir?" Ulquiorra looked to see his waitress and noticed it was one of the mermaids. Her body was dripping water.

"Whiskey." He ordered quickly. She poured him a shot of whiskey to which he quickly drank. She poured him another and another until he was on his eight one.

"Rough night? My name is Mila-Rose by the way." Ulquiorra just looked at Mila-Rose as he downed his eighth shot.

"No." He said as he indicated by pointing to his glass that he wanted another shot. She poured him one. And as he drunk it she poured him another. His tenth one was his last one as he knew he was now drunk. Drunk enough to go home even. He looked at his watch. Damn it was only 11:58 p.m. he still had a good two hours. He knew where he needed to go. He paid for his drinks and left a nice sized tip telling her to keep the change, that had Mila-Rose staring at his retreating back.

He stumbled into his car wondering if he was okay enough to drive. Yeah, he was good besides driving would help sober him up. He was going tk the second place he went to on night like these. The drive didn't last long at most ten minutes before he stopped his car in front of a house. Fuck he could barely get out the car without stumbling forward, he didn't know how the gekl he got here safely. He took a few steps forward before losing his balance slightly. He caught himself and continued forward willing himself to stay upright until he made it to the door step.

He tripped once over a stupidly placed garden decoration but that was it he had made it to the door. Damn, he was drunk. He fell to his knees as he knocked only four times on the door.

"Open up." He words slurred together slightly. So he waited at the door. Waited for at least five minutes. He hated to admit it but he was now too drunk to drive himself home because the alcohol had fully kicked in. He didn't want to sleep in his car tonight because he was sure he would have to sleep the alcohol off.