Basically, there have been a few reviews since I finished the story, and I wanted to reply to them:

LibzJackson: Hi again! Thanks for all the reviews, and I'll bear that grammar correction in mind :D:D (::( )::)

Guest: Guess I didn't think the name Rhexia through..

Guest: Thanks for the encouraging comment of 'Urgh...'

ElsaElphieGinny: All valid points, I wrote that story over a year ago when I was first starting to write FanFic, so it's definitely not the best I've ever written. I know it's annoying when an OC wins now, but didn't at the time. Plus this is kinda where I learnt to write, so it was a first attempt (I didn't actually know much about developing characters back then - well, I actually still don't, but I'm trying to get better!)
Thanks for being so honest though :D