Hi, *nervously peaking out from behind sofa* I am posting this, my first Hawaii Five 0 story and I am dead nervous. It was the amazing writing in this fandom that turned me from causal viewer to full blown obsessed fangirl. I am not really worthy to join, but this story has kinda written itself.

The opening popped into my head and I was going to write it as a one shot, but then the muses wanted to know why Steve would behave like this and the obvious answer was 3x20. And so this has morphed into about 6 chapters that I suppose count as missing scenes to the excellent episode Olela Pa'a.

I do not own them, and my therapist is certain I will learn to live with that.

Probably very mild spoilers up to and including 3x20 and it is only me, no beta so there ya go! While there is some very good slash writing out there which I enjoy, for me it is all about the bromance.

"Yes, Daniel. Yes. It is classified." Steven McGarrett's voice was cold as ice.

The detective looked up surprised as he had not seen his partner standing there. He had been in the middle of a rant about the classified nature of their current murder victims file when Steve had flung open his office door. Danny looked at the tight set of his friend's jaw and his closed body language and raised a hand in mute apology. Behind Steve, Catherine stood frozen at his office door, her eyes wary, her face surprised. She put a hand gently on his bicep but he shrugged her off.

"Babe, I didn't mean..." Danny broke off under Steve's glare.

"No, Daniel, of course you meant it. Because you live in this world that you think would be perfect if people did what you wanted!" He moved further into the room, uncharacteristically animated, his words like knives. "But do you know what, you do not get to decide what information is public knowledge and what is to be guarded under a need to know basis."

Kono and Chin both shifted uncomfortably. Kono took a step closer to Danny her hands also slightly raised, alarmed by her boss' sudden and unexpected anger.

"It is classified, Daniel," the full name once more cutting into Danny. "It is classified because people who operate above your pay grade decided that it had to be. People with the full picture, beyond your small world view. People who see what needs to be done to keep the balance of power on a global scale. People who see what has to be done to keep you and the rest of the world, safe."

He was on a roll now, anger pulsing off him in waves, "They give the orders and they are passed down and men like our dead lieutenant do what has to be done, what needs to be done..." he paused here, rubbing a hand over his face. The intense anger disappearing as quickly as it had flared up. Suddenly he looked exhausted, haggard even. Catherine took two steps across the room her lip clamped between her teeth. She was clearly as at a loss as the others. She reached out towards him again, but stopped short.

Steve continued, his voice suddenly quiet, "You do not need to know what those things are...hell you do not want to know. You sure as hell wouldn't sleep so soundly in that flea pit of an apartment you call home."

"Steve?" Danny's plea was soft the distress at his friend's disturbing outburst.

He whirled on him, "Don't Danny. You have no idea what men like Mason have done for their country..." what I have done... remained a deafening unspoken whisper in the room around the others who stood in absolute shock.

"It's not related to his service record. It isn't about what is and isn't classified. So maybe you could stop running off at the mouth about things you do not understand and focus on finding out what happened. I think I will work from home the rest of the day. You can call me if you find anything." Without a backwards glance he turned on his heels and left the office.

As if released from a spell, Catherine, looked dazedly around at the team, "I'm sorry...he just...I better.." and at that she turned and followed Steve from the room.

"What the hell just happened?!" Danny was still staring speechless after the retreating figure of the normally super cool Steve. The three remaining team members momentarily paralysed with shock.

"They stopping making his favourite grenades or something?" Kono tried to lighten the mood, the words sounding hollow even in her own ears.

"What did Catherine need to see him about?"

"No idea, Brah. I didn't even see her come in! She looked upset too..." Kono bit nervously on her lower lip.

"Lover's tiff?" Danny asked the air.

Chin raised his eyebrows. "Nah, he was pleased to see her when she came in, I saw him. ..you know that goofy smile...she was looking all biz though...plus it was you he was mad at..."

Kono bit her lip a little harder, "I think there was a call from Joe this morning..."

Danny swore loudly, "Even better, cos Joe messing in his life always works out just great for all involved. Was Cath here 'being Navy?'" he began to pace running a hand through his hair.

"She did have an envelope with her that she gave him, I wasn't really paying attention," Chin wracked his brain for details.

Kono moved closer to him, "Do you think he's being deployed" she asked fearfully.

None of the three friends spoke for a moment.

"Nah..." Danny ran a hand through his hair. "and if he was, he wouldn't flip out about it..."

Again silence filled the room.

"Maybe I should..." Danny started toward the door. Chin reached across to place a hand on his arm, "Whatever that was, Danny, Maybe you should let him cool off. I don't for one second think his anger was really directed at you, but maybe best wait. Catherine is with him, she knows how to handle him. You know he'll talk to you when he's ready..."

Danny said nothing, just stood looking at the door that his best friend had literally stormed out minutes before wondering what fresh hell was upon them.

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