Here's part three. I hope y'all enjoy!


Ulquiorra found Orihime among the shrinking crowd of human bodies and grabbed her hand pulling her from the fray. She actually looked helpless trying to move her way between the bodies, and apologizing to every body she had to slightly push along the way. Ulquiorra understood why this restaurant was always so fancy. Great decorum, food, customer service, and entertainment made it worthy of its rank.

Ulquiorra led them to their table. He was surprised he was actually enjoying himself. And for just a small moment everything seemed like it was back to normal. As they sat down Orihime poured him and herself some wine. She handed him his glass while taking a sip from her own enjoying how the taste rolled on her tongue.

Orihime placed her hand over top of his larger one and spoke.

"Are you having a good time?" She asked curiously.

"Yes, so good of you to bring us here."Ulquiorra stated.

"I agree-" Just then Menoly showed up with two menus in hand.

"Would you like dessert? The months special is especially scrumptious, nothing can beat a slice of home made cinnamon apple pie with dallop of whip cream and vanilla ice cream." She stated with a grin. Ulquiorra looked to Orihime to see if she wanted anything. He didn't really like sweets all that much, but he knew she did.

"Yes a slice of triple chocolate fudge lava cake please." Menoly wrote down Orihime's order and looked at Ulquiorra.

"And for you sir?"

"Nothing." Ulquiorra stated.

"Alright then, you order will be out shortly." Menoly put the notebook back in its rightful place and turned on her heels to leave. Ulquiorra had forgot to say this earlier.

"You look beautiful Orihime." She blushed slightly at the compliment. Why was she blushing? She should be use to compliments, she received them almost every day. Did it just mean more to her coming from Ulquiorra? Probably.

"Thank you. You look handsome as well." Orihime replied. And he did, he honestly did look rather ravishing tonight. Her eyes trailed up and down his lean form, admiring his build. Those powerful arms that would hold her close at night or during sex... the sex was damn good, but the majority of the time that was all it was just sex. They barely made love and even when they did Ulquiorra couldn't put that much love into it.

That was one reason among many others that drove her into the arms of her mister It was always love, Ichigo was very passionate about it. She didn't have any intentions of leaving either of them, for they each offered her something she needed.


TensaZangetsu could only watch with amazement as Yoruichi ate dish after dish of food. True to his word he wasn't at all disgusted just amazed her pace hasn't slowed down one bit. And the thing is she ate as graceful as possible. Only half his steak was gone and Yoruichi was only half way done with all her food. Of course they had received stares and whispers from other customers and employees. Yoruichi didn't seem to care, but TensaZangetsu was not above sending a cold glare or two in the direction of lingering eyes. Mind your own fucking business! If someone dared to pull out a camera phone there would be hell to pay.

Yoruichi continued to eat in silence as did TensaZangetsu. He pressed that little button Loly handed them to call her over. She arrived in less than thirty seconds, most likely close by watching Yoruichi eat with a look of disgust.

"How may I serve you?" She asked with a bow.

"Can you take away those empty dishes please?" He pointed to the neatly stacked pile of dishes. Fortunately for them Yoruichi was polite enough to stack the dishes in a way that it would be easier to carry despite their rude whispers. For a moment a look of disgust flashed in Loly's eyes, at the amount of food eaten. She skillfully balanced all the dishes on her person and walked away.

TensaZangetsu finished his steak and decided to watch Yoruichi eat her food. He counted five more dishes to eat. One salad, one plate of grilled tilapia with a side of scallops, one bowl of tomato soup, one steak, and finally a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. She was already consuming the soup, and it was nearly gone. Once she finished she ate the spaghetti and meatballs which he noticed was actually just enough for a child.

Next she ate the steak which was medium-rare but not before adding some steak sauce. TensaZangetsu actually noticed that Yoruichi eats quickly as well. The steak was gone with in a matter of minutes, and next went the salad. Out of all the dishes he never once saw Yoruichi seem to savor a particular dish, and he wondered does she eat to just feel full and doesn't actually care for its taste? Would it be okay to ask?

Once Yoruichi was finished with her last plate of food, she pressed the little button to call their waitress over. But this time their waitress was accompanied by a man with chestnut brown hair and eyes, and a square pair of glasses. He wore an all white chefs outfit, and in his hand carried a tray. As they approached the man flashed a grin at Yoruichi before speaking.

