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A few questions:

Are you being bullied?

Are you nervous that you are a bully?

Do you need ideas on how to stop bullying?

Do you need someone to talk to that's been where you've been? (I've been bullied every day for four years)

Do you have a question about what to do next?

Or anything that's important to YOU? (Sexuality issues, family issues, drug issues...anything, really)

There's an ask. fm account for you. You can ask questions anonymously if you need advice. The URL is on my profile, but it's also: ask. fm /BullyingHotline (no spaces), and it's run by me and xx-onwednesdayswewearpink-xx.

Spread the word!

Peace out!


PS: swagmasterlol-thanks for the idea! I'll talk to xx-onwednesdayswewearpink-xx. :)