Lisa Wakes

by Gracefultree

A/N: Welcome to the third installment in my "Wakes"-verse. It begins before 'Ianto Wakes' and 'Jack Wakes,' but it will take us through a part of 'Jack Wakes' that will answer some very important questions. Also, this first chapter is in a slightly different style than the ones that follow. I was experimenting a little with this one.

Enjoy, and please let me know what you think.



Pain. All she knows is pain. Pain and burning and molten lava filling her veins.

She screams.

More pain. Her flesh ripped. Her bones broken. Her limbs replaced by cold metal.

Loneliness. She is alone. No one can save her. No one can help her. No one can understand her.

All she knows is pain. She becomes a connoisseur. A connoisseur of pain.

Pain in her head. Pain in her chest. Pain in her arms and legs and hand and feet. Pain in her heart.

She opens her eyes. Fire. Death. Screaming that is not her own. Screaming that is hers and hers alone.

Above her, the sounds of her boyfriend sobbing. He is crying for her, for him, for all they have lost. He begs her to hold on, to stay alive. He can't live without her, he says. Why does it take this much pain for him to say it? Why has he never said it before?

He is carrying her, dragging her along corridors of fire and death. She is heavy, heavier than she has ever been. Metal encases most of her body, and it creates pain. Her foot bumps against a door frame and she screams.

All she knows is pain. Pain and the soothing touch of his tears of her cheeks.

Darkness encroaches. Her vision dims.

Please hold on, Lisa, he begs.


Her name. She is Lisa. Lisa Hallett.

But who is he?

Ianto. Ianto Jones. Her boyfriend. He's going to ask her to marry him soon. She snooped in his nightstand and saw the ring, and has been waiting ever since for the question.

Data streams into her brain, bringing a new kind of pain. Humans were not meant to have cybernetic implants in their brains. But she is Human.2! She will adapt and survive. She will rebuild the army and conquer the planet that has caused so much trouble for her race.

Ianto brings her to a stolen truck. He locks her inside while he searches for materials. She has given him a list. He will help her. He will rebuild her, and thus be the first to be upgraded to the new society. It will be an honor for him. He will be by her side forever.

Pain. The truck ride is bumpy, each jolt of the poorly-aligned shocks sending bolts of pain throughout her body. She tries to keep from screaming. She knows that he is running, taking her to a safer place. No one will look for them there.

The data stream tells her that all of her kind have been sucked back into the Void or killed. Ianto is one of 27 known survivors of the disaster. She, herself, is listed as missing and presumed dead.

How little they know.

Even with the pain, she knows they will suffer for letting her life. She will destroy them all.

But then the pain becomes too much and she faints.

She wakes to more pain. To the smell of mold and the sound of an empty warehouse sitting in the rain. One of the windows is open, leaking in water. Ianto has built the unit she requires to stay alive. He has put her in it and given her medicine that dull the pain to a soft roar. It is not enough to make it go away entirely.

He has to go to London, get some clothes. He means to get a job, one that will give him the resources to "make her better." She does not tell him that this means completing her conversion. She knows, even through the pain, that he would disapprove of that plan.

He returns, gives her more medication.

How will he get the job? she asks. No one would hire him, knowing that he worked for Torchwood. He is hoping to work for Torchwood again, a different branch. She searches the database, finds what she needs.

I will alter your records, she tells him. I will make you a more appropriate candidate.

She hides his school records. She deletes his psychiatric records. She makes him look average. She forgets that Torchwood Cardiff has access to his Torchwood London profile.

She is still human, after all. Sort of.

Ianto returns from meeting the director of Torchwood Cardiff, and she discovers that she is still very much human in one particular way. She is jealous. Jealous of his time with this man. Jealous that he called the man good-looking. Jealous that he intends to offer himself to the man to get the job.

Ianto should want only her. He should need only her.

Ianto needs her help stalking the director. Ianto has stopped calling him 'the director' and started calling him 'the captain.'

When he returns the following day, he calls the captain 'Jack.'

She learns a new kind of pain. Heartbreak. Her boyfriend is having sex with someone else in order to help her. She doesn't understand it, and doesn't like it, but she doesn't tell him, either, because she needs to get into the base to use their technology. She needs their technology to finish her upgrade.

It takes him over two weeks to get the job. He visits her every day, and though he doesn't mention Jack often, she knows they are still having sex. She can see it in the languidness of his muscles. Hear it in the gentleness in his voice on the rare occasions he does mention Jack.

He comes to her in the middle of the night. He has been crying. He hasn't taken the time to shower. He tells her that he starts the job in the morning, and that he won't be having sex with Jack again. He just did it for her, he tells her, and begs her to believe him.

For a week he comes to visit her from work, and she disguises his movements for him. He no longer smells of sex and fresh shampoo. He refuses to mention Jack. He cries as if his heart were broken as he holds her mangled hand in his.

I'll get you into the base tomorrow, he promises.

She drifts on pain and painkillers.