"Loly take those dishes to the kitchen." He ordered.

"Yes Mr. Aizen!" Loly hurried to do as she was told. Once she had all the dishes together she scrambled away.

" I must say I am impressed with you and would like to know more about you. But first if you have room would you be willing to try my newest creation?" He asked.

"Yes." Yoruichi stated. The chef set the tray down in front of Yoruichi and removed the top revealing a very beautifully decorated mini cake. Yoruichi's eyes widened slightly. It was so beautiful she didn't want to eat it. She felt like she would be destroying a masterpiece.

The cake had black icing, with various stars decorating the background. They looked like little crystals when they shined from the light hitting them. But so far the most beautiful thing about the cake was the elaborate designs, and the lone shooting star on it. It's tail left a beautiful pattern of blues and white in it's wake. It looked like it took hours to make and perfect.

Aizen must of saw her hesitance for he grabbed a fork and knife and handed it to her so that he could reassure her.

"Please try it. I will not know if it is good enough to sale if no one has tasted it yet." Oh so she would be the first to taste this beautiful creation. Yoruichi grabbed the knife and fork and slowly cut a piece of the cake. It looked to be a cake of three layers. The first being chocolate cake with white chocolate chips, the middle layer being what appeared to be a cookies and cream ice cream, the third being vanilla cake with a light blue whipped icing separating them all.

Yoruichi was sad to be the one to destroy this piece of work. It better had been damn well worth it. Yoruichi took a piece of cake with her fork and put it into her mouth. It was good. No it was better than good, it was absolutely divine and heavenly in taste. Yoruichi savored the taste all together forgetting she had even more of the scrumptious dessert in front of her. Yoruichi accidentally let out a pleasurable moan.

Luckily it was only loud enough for TensaZangetsu and Aizen to hear.

"So do you like it?" The man asked with a satisfied and triumphant smile.

"I love it. Though at first I didn't want to ruin the beautiful masterpiece you crafted." Yoruichi admitted. This was probably the first thing she ever really took notice of the taste.

"A small price to pay, to make a lovely woman such as yourself and many others happy. If you'll excuse me for one moment I will return." The man said before turning to leave. As Yoruichi ate her cake, she offered TensaZangetsu some who took up a fork and ate a few bites before letting Yoruichi have the rest. That cake was so good he wanted it for himself but he felt as if Yoruichi just might fight him over it. So she could have it.

"You know he likes you right?" TensaZangetsu said while he took a sip from his beer. Yoruichi ate the last bite of her cake and set her fork down before speaking.

"No way he literally just met me. He's probably just being polite." Yoruichi stated.

"Yeah polite enough to try to seduce you and get you in bed." He mumbled under his breadth.

"I heard that. And besides not every nice guy has to try and bed women they are being polite to. " Yoruichi spat.

"Ch, whatever."

"You sound like a jealous boyfriend." Yoruichi teased. TensaZangetsu's eyes snapped to her.

"I sound like no such thing!" He snapped.

"Yeah, and my favorite drink isn't milk." Yoruichi said sarcastically.

"I'm just being a caring friend." TensaZangetsu stated.

"Uh huh, whatever." Yoruichi said with a grin. He just rolled his eyes before he saw the musician taking their place in stage. The music was going to start soon.

"Hey Yoruichi-" But he was interrupted by a familiar voice speaking behind him.

"Ah will you grace me with the gift of a dance? Of course that's only if it's okay with your date. He just may not want to share you." Aizen stated while walking up to them. Yoruichi had to think really hard to recognize him. He was no longer wearing his glasses or chef outfit, but a red dress shirt with some of his toned chest showing and white dress pants with matching shoes. His hair was also combed back giving him a completely different appearance. This guy was the very proof that people needed; that the super man disguise works!

"Is that okay with you TensaZangetsu?" Yoruichi asked curiously.

"Of course, I know you are mine so I don't fear losing you." TensaZangetsu stated while looking at Aizen. He wasn't Yoruichi's boyfriend, but he be damned if this guy touched her in an inappropriate way just because he thought he could have her.

"Excellent, Yoruichi is it?" She nodded her head.

