'Pirates of the Caribbean' belongs to Disney.

Written in response to the LJ blackpearlsails prompt, 'Ten Years'


"Mister Gibbs!"

"Aye, lass? I mean: Aye, Cap'n Ana?"

"I'm changing our course to Port Royale. In addition, I'm giving you an assignment. Yer to pick out those amongst this wooly-pated crew that's got half a brain, an' instruct 'em to go ashore to find out..."

"... the exact time and place of Jack Sparrow's hanging."

*glower* "The same. How'd you know?"

"It weren't hard to deduce. Since sunrise you've been snapping an' glaring at this wheel, in the exact manner of a female who's losing an argument."

"Oh, so yer an expert on females?"

"I know this one passing well. The Pearl's been pinin' to rejoin her Captain for the past ten years- now that she's so close, she's not going to let a trivial detail like the Code get in her way. I've been hearin' her expressed preference in every groan of timbers an' flap of canvas, ever since we quit the Isla de Muerta. 'Seems probable you have ez well."

"Piff! You really believe this ship's persuaded me to risk all our hard-won spoils, and every neck aboard, to take a stab at rescuing that jinglebrained peacock?"

"Aye, I do. 'Tis a lass-to-lass thing. She's appealed to yer understandin' of what it means to be separated from your man for a soreful long time."


"I make no denial, Mister Gibbs. But if you value yer family jewels, ye'll not be repeating it ta any of that lot below decks!"

"Not a word, Ana. I'm just glad we're making an effort to save Jack from the hempen jig. Truth be known, that image ez been weighing rather heavy on my mind."

"Then put it out of mind! It'd be better occupied with figuring how to explain this breach of the Code to the crew."

"I'll devise something... Come to think of it, didn't Miss Swann make that one pertinent remark..?"