After fleeing the trailer of terror that was home to that twisted woman with the shovel and her equally as warped son, Randall Boggs ran down a trail amidst the Louisiana swamp that he hoped led to civilization; a salvation away from the two in the swamp, and eventually to a way back home. It was just by luck that he had managed to take the right direction and after a while of running, then walking, he found himself on the edge of a small town.

It was still night so there was no need for Randall's cloaking ability, he merely had to stick to the shadows and stay light on his feet. He soon found sanctuary in the high branches of a tall tree in a random back yard. He curled into a ball and clutched the branch, ignoring the pain from the wounds the woman had given him, immediately falling into a deep slumber.

He awoke sooner than he had planned to the next day. His substitute alarm clock came from the sound of some type of motor. Opening his eyes, he looked down to find a man with a motorized hedge clipper at the bottom of the tree. The man had not noticed him yet but he did not want to press his luck. Randall waited until the man's back was turned before running past him and to the only hiding place he saw available at the moment, an open car door. A man in a business suit was unconsciously holding the door open as he spoke into his mobile phone, he had just put his bags inside. His back was turned to his car so Randall wasted no more time and ran in, past the oblivious man.

Randall ducked down under the seat as much as possible, praying that the man would continue not to notice. What felt to Randall like an eternity later, the man finally noticed that he was still standing with the door open and pushed it closed. Walking over to the driver's side and getting in, his phone never leaving his ear even as he started to drive.

For Randall this was good, the phone would keep him distracted as unzipped the man's suitcase and carefully removed all of the items inside. As the man took an empty, country road, Randall rolled down the windows (which luckily were the type that you physically had to roll down) and threw the clothes all over the road. Then as quietly as possible he curled himself up to fit into the bag and zipped it back up.

When they arrived at the airport Randall didn't realize that the humans would be scanning the bags that they brought with them. Cursing, he waited until the bag was in the machine before unzipping the case, peeking his head out, blending and then making a run for it out of the machine. He stayed 'invisible' for as long as he could, waiting for the bag to pass through, and then dove into the still unzipped bag. He just hoped that no one saw the bag "magically" zip itself back up again.

He was able to stay undetected as the baggage made it onto the plane. As soon as everything was loaded and the door was closed, Randall unzipped the bag and slithered out, stretching. He decided to coil on top of the bag and sleep for as much of the almost ten hour ride as possible.

When the plane finally landed Randall once again was hidden in the bag where he would stay throughout the entire baggage claim. When the luggage needed to be scanned once again, Randall managed to successfully pull the same trick off twice, and safely made it back to the unsuspecting business man.

The man took a cab to a local hotel, nothing five star, but Randall hadn't been planning to stay for long anyway. The man took the bag up to the room and placed it on the bed.

Randall was ready to spring out and scare the man as soon as the bag was unzipped, but luck happened to be on the reptile's side as the man decided that his first task would be to go fill the ice bucket instead of putting his clothes away. As soon as the door closed Randall unzipped the bag, jumped out, and made a dash for the door.

Seeing no cameras he decided not to blend, not wanting to waste any more energy than he had to. Slowly he crept down the hall, locating an elevator (not wanting to risk activating a fire alarm should he try to take the stairs) and making his way down, passed the lobby and into the parking garage. Neatly, he slipped out of the building entirely and into the night.

It was a cool night, around the start of summer so he knew that sleeping outside would be alright for a while. The hotel wasn't far from a small town, so there were plenty of back yards to sleep in, or benches to sleep on. He could also manage to steal a little food from the cookie cutter, little houses that seemed to make up the entire area.

He was hungry and tired, too tired to try stealing food tonight, but there was always tomorrow. For now, he made himself comfy on a random bench that he found in a secluded park. It was only about eight o'clock at night, so it was odd to see no children running about, but he wasn't about to complain.

Over the next few days Randall would move from place to place, looking for his best chance to infiltrate a nearby house and raid its pantry so he could eat that day.

But all was not going as well as he had hoped. His still present wounds from that woman had yet to be treated properly, and he was not eating enough a day, or sleeping long enough - getting to sleep late and waking early in order to avoid any humans - so he had little strength to go on. He was strong enough to continue the routine day after day, but not enough to do so and fight off any infections or illnesses.

He was gradually slowing down whether he realized it or not. After several days, he knew that he needed some place that he could just stay and rest for the entire day without having to blend.

He decided on an area near a playground that was more forest-like, where parents of small children forbid them to go for fear of their safety. It was out of sight and hidden by groups of large trees and tall grass.

He constructed his own grass bed and settled down into it. He needed to fight off these infections and hoped that resting would accomplish that. He closed his eyes and fell into dreamless sleep.