"Yoruichi can you Salsa?" Aizen asked hopefully. Yoruichi could only smile while TensaZangetsu frowned slightly. The Salsa was a rather... sexy and physical dance. At least they weren't doing the tango, which was more intimate in his opinion.

"Can you keep up?" Yoruichi replied.

"I assure you I can be a rather pleasurable partner." Aizen stated in a sexy tone. The fuck? How does he go from polite and gentlemanly to fucking flirtatious and sexy? TensaZangetsu silently glared from his seat as Aizen whisked Yoruichi away. He haf pulled Yoruichi near the dance floor but not onto it.

"Is there a certain song you prefer?" He asked. Yoruichi shook her head no.

"Then I shall return. Don't let any other person snatch you up. Claw them off if you have to." Aizen half-joked as he walked over to the gathering band.


Ulquiorra watched as his wife enjoyed her cake which she got not to long ago. He looked away from her and watched as the musicians gathered onto the stage. One person that caught his eye was the lone figure who strides towards the stage of musicians with a swagger that could only belong to one with a lot of confidence and charisma. This male was wearing a red dress shirt his chest showing slightly. He was wearing white dress pants and shoes.

But there was something different about this male, he didn't seem to be one of the customers and he certainly wasn't one of the employees. Who was he? The chestnut colored hair male could be the owner, for when he walked over to the musicians they stood at the ready waiting for orders. As he stepped onto the stage, he whispered something to the lead vocalist who nodded his head in eager agreement.

The man walked away but Ulquiorra didn't watch where he was headed. Instead choosing to look at his wife as she spoke to him.

"Ulquiorra can you salsa?" Yes he could Salsa. Yoruichi made sure to teach him, saying a woman loves a man that can dance the dance of intimacy. It was very awkward at first, because he isn't much for physical contact so his hands needed to be guided so much so that he knew where to touch a woman. Some places were only appropriate when Salsa dancing.

"Yes," He answered. Orihime excitedly stood up.

"Excellent because the instruments they are setting up is for that style." Orihime said excitedly as she listened to the beginning of the song that was about to play. Couples were given time to take their spots on the dance floor. Orihime excitedly pulled Ulquiorra up and to the dance floor careful to avoid other couples.

As they took their spot both Orihime and Ulquiorra got in their respective positions. Ulquiorra pulled Orihime so close to him that their chest were touching. He placed his hands on her thigh and the small of her back. Orihime placed her hands on Ulquiorra's broad shoulders. The music to begin their dance would start very soon, and Orihime couldn't wait to see how skilled her husband was.


"I'm flattered by your offer but I already have a partner." Yoruichi tried to explain politely to the stubborn man.

"But he is not with you know and the dance is about to start. He must be a fool to leave a beauty such as yourself without a partner." The man pressed on. Yoruichi sighed lightly, she wished he could just accept no as an answer. She was trying to be polite damnit! Yoruichi smiled a sweet smile as she spoke her next words.

" I promise he will be here before the dance starts. You should go snatch up a more attractive woman than myself, surely any woman here would be lucky to have you as their partner. Please do not waste your precious time on me." Yoruichi said politely. As the man just grinned Yoruichi realized that was probably the wrong thing to say. He held her hand forcibly as he spoke.

"But there is no woman here whose beauty outshines yours." His eyes narrowed slightly. "And I'm am not one to take no for an answer. Come I have settled on you being my partner for this dance." As he tried to tug Yoruichi along he noticed it was actually taking a lot of his strength to pull her along (it wasn't taking Yoruichi a lot). He felt someone grip his wrist roughly halting him in his tracks.

"Yoruichi my dear, I thought I told you to claw them off if you have to." Yoruichi looked away from the hand on her wrist to a calm faced Aizen. It was about time he came. Yoruichi was about to forcible remove this man.

"Yes-" Yoruichi was cut off by the man's voice.

"Who the hell do you think you are to put your hands on me? Do you know who the fuck I am?" He asked angrily.

"Such a nasty mouth you have. I believe I am Sosuke Aizen head chef, manager, and owner of this restaurant. I know exactly who you are as well. You are Enya Wakikami owner of a four star hotel and a quickly growing chain of companies as well. But that was all achieved from your inheritance." The man now known as Enya widened his eyes as he realized who was gripping his wrist, just his luck to have to deal with the owner. Aizen held his wrist tighter in warning causing the man to yelp slightly. He would certainly have bruises in the morning.

