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"What happens when the most powerful man on the planet becomes its greatest threat?"

The heroes had gathered in the docking bay. Hal Jordan, Powergirl, and J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, were already aboard a Javelin, one of the Leagues interstellar crafts.

"Don't worry dad, I got this… stated Superboy.

Dad, it was still odd for Clark to hear that in reference to himself…. but in the year and a half since Conner was discovered and freed from CADMUS labs it became more and more endearing every time he talked with his son, his genetically cloned son. Created as a weapon, to replace him if he fell and to destroy him if he turned… Project Kr was his designation. He was kept in a containment pod along with three G-Gnomes, who telepathically controlled him and educated him with the knowledge of a sixteen year old boy. After months of priding and encouragement from Bruce and Diana …Clark saw the light…and accepted his new role as father and everything changed.

"I'm serious Conner, Ma and Pa will need help around the farm and I expect you to be there" Clark (Superman) Kent gave his young son a serious glare that even Batman would be proud of.

"What about Metropolis Dad? Who's gonna patrol her while you are off in space? Conner asked ardently.

"Hold on Sport, I already know where you going with this... he said. " But I already have that covered… Icon and Kara are going to patrol Metropolis in my stead."

"KARA"! Superboy exclaimed.

Placing his hand on Superboy's shoulder… "Look, I know you two haven't been on the best of terms since that whole "Frosty the Snowman Thing"… but she did apologize… and it's only going to be about ten days… so I need you two to get along. Can you do that? Asked Superman. Then it happened. She walked into the loading dock. He could hear her heart beating faster with every step she took toward him. The woman exuded power and elegance. He drank in her fragrance…it was like orchids and fire. It was Diana, Wonder Woman.

Distracted...Superman said "Anyway….you just concentrate on your training with Black Canary, and I'll see you when I get back." The two men of steel shared brief hug. Superman then moved toward Diana.

"I wanted to give you this before you left" she said as she grasp him by the back of his neck and placed a deep kiss on his lips. "And this" breaking the kiss, she placed a black box in his hand about the size of galaxy II cell phone.

Her only words were "when you're alone, and you will need your x-ray vision" She smiled and then turned to leave the loading dock with Conner and Shayera, who was saying goodbye to John Stewart. Stewart and Superman boarded the Javelin, shadowed by Gardner who was late as usual. Nineteen hours later they would be on Oa.