Randall knew that normal children didn't step foot into this area, as long as they weren't teenagers doing something idiotic with their friends anyway. But for anyone under the age of about thirteen, they should know not to step into an area like this.

However, Randall did not take into account the idea that a child may be brave enough, or desperate enough, to use this as a hiding spot from bullies. So on that day that a black haired, green eyed boy with glasses stumbled into Randall's secluded little area, remaining quiet as to not alert others to his presence, Randall wasn't sure how he was going to scare him away.

He may have been one of the best scarers, but in the state he was in he didn't know how effective it would be. He wasn't even sure he could move at this point. He had become so numb after a while because if he moved the pain was unbearable.

He managed to assess himself at some point: the shovel to the head had given him a small crack that had luckily stopped bleeding the first night, a mild concussion, one of his arms was broken - he wasn't even sure at what point that happened - and he was littered with bruises and open cuts, many of which were swelling.

He was afraid of infection but knew that he couldn't go anywhere to get treated. He could only lay there and hope for the best.

Finally, the child in question turned around and spotted him; he had been looking out through the trees, trying to see if his tormentor had left. The boy did not scream once he gained sight of the monster, he only gasped. Randall had hoped that the boy had seen enough to frighten him and would leave. But instead the boy stared openly at Randall, shock and worry shown in his eyes.

Randall lifted his upper body up with as much strength as he could and growled at the boy. The boy took a timid step back but didn't leave. Now the boy's eyes sparked with determination.

"You're hurt," the boy said softly.

Randall wondered whether this kid knew that he could understand him or not. He decided to answer and see how the boy reacts.

"I know," Randall said hoarsely.

The boy took in a breath. "You can understand me?"

"Yes," the monster growled. "I happen to be a highly intelligent being."

"I'm sorry," the boy apologized. "I didn't know..."

Randall 'humphed'. He was waiting for the boy to hop up and run away screaming, but even after a full minute it never came.

When Randall was about to ask the kid what he was still doing here, the boy spoke.

"Will you be here again, tomorrow?"

Randall shook off his surprise and glared. "What's it to you?"

"Well, you're probably hungry. I can sneak you some food tomorrow, if you're here." He said.

Randall was skeptical but sighed and grunted "Sure, kid" to appease the boy.

The boy smiled and said that he had to go but promised to be back tomorrow. Randall watched him go and mentally prepared himself to relocate in the morning. Even if the idea of food sounded good, he couldn't risk the kid exposing him.

The next day the boy came back as promised. He went to the forest-like area but the reptile was already gone. The child sighed. He had had a feeling that the creature wouldn't trust him. Still, he had looked really hurt and couldn't have gotten far.

The boy searched for fifteen minutes, sticking to the park area since there were many places to hide. It was currently the middle of the day and even though it was the weekend many deemed it 'too hot' to be outside, so the playground was pretty much abandoned. He decided to search there next.

It was finally under a slide that he found the monster.

"There you are. I was looking everywhere for you." The boy said.

Randall only groaned. It had hurt too much to get very far. He had hoped that the boy would have thought that he imagined the entire thing yesterday once he realized that he wasn't there.

The monster sighed, happy that at least the boy apparently knew to keep this a secret and not tell any of his friends or family.

The boy opened up a brown bag that he had with him and took out an apple, a piece of white bread, an almost empty jar of peanut butter, and a small box of apple juice. It wasn't much, but considering the fact that Randall hadn't eaten in a while, he didn't care. His stomach rumbled as he looked at the food.

The boy smiled and passed everything to the reptile, who weakly sat up as much as he could and began to eat.

"If you stay again tomorrow, I can bring some bandages and rubbing alcohol." He said simply.

Against Randall's better judgement he decided to stay, just to see if the boy really would bring the bandages as he said. Actually, yesterday, said boy helped get Randall back into his previous secluded area of the park after it was clear that he didn't need to continue to hide from the boy for the rest of the day.

Once again, the boy came back the next day with the items that he said he would. He came back much later since it was a weekday and school was still in session, but he came back none-the-less. He even helped Randall apply the alcohol and bandages after Randall ran out of the energy to do it himself.

He had also brought another box of juice and a small ham and cheese sandwich, and admitted to eating the banana that was originally a part of it because this was his school lunch and he didn't get to have breakfast that day.

Randall normally would have retorted something along the lines of 'You eat at least three times a day, you could have spared the banana too', but he wasn't stupid. He had noticed that the boy was very thin and looked lucky to get one meal a day, let alone three. So Boggs had kept quiet.

Once again the boy came back the next day with a tiny bit of food. It was clear to both that the boy would continue to bring food and/or bandages, and Randall would continue to stay. Noting this, the boy decided to introduce himself.