"Now please stop harassing my partner. For she has politely declined your offer. Now if I catch you harassing any other person, I will personally escort you out of my restaurant." Though his tone was rather calm, Enya could hear the veiled threat underneath.

"You're not that sexy anyway." Enya looked at Yoruichi and left with a huff and stalked away. Aizen turned to Yoruichi with a slight smirk.

"He's lying, you are very beautiful." Aizen stated.

"Thank you're also the manager and owner as well as head chef. You have a lot on your tray." Yoruichi said pun intended.

"Ah, yes it's quite a bit. But I enjoy a challenge, and hope to make it the greatest restaurant in the world." Aizen declared while leading Yoruichi to the dance floor, taking a spot off to the side he placed his left hand on her exposed thigh and his left in her awaiting hand. His hand was very warm on her thigh, almost hot. It seemed Aizen was going to let her decide the space between them, so Yoruichi moved close enough so that their chest were touching. Aizen seemed to approve.

Yoruichi placed her free hand on his shoulder. Waiting for the music to start. For just a moment Aizen removed his hand from her thigh and snapped his fingers. The sound seemed to echo throughout the room and on command the music revved to life.

Aizen placed his hand back on her thigh as he lead her through dance steps that no mere beginner could do so fluidly. Yoruichi could only grin, this was going to be fun! The music was fast and exciting requiring only the best to be on the dancefloor just to keep up.

On one particular part Aizen dipped Yoruichi and lowered his mouth so that it was near her ear.

"You are an excellent dancer, the second woman ever to match me in skill. I've danced with many women before." He complimented.

"The same could be said about you. Though you are the fourth male to match me in skill." Yoruichi returned the compliment with a grin.

"Is your date one of the four?" Aizen asked with a sexy grin of his own as he lifted her up and resumed their fast paced dancing.

"Yes, the third actually. Hhmm Aizen I don't mean to sound ungrateful but why did you choose to dance with me tonight?" Yoruichi asked curiously as she spun back into his arms. Her back was on his chest as his hands rested on her hips. Aizen brought his rosy pink lips near her ear as he whispered his answer.

"Well I love a woman that enjoys my cooking, and one with a...healthy appetite. Your one of the few woman, who decide to actually eat their entire meal. Most women will avoid eating it all in fear that their date will think their fat and disgusting. Your also the first that has eaten as much as you ate tonight. My mother had your rare appetite. Not to mention I saw you and TensaZangetsu dancing, and wanted to dance with you as well." Aizen confessed. He spun Yoruichi around so that she was facing him.

Aizen pulled her close to his body, and placed his right forearm on her lower back keeping her in place. His left hand rested on her thigh.

"Oh," Was all Yoruichi could say. This man was certainly interesting.

"Now when was the last time you made your boyfriend jealous?" Aizen asked with a meaningful grin.


For Orihime to say she was amazed would be an understatement. She couldn't even find a word to express her surprise and admiration at her husbands dance skills. She could only wonder who taught him this dance. Just thinking about it made her a little angry, because he was so skilled that it only meant he had ALOT of practice. Who the hell had taught him?

He knew exactly where to touch her, all the right lifts, all the advanced holds, and all the most intimate ways to touch her at certain times and placed to be able to get away with it so it didn't look so perverted and touchy but looked like it was meant to be apart of the dance.

Some of his touches made her forget it was just dancing and felt like teasing. Was she getting turned on? Yes. Was she planning on releasing this built up sexual tension? Yes Was she most likely going to ask who taught him to dance like this? You bet your ass she was.

Ulquiorra dipped her down as he bent down as well to whisper in her ear letting his warm breadth skim her ear as he spoke.

"You're getting a little flushed. Do you want to take a break?" He asked. Hell no, she was nowhere near tired and she'd be damned if she didn't dance until her feet hurt.

"" She stuttered slightly. That was fine by him. Ulquiorra ran his hand up and down her thigh gently, Orihime bit her bottom lip choking back a moan. Orihime wrapped her hands around his neck as he lifted them both back up. Ulquiorra let his hands rest on her waist as he guided her through the steps. She was a great dancer, so there was no faltering or stumbling. As he spun around with his wife he thought he saw a head of purple hair.

