Fate Bring Us Together
By: MusicMusicMusic and IfSacrificesWereEasy

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Previously (Chapter 1)

Interrupting my thoughts, the teacher finally said, "Ok Class! Since today is your first day of college, you may consider today as a free period. You can explore the campus, meet some friends, or even stay here and practice if you'd like."

Hmm... I guess a little practice wouldn't hurt.
As I walked to a punching dummy, I accidentally tripped into someone... it was Jack!

Chapter 2


"No no no, Kim. You're probably just imagining things. Just...run away before he thinks you're some crazy person on top of him!" My conscience said.

"I'm SO sorry! Well, gotta go, bye!" I spurted out, not making eye contact to the boy I fell on.

As I ran out the door, I looked around. Hmmm... I guess I should find my dorm... As I pulled out my information paper, I had to look for Estrum Hall, Room 815 (The name is made up, but if it really does exist, sorry!), and my roommate's name is Mika Gregory (Gregory is the last name of the actress who portrays Mika)...

"Room 813, 814, yay! 815!" I exclaimed to myself.

"Hi! You must be Kim," Mika greeted.

"Yup! And you're Mika?" I replied.

"Yes-sur-ee! What are you here for? I'm here for the dancing program."

"Cool; I'm here for martial arts..I'm a second degree black-belt," I answered proudly.

"No way! Follow me; there's a guy you need to meet!" Mika exclaimed, pulling me playfully by the arm.

"Mika, thanks for trying to meddle with my love life, but-"

"But what? Are you dating someone?"


"Then c'mon!" She interrupted, pulling me again.

As I got pulled outside the girls dorms and into the lounge, I saw a cute guy, with shaggy brown hair.

"Kim, this is Brody, he's a second-degree black belt. Brody, this is Kim, who's also a second-degree black belt...Toodles!" Mika said, running away.

"So...you're a black belt?" Brody asked.

"Mooo? I mean, yes! Yeah, totally! Go black-belts!" I spit out anxiously.

"Soo...would you like to go out to dinner tonight?" Brody asked nervously.

"I'd love that!" I said cheerily.

"Pick ya up at eight; later," He said cooly. Meanwhile, I was as desperate as a monster looking for love... -sigh-..

Jack POV

After getting myself together, I saw DONNA TOBIN! As in, hot Donna Tobin from high school!

"Donna," I greeted nervously.

"Hi Jack! What are you doing here in this...place with weird carpeting?"

"Well, first of all, it's called a dojo. Second of all, I go to school here," I said. Why else would I be here?

"Oh. I'm only here because my daddy owns this school, and said I have to see all the lame buildings," Donna whined.

"Oh...well, what if we go to dinner and you can tell me more?"

"GREAT! Later Jackyyy. Meet me at my stupid dorm, room 816 at eight! Toodles!" Donna exclaimed.

After all my classes and dinner ended, I checked the time; 7:00?! I have to get ready for my date!

"Mika! I'm going on a date with Brody! HELP!" I yelled anxiously.

"OK. Do you have any cute dresses or outfits?" Mika said calmly.

"No! And how are you so calm?!"

"Kim, calm down. You can borrow one of my outfits. Trust me; I can make you look GREAT," She replied, emphasizing on the word 'great' as she rummaged through her closet.

"Meanwhile, get out your make-up...I have an idea," Mika finished.

(Time Skip-7:45)

"Wow, Mika. I can't thank you enough," I said, hugging her.

"No problem! Now, look in the mirror!" she said proudly.

WOW. I look great! I had black leggings, a yellow frilly tank, a colorful scarf, and the normal random bracelets I always wear. (Website: tiny url KclothesScarf (minus spaces)

"You look... wow. Ready to go? I set up a reservation for Clantev's," Brody said.

Jack POV
As I made my way to Donna's dorm, I knocked on the door.

"One second!" Donna said.

"Hi Donna! You look...good," I lied. She had a short pink mini-skirt, a TIGHT striped pink and white tank top, and pink high heels... Way to be casual...(Note the sarcasm)

"So, Donna... I set up a reservation for Clantev's. We were lucky, there was one spot left, and I set it up right after someone else called," I said, grabbing her hand.

As we were ushered to our table, I was quite a gentlemen as I pulled out Donna's chair, and she was kind enough to not smile or say 'thanks' (Note the sarcasm)...Great...casual and nice...

"So, Donna. What do you like to do in your free time?" I asked, breaking the awkward silence.

"Shopping! Duh! Tomorrow I'm going to the mall; would you come with me?" she squealed.

"Uh," I stuttered, looking for an excuse, "I have class."

"Hello; welcome to Clantev's. My name is Rudy and I will be your waiter. Would you care for some refreshments?"

"Water, please," I replied politely.

"Donna, are you going to say what you want to drink?" I mumbled quietly.

"Jacky, you're the guy! The guy always orders for the girl!" Donna pouted. I smiled to myself; if I ever ordered for Kim, she'd-

"Jack! Tell Rudy what I would like to drink!"

"Uh..sorry. She'll have...coke?"I said, hoping she'd be pleased with my decision.

"So, anyway, Jacky. I thought tomorrow, AFTER your classes, we could go shopping! First we can go buy some purses, then we can go shopping for jewelry, and then we can go shopping for shoes, and then-"

"Donna, I'd LOVE to hear about what we're going shopping tomorrow for, but...I haave to go to the men's room," I lied instead of saying 'Shut it woman! I get it! Tomorrow we're going shopping!'

As Brody went on and on about himself, I was ready to take out my eyes and stab them with my butter knife.

"Kim! Are you listening?"

"Uh..Actually, I have to...pee! I mean, I have to go to the bathroom! Bye!" I yelled, running out as fast as I could.

Walking into the restroom, I walked up to the mirror and fixed my makeup and made sure my clothes still looked semi-decent. After checking myself over one last time, I finally decided that it was OK to go back into the torture chamber. Little did I know that as I continued to think about my horrible date, I ran into someone...

Uh-oh...The shaggy brown hair and dark brown eyes doesn't belong to Brody...

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