"I'd like to know your name," the boy said as he stuck out a hand. "I'm Harry Potter."

Randall looked at him. He really didn't want to introduce himself, but even more he didn't want the kid to stop bringing him food, so he dryly stuck out a hand and introduced himself as well.

"Randall Boggs."

It was an awkward silence after that, but no matter how much Harry wanted to, he didn't ask Randall anything for he knew that the monster didn't really want to talk. Eventually though, the silence got too thick even for Randall, so he sighed and decided to break it.

"So how old are you anyway, kid?" He asked.

Harry looked surprised, but answered. "Ten. I'll be eleven next month though."

Not as young as Randall thought he might have been, a definite sign of malnourishment, but Randall kept away from topics like that. He hated when people tried to talk about it with him, so he didn't want to do it with this kid.

"How old are you?" Harry asked.

"I'm twenty five," Randall replied.

"Really?" Harry asked curiously.

Randall gave him a questioning look, "How old did you think I was?"

Harry shrugged. "I mean, I knew you were an adult but I didn't think of an exact age. It's interesting..."

"Because I'm not human?" Randall asked, trying to finish the sentence.

Harry nodded.

"Can I ask you something?" Harry said after a pause.

"I guess." The monster replied.

"Well, what exactly are you? You're not human, and I've never seen anything like you before." Harry wasn't sure how to word it.

Randall sighed and tried to think of a way to start. "Did you, did you ever have a monster in your closet when you were younger?"

Harry looked awkward at that. "Um, actually I never had a closet... I still don't."

Randall raised a non-existent eyebrow.

"I l-live with my aunt, uncle and cousin. They don't like me very much, so they converted the cupboard under the stairs to be my room."

"You couldn't have shared one with your cousin?" Randall asked.

Harry shook his head. "No. He has two bedrooms, actually. One where he sleeps and another for all of the toys and stuff that he doesn't play with."

Great, just great. I walked into territory that I didn't even want to step close to. The reptile thought to himself. Now both looked uncomfortable.

"So, anyway," Harry broke the silence. "I have heard of kids saying that they had a monster in their closet."

Randall breathed a sigh of relief, they were back on track. "Alright, I'll tell you right now: those monsters are real, and I'm one of them."

Harry's eyes widened. "Why? And what are you doing out here, then?"

"I'll assume the 'why' is 'why do we scare children'?" Randall said, and Harry nodded. "Okay, let me ask. How do you humans power your homes, appliances, and all of that?"

"Electricity," Harry replied simply.

"Well, in the world I'm from we don't use electricity to power things. We use scream energy - energy gained by collecting the screams of children. That is why we scare, it runs our entire world."

Harry mumbled an 'oh'. "Your entire world isn't located in kids' closets, is it?"

Randall rolled his eyes. "No. We enter into the human world through closets, but our world isn't in them. It's probably in another dimension, honestly."

"That's just... wow." Harry grinned.

Randall nodded. "Yeah."

"So, why are you here then?" Harry asked.

Randall sighed. "It's a long story." He brought a hand up to his forehead and rubbed it. "I did something 'really bad'. I knew it was bad, but if it had succeeded then I would have gotten everything I've ever wanted. I'm just going to leave it at that, no details. But anyway, these two guys, my rivals actually, got in the way and illegally banished me here; not that it matters, they may have decided to banish me here if I had gone through court anyway."

Harry frowned. "It still wasn't right for them to do that, even if you did deserve it."

Randall shrugged. He did want revenge. He wasn't sure how he'd achieve it yet, but he would get back and he would do it.

"Did you kill someone?"

The question snapped Randall from his thoughts. "What?"

"I said, 'did you kill someone'. Is that the bad thing you did?" Harry asked.

Randall laughed bitterly. "Almost. But no, that wasn't it. In fact, it wouldn't have killed anyone. It was just not Right..."

He couldn't explain it. He didn't want to explain it. The boy was already probably scared of him now.

The kid is never gonna come back now. At least I got in a few days rest and food.

"I won't stop helping you." Harry said suddenly.

Randall looked at him with confusion.

"You need help, so I'm still going to help you. Besides, everyone has done something bad before. Me too... I-I'm not supposed to take food from my family. They say that it's stealing from them. But, sometimes I need to. Like now, too." He explained sheepishly.

"And even more than that," he continued. "If someone ever told me that by doing something really bad that I wouldn't have to stay here anymore, and I could go live with someone who cared about me, well, I don't know if I'd be able to say no."

Randall wasn't sure what to make of this kid, Harry Potter.

AN: How has there never been a cross over of Monsters Inc and Harry Potter. I mean, Harry Potter can cross with a lot of things, and make a Great fic. If people can successfully cross it with things like The Avengers, then this could be done too. :3

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