'No, what would she be doing here?' But he needed to be sure. He guided Orihime to a less crowded area wanting not only to see if that was Yoruichi but to also get some room as well. Ulquiorra searched the crowd for Yoruichi but had no luck in finding her. He'd search again later, right now he just needed to finish this dance with his wife. By time the song was up Orihime had done something completely unexpected. Much to his surprise she had wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

Her lips were soft and inviting causing Ulquiorra to wrap his hands around her and pull her closer to him deepening the kiss unaware to them that they had two pairs of eyes boreing into them at the moment.


TensaZangetsu was watching slightly jealous at Yoruichi dancing with Aizen. Just the way he touched her made TensaZangetsu want to break his hands. Aizen was purposely trying to make him jealous- DID THAT BASTARD JUST KISS HER NECK!? He wasn't even her fucking boyfriend yet this man was getting him riled up. If looks could kill Aizen would be dead a hundred times over. TensaZangetsu felt a vibration in his pocket, pulling it out he noticed he got a text message.

'Bro, where are you?'

Received 11:35

TensaZangetsu pondered what to reply back to his friend. Fuck it, he'd just say what it really was.

'Out with a friend.' TensaZangetsu replied

"Male or female?'

Received 11:36

'Why does it matter'

'Answer the damn question!'


'Like a date!?'

Received 11:37

'Kinda, so what do you need?'

'It's better if you see it for yourself :( So when you're done with your date come by. Also I want a picture of her.'

Received 11:40


TensaZangetsu rolled his eyes and put his phone away. Luckily he and Yoruichi already took pictures. Speaking of which, he searched the crowd for her and that man the song was ending. Wait, did he just see!?

TensaZangetsu did a double take to make sure his eyes weren't deceiving him. Better yet he pulled out his phone, zoomed in to get a better look at her face to make sure it was her. It was!

"Guess she's not all rainbows and sunshines like she wants us to believe." TensaZangetsu quietly hissed. He took a picture of this traitorous bitch and her... boyfriend. In all the times he's ever been pissed in his life, this would be the third. And he had every right to be! Here from his vantage point he could see his best friend's girlfriend locking lips with some guy.

At first he was searching the crowd for Yoruichi and Aizen to make sure that guy wasn't doing anything else inappropriate but then he saw a familiar head of hair. TensaZangetsu got up from his seat, and began walking over to the couple, the next song involved changing partners and he was going to be damned if he didn't have her as his partner to confront her.

As the song began he took some random girl as his partner making sure to stay close to his target.


In Aizens arms she had a clear view of the passionate kiss Ulquiorra and Orihime shared. She felt something tighten in her chest at the sight. Yoruichi could only ask her self Why? She should be happy that Ulquiorra was happy, shouldn't she? That they were attempting to fix their marriage.

But she couldn't be happy. Yoruichi wanted Ulquiorra for herself, she...loved him and wanted to hold the title of his wife. But life was cruel and you didn't always get what you wanted. Yoruichi couldn't help that she was selfish. It's like they say you can't help who you fall in love with. Why couldn't he had fallen in love with her?

That's right, because life's a bitch. Yoruichi looked away from those two and back at Aizen.

"Care to be my partner for one more song? Hopefully I can take your mind off of whatever is troubling you." He asked calmly.

"Yes, I'd like that." Yoruichi stated with a fake smile. She needed to be distracted and currently dancing was the only way she was going to keep herself busy. So as the song started she decided to focus on nothing but Aizen and herself. The song was fast just the way she liked it. Her moves were in sync with his, and Aizen was doing a pretty damn good job at living up to his title as a pleasurable partner.

But alas the dreaded time was coming to switch partners. Yoruichi shuddered slightly as she remembered her previous dance partner. As the music took on a more slower rhythm the time to relinquish ones partner had neared. For a moment longer than necessary Aizen's hands lingered on her thigh and the small of her back, showing his reluctance to let her go.

"Take care now Yoruichi." He stated in her ear as he released her leaving the dance floor. Yoruichi felt two arms encircle her from behind, alarmed she was ready to struggle before a few choice words in her ear stopped her in her tracks.

