Lisa Wakes - Chapter 10

by Gracefultree

A/N: Here we are at the final chapter of this story. Thank you everyone for reading and enjoying and commenting. Look ahead for 'Suzie Wakes' and then the sequel, 'Waking to Live,' which takes place after Ianto figures out that Jack is Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood.



Owen crept back into the main Hub, his mind plagued with guilt, shame and grief, mixed with a huge amount of fear and terror. He truly didn't want to do what he was about to do, but Suzie wasn't giving him a choice. He couldn't risk talking to Jack now, not until Ianto was safely out of the picture and Suzie calm again. He needed that moment of calm, when she was convinced he was under her thumb after his earlier outburst, otherwise the consequences would be devastating. At least she didn't want Ianto dead, he reminded himself. That was a small mercy.

Suzie was cracking, he decided. She was becoming more erratic, more wild, more dangerous. Her idea of what their 'date' would consist of disgusted him, terrified him, but he knew he'd go through with it. He had to go through with it, otherwise... he refused to think of the consequences, lest they happen.

"Tosh, I'm so sorry," he whispered, right before he used the stun gun on her. She didn't even know he'd been behind her. He grabbed her as she fell forward, lowering her to rest her head on her workstation. He quickly administered the dose of retcon-23 Suzie required. 12 hours. Not so bad, he thought. Only half a day. She might not even notice.

Of course she'll notice, Owen thought. She's Tosh. Strong, beautiful, smart Tosh, who had such an obvious crush on me. She deserves better. She deserves someone who would stand up to being blackmailed. She deserves someone who wouldn't let his past dictate his future, who wouldn't get caught up in Suzie's insanity.

Looking around, he saw that Ianto was ready to come over, with coffee already on his tray. He hid the gun behind his back.

"Everything OK here, Owen?" Ianto asked, coming up beside them. "Tosh?"

"Oh, yeah, she, um, she was really tired. Looks like she fell asleep before you could get her the coffee, yeah?" Owen babbled.

Before Ianto could notice the burn mark on Tosh's blouse from the gun, Owen jabbed the young man with the stun gun. Ianto dropped the tray, coffee and mugs falling along with him, one of them shattering. Jack's favorite blue and white stripped one, Owen noticed with the detached part of his mind that could notice anything other than his own pain and guilt and fear. Owen rushed to catch Ianto before he hit his head. Once he was assured Ianto wasn't injured, he took a long look at his face. Suzie came up behind him, from having dropped Tanizaki's body in the morgue, watching as he measured the dose of retcon and administered it.

"Grab his feet, will you? I can't carry him to my car by myself." Owen asked, knowing he was risking his life by taking Ianto to London without deleting the CCTV footage, but hoping against hope that Jack would find it before Suzie did. Tosh had mentioned offhand the day before that she'd installed a camera in the basement room with the conversion unit, so Jack would be able to see Suzie threatening him. With any luck, something Owen had never had much of in his life, Jack would forgive him. Or at least not kill him, he amended. With a grunt, Suzie agreed, and together they carried Ianto to the underground garage. As a precaution, they secured his hands and feet in weevil clamps and shoved a gag in his mouth in case he woke up during the drive.

"All set?" she asked.

"All set," he answered. "I'll leave him in his flat and come right back."

"Good boy," Suzie said, leaning in the window of the car to kiss him. Owen went along with it, knowing the game and how much worse it could get if he didn't. He sent a silent apology to Tosh, to Jack and Ianto, to all those people Suzie was threatening on account of him, who didn't even know there was a threat out there, all because he was being forced into this situation. He closed his window and started driving.

"Well, mate, I hope this stuff doesn't work as well as it's supposed to," he said to the unconscious man in the next seat. "Then again, you'll probably be happier away from Torchwood, won't you? No more aliens, no more fending off Jack." He glanced out the window. "No, you won't be happier. Who am I kidding? Even someone like me can tell you're head over heels for Jack." Owen sighed. "Jack'll be a total bear. With any luck, she'll retcon me, too, so I don't have to remember my part in all this. Knowing her, though... Shit, she'll be holding this over me for years. You're a lucky bastard that all she wanted was you out of the way."



"Where is Ianto?" Lisa demanded of Suzie as soon as she returned to the main Hub. "You promised that he would be mine."

"And he will be," Suzie said, her grin lopsided and cruel, not at all surprised to find Lisa up and walking around. "Come down to the autopsy bay, and I'll show you where he is on the CCTV you enjoyed watching so much last time."

Suzie followed behind Lisa as she descended the steps, pulling a long, wicked-looking three-sided blade from her pocketbook. Once Lisa was distracted by searching for Ianto on the video, she grabbed Lisa and drew the knife across her neck in one swift motion. Blood squirted everywhere, spraying the walls, the floor, even the ceiling. Suzie pushed the body onto the metal table and put the knife away again, a smile of triumph on her face. The knife was sharper than any knife she'd ever known, and slitting Lisa's throat had been as easy as slicing up the pie her mother used to make before she died, leaving her alone with that bastard of a father.

"Going somewhere?" Jack asked from above.

Suzie started, turning. "You shouldn't be here," she hissed. "You're supposed to be asleep!"

"Sorry to disappoint," Jack replied, raising his hand, brandishing a standard Torchwood-issue handgun in place of his ruined Webley. Suzie tilted her head, looking at him with disdain. "Drop the stuff and put your hands on your head," he ordered.

"You're a bit late," she finally said, relishing the moment. "Ianto's gone. Owen retconned him. He won't remember you."

Jack's face contorted in rage. He got off three wild shots as Suzie rushed him, stunning him, a direct pulse to his heart. She shoved his unconscious body out of her way and left him lying on the floor after injecting retcon-23 into his arm, hoping the usual sedative would work long enough for her to get into his bunker and find the files she needed that she knew had to be in there because they weren't anywhere else in the entire base.

Jack had aimed to maim, not kill, Suzie noted with disgust, realizing she'd been shot in the arm as the pain suddenly took over. She hastily bandaged it before leaving the autopsy bay.

"In the morning, you won't remember any of this," she told his unconscious form. "You'll see a dead Cyberman and think you did what you had to do to save the world because it went rogue. You'll regret not knowing, but I'll help you through the disorientation. It was a threat so you killed it. Ianto left out of horror at your actions and you'll never see him again. Don't worry, darling, I'll comfort you about that, too. And if you do go look for him, he won't remember you at all! You'll be mine, just like you're supposed to be. Just like we've always wanted. End of story."