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It wasn't school hours, but everyone room room 203 was waiting outside the school for Ms. G to tell them the news.

Her car pulled up to the curb, and she walked over to the group. "Hey, there goes Ms. G" Jamal said. "Hey, there goes Ms. G!" he said louder, to the people further away from him.

Everyone stood, anxiously awaiting her news. Ms. G stopped in front of the group. 'What happened?" Ben asked her. "Are we gonna be together for junior year?" Eva asked.

"No" Ms. G said solemnly. Dozens of shoulders slumped. Then, Ms. G smiled. "We're going to be together junior and senior year."

Everyone cheered, the guys obviously the loudest. Andre whooped and lifted Madison high to the sky, running around as she giggled. The other's followed him for a while. Then he handed Madison to Eva and grabbed Paige. She shrieked in surprised, but was silenced by a victorious kiss.

Many Freedom Writers were the first in their families to graduate high school and go to college.

Following some of her students, Ms. G left Wilson to teach at California State University, Long Beach.

"The Freedom Writers Diary" was published in 1999.

Erin Gruwell and the Freedom Writers started the Freedom Writers Foundation dedicated to recreating the success of room 203 in classrooms throughout the country.

Andre went to college. Paige didn't. After graduating from California State, Andre proposed to Paige. Madison was the flower girl. Jamal walked her down the aisle. Ms. G stood in for Paige's mother. Eva was the Maid of Honor.

And They All Lived.