"Yoruichi I didn't expect to see you here tonight." Why must life hate her so? She arched her neck the best she could so that she could get a better look at her captor. Yup, fate just loved to fuck with her, because standing behind her holding her was none other than Ulquiorra Schiffer.


TensaZangetsu was the first to abandon their partner once it was time to switch. It didn't take long for that guy to get away from her, and TensaZangetsu saw an already approaching male gunning for his target as well. TensaZangetsu tripped him up, and continued on his way. Bastard wasn't going to get her, if he had a say so. TensaZangetsu approached her from behind and whispered into her ear.

"Be my partner Orihime?" Though it sounded more like a demand than a question. Orihime tensed as she recognised the voice. She turned around to make sure it was really who she thought it was. She stared into grey eyes and swallowed a lump that formed in her throat. What was he doing here?

"Of course TensaZangetsu." Orihime stated nervously. TensaZangetsu smiled a not so friendly smile as he placed his hand in her own and on the small of her back. He took one step forward and Orihime mimicked his motion. Orihime strangely felt like she just signed a death contract.

"So Orihime how have you been?" He asked somewhat coldly. Orihime was shocked, this was the first time he's ever spoken to her like this. He was usually always so kind to her. Why was he being so cold?

"I have been fine. What about you?" She asked.

"Oh you know the usual. Training at the dojo, spending time with friends," He narrowed his eyes at her as he finished speaking.

"And catching my best friend who is like a brother to me girlfriend with another man's tongue down her throat. The usual." TensaZangetsu spat. Orihime's eyes widened. How long has he been here? Is he here alone?

"It's not what it looks likes." Orihime tried to explain as he spun her around.

"Oh really because to me it looks like you were kissing another man and enjoying it." TensaZangetsu said. Nothing she could say would change his mind about what she saw.

"I can explain." She tried again.

"Please do." He said pulling her closer to him. Orihime just took a deep breadth and then exhaled. She felt like a mother about to tell her child Santa Claus wasn't real.

"I'm not cheating on Ichigo. That man you saw me kissing is my...husband. Ichigo knows about him." Orihime admitted. TensaZangetsu just stared stunned silent. He was confused.

"I need to talk to Ichigo." He stated looking away. The rest of the dance went by smoothly, that was until he saw something that made him lose all his control. He has had enough of all this cheating and lies!


"The same could be said for you." Yoruichi stated while looking up into green eyes. She maneuvered out of his arms to face him. Her eyes travelled up and down his frame taking in his attire. All the while Ulquiorra did the same to her. She looked absolutely breadth taking in her dress. It suited her perfectly in every way. Though his eyes lingered a little longer on her exposed thigh that was just begging to be touched.

"You look beautiful." Ulquiorra stated honestly. Yoruichi felt a warmth spread within at the compliment but then she remembered why she wanted to avoid him for the night and a slight pain replaced it.

"Ulquiorra look handsome." She stated. Ulquiorra noticed it seemed like she wanted to say something else.

"Will you be my partner?" He asked noticing the music was about to pick its pace back up.

"Yes." Yoruichi took his outstretched hand and let herself be pulled into his body. It was firm and warm. Ulquiorra wrapped his arms around her lower waist pulling her even closer into his body. Yoruichi wrapped her arms around his neck as Ulquiorra moved his left hand to rest on her thigh. He was doing good at remembering what she taught him.

As they danced Yoruichi generally avoided his gaze, and Ulquiorra thought that strange.

"Yoruichi is something wrong?" Ulquiorra asked. She seemed out of it.

"Do you love her?" Yoruichi asked. Ulquiorra knew who she was talking about.

"It's complicated." He replied. Why did it have to be complicated?

"You looked happy kissing her." Yoruichi stated. She saw that! Of all the people Yoruichi was the last he wanted to witness that scene. So that was why she asked if he loved her. Honestly he was on a roller coaster about how he felt about Orihime, the majority of the time he wanted nothing to do with her while sometimes he wanted to believe he could make his marriage work. But one thing he was certain of was that he did love the woman in his arms right now.

"Yoruichi I was happy for that moment. But it may just be for that moment. I don't know when I can feel happy with her again, nor do I know if she'll still continue her affair. One thing I am certain of is that even if it is a rather small amount I do feel some love for her." Yoruichi frowned.

"Then why..."

"Stay? You know the reason why my dear Yoruichi. You know why I stay in this nearly loveless marriage. I believe there will be a time when I can take no more and will finally leave her, a time when she finally pushes me to my limit. Only then will I actually find a woman who will be faithful to me and love me for all my pros and cons." Ulquiorra finished for her while moving a stray strand of hair away from her beautiful face. Yoruichi was that woman that would love him.

But she had to remain that friend whose love was unrequited. Ulquiorra wouldn't divorce his wife, he wouldn't intentionally cheat on her despite her cheating on him, and Yoruichi wasn't so conniving and twisted to break them up. Orihime certainly wasn't going to divorce. What were they to do?

For now all they could do is dance. His touches were fleeting, light, and teasing. His holds and handling were perfected as well. Ulquiorra kept up with her pace nicely and did a good job at leading. He had certainly become a master at this particular dance.

Ulquiorra dipped Yoruichi thanks to her flexibility she could bend back at a nice angle. all the intense dancing Yoruichi was slightly out of breadth and her chest rose and fell with each breadth she took. Her lips were slightly parted as well, and the lip gloss she wore made her lips look more kissable. It didn't help that the dance they just partook in involved so much intimate physical contact.

He danced with two rather beautiful woman tonight and he was honestly slightly turned on. Ulquiorra brought his face dangerously close to hers. Orihime tasted nice, he wondered what Yoruichi would taste like. For a moment time stood still and Yoruichi's heart skipped a beat.

Was he going to? Ulquiorra lowered his face closer too hers so that their lips were only a breadths length apart. He could feel her warm breadth against his lips. He kissed her cheek. At the last possible second with all the strength he had left, he made himself kiss her cheek. He just couldn't kiss her on the lips, it would confuse not only him but her as well. He put some distance between them just as the song was ending.

At the same time Ulquiorra felt a body barrel into his sending them flying. What the hell!? All he could hear was a female scream, and the heavy sound of footsteps. Ulquiorra opened his eyes as he felt his back hit the ground roughly and felt a weight on top of him.

Ulquiorra looked up to see a man with grey eyes, black shoulder length tinted brown hair, and an expression of pure anger on top of him.

"TensaZangetsu!" Was that the name of his assailant? Was that Yoruichi's voice he heard? Ulquiorra felt a fist connect with his cheek. The punch was strong and left him slightly dazed. Ulquiorra saw TensaZangetsu raise his fist ready to strike once more but he also saw Yoruichi rushing through the crowd of people.

"No TensaZangetsu!" Yoruichi latched onto TensaZangetsu's back, her arms wrapped around his frame. It very much looked like a desperate hug, but both males could see it was actually her restraining him.

"TensaZangetsu please stop hurting him." Yoruichi pleaded in the crook of his neck. The fury and anger dissipated as TensaZangetsu realized what he was doing. Wait Yoruichi knew this man.

TensaZangetsu quickly got up off him and turned to Yoruichi, then back to Ulquiorra.

"I'm so sorry." He said while backing away. Yoruichi quickly followed after her friend wanting answers. Ulquiorra felt something stir within him, seeing her walk away with that man. For some reason he felt like she was choosing TensaZangetsu over him. It left him a little furious. Ulquiorra kinda felt like he just got bitched! Like the kid who got beat up by a bully and then the kid's girlfriend went out with the bully.

Orihime had trouble forcing her way through the crowd. But she managed to get through only to see her husband getting off the ground, his cheek swollen slightly. When Orihime had seen TensaZangetsu rush through the crowd at his speed she had been worried. Did he hit Ulquiorra? Orihime ran to her husband's side helping him to stand. Now was time for them to leave.

Everything could be explained once they got home. Orihime hurried to gather all their things and hurriedly left the restaurant with Ulquiorra in tow. The bill had long been paid for. They had to wait a few minutes for their car to be brought to them. But as soon as they got their car Orihime drove them home. Once inside their house Ulquiorra made his way to the guest room and slammed the door shut.

Orihime went to the kitchen to grab an icepack. Despite it being her house as well, Orihime knocked on the door waiting for Ulquiorra to either answer it or open the door. Orihime could hear shuffling before the door was finally opened revealing a slightly undone Ulquiorra. He had discarded his jacket, loosened his tie, unbuttoned of few of his dress shirt buttons, his hair was a little messy and his cheek was taking on a slight purplish hue.

Orihime placed the ice pack on his cheek not even waiting for his approval. Ulquiorra placed his hand over her own that held the ice pack and took it gently.

"I'll be in bed in a few minutes." He stated. Orihime just nodded her head deciding now was not the time to question him. She went to their bedroom and got ready bed. Ulquiorra just closed the guest bedroom door and picked up his cellphone. Should he call her? Should he wait for her to call him? Should he just text her? Ulquiorra didn't know what to do. How did Yoruichi know that man? Why the hell did he attack him?

So many questions yet so little answers. Ulquiorra waited sometime before receiving a text from Yoruichi.

'Are you okay?'

Received at 12:13

'Bruised cheek, and pride. Who was that guy?'

"My friend TensaZangetsu"

Received 12:15 Ulquiorra's eyes narrowed that was the guy that put Yoruichi in the hospital.

'The bastard that put you in the hospital!?'

'Don't refer to him as that... it was an accident.'

Received 12:19 Why the hell was she defending him? Yoruichi could have very well died.

'Why the hell did he attack me?'

'I don't know.,..but he is truly sorry'

Received 12: 21

'Well tell me when you figure it out.' Ulquiorra put his phone away. Ulquiorra just sighed he hoped the swelling went down soon.


Yoruichi just sighed as she threw her phone onto table. She pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration before speaking.

"What the fuck happened tonight!?" She asked her friend who was laying sprawled on her couch.

"It's just that when I saw that guy kissing you, I kinda lost it-" Yoruichi angrily stalked in front of him.

"So that's it? Petty jealousy TensaZangetsu I would expect you of all people to be above that! What did you have to be jealous of, I'm not even your girlfriend-" TensaZangetsu snapped.

"I KNOW THAT YORUICHI! What I did had nothing to do with jealousy! wouldn't understand why I was so angry!" He was breathing hard now as he clenched and unclenched his fist. Yoruichi's eyes showed her anger and rage.

"How the fuck would you know!? You haven't told me anything and I deserve a fucking explanation." Yoruichi spat while angrily throwing her heels into a corner. She had half a mind to throw them at him.

"Why is it so damn important to you Yor-" TensaZangetsu stopped as he saw a picture hanging on the wall behind a fuming Yoruichi. It was of a younger Yoruichi, with a black haired girl with a prosthetic arm, a blonde haired boy whose eyes were shadowed by a green and white bucket hat causing him to look a little sinister, and last but certainly not least a frowning pale skinned boy with ebony hair, green eyes and green tear marks going down his cheek.

"You knew him." Was all TensaZangetsu could say.

"He's one of my best friends." Yoruichi stated. TensaZangetsu just sighed.

"Yoruichi I'm truly sorry. Is he married?" He needed to know how much of the truth Orihime was telling.

"I don't see what that has to do with what happened tonight-" Yoruichi started but was cut off by TensaZangetsu.

"It has a lot to do with it. Please just answer honestly."

"...Yes." Yoruichi finally stated.

TensaZangetsu grabbed his keys.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Yoruichi asked.

"Yoruichi I promise on my mother's grave I'll be back tomorrow to explain everything to you that I can. And for what it's worth I had a good time today with you." TensaZangetsu promised with a smile. He needed answers only one person was going to give them to him and besides he had told his best friend he would stop by anyway. TensaZangetsu closed the front door on his way out leaving a confused and frustrated Yoruichi in his trail.

He hopped into his car and sped away quickly. He cursed to himself that his best friend lived neatly on the other side of town. Once his friends house came into view TensaZangetsu felt relieved. He quickly parked his car and hopped out. TensaZangetsu jogged over to the door and knocked on it... No answer... Hell no! He was getting in this house. He'd just wait for Ichigo if he had too.

TensaZangetsu raised his leg and kicked the door in. He'd pay for that tomorrow. He strolled in casually an was met with the sight of a dumbstruck wtf'd face of his best friend Ichigo Kurosaki.

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"What the fuck! I was coming! You couldn't have waited five more seconds damn it TensaZangetsu! Do you know how much that ... Hey what's wrong?" Ichigo asked his irritated friend.

"We need to talk." TensaZangetsu stated.