Erratic breathing and quiet whimpers were heard from a small home on the outskirts of Magnolia. The two occupants of said home both suffering from the same emotions and visions caused by seeing the death of their beloved partner.

Natsu had already woken from his horrid dream and stared in dismay at his small furry companion who slept restlessly on his stomach. Happy twitched and whimpered in his sleep, the smell of fresh salt water beginning. Grimacing at his memory and his friends state he began stroking the poor exceed in an attempt to gently wake him from the nightmare. For weeks now this was becoming a nightly ritual, only broken by the occasional time they had been able to convince the woman who plagued their dreams to let them stay in her home for the night.

Frowning Natsu tried to stir Happy awake, "Happy it's ok buddy. Come on wake up." He whispered quietly jostling said exceed.

Tear filled eyes finally shot open taking in their surroundings before landing on the man speaking. Happy jumped up suddenly and clung to Natsu letting the tears pour out. "I saw it again! Natsu!"

Sighing he hugged his friend, "Yeh me too…" He was at a loss on how to console Happy so he just continued to stroke his fur and hold him while the little guy cried.

Minutes passed and finally the sobs subsided. Sniffling Happy addressed his friend, "Natsu?" he asked waiting for reply. When he heard his grunt of acknowledgment he continued, "I want to go to Lucy's house."

Natsu chuckled dryly, "Yeh me too but you know she'll get really mad at us if we show up this late."

Frowning, Happy set his look with determination, "If we tell her why she won't!"

Natsu looked stumped for a moment. In the weeks following the whole incident dealing with the future Rouge, they never once talked about what happened. They chose to take it like any other battle and move forward. However, this time it wasn't like any other battle. They had watched someone they both knew and loved die right before them. Given it was an alternate future version of their Lucy, but it was still Lucy that died. They still had their Lucy but watching her mortality hit them in a way neither could expect. When the nightmares began Natsu and Happy talked about it to the furthest extent they were comfortable with but it didn't make them go away. If anything it made them want to cling to her more than before.

This caused a huge problem. While it wasn't uncommon for the pair to invade the woman's privacy on a regular basis, it was uncommon for them to do it daily, and she began to notice. She had grown used to their odd clingy behavior but lately they had been twice as bad, if not more. A few days ago when she finally questioned them on it Natsu had cut Happy off before the exceed could tell her the real reason, and claimed it was because her place was way more interesting than their home. He had received a skeptical look from Lucy and a displeased one from Happy for that but he shrugged it off.

He knew Happy could get away with telling her what was going on but there was no way he could. If he told her how her death affected him, he was sure she would freak out. He was far from def and had heard her on many occasions saying that they were nothing more than friends. If she knew the depth to his feelings she would be put off and probably push him away in order to distance herself from him. Those thoughts scared him. He'd rather have her as his best friend then nothing to him at all, so he didn't want to tell her about the night plague of his mind.

Then again this was Lucy he was thinking about. Loke declared his undying love for her blatantly on a daily basis and she would brush it off and act like he hadn't said anything at all. So there was a chance Happy could be right and if they did just tell her what the issue was she would not react in an unfavorable way. He had been witness to her consoling Happy on more than one occasion so maybe, if he admitted to his own hurt she might do the same for him? At the very least she wouldn't push him aside because of it. Would she?

Frowning once more he looked to the pleading face of Happy. "Aye. You might be right. Let's go buddy."


With that the pair made their way through the middle of the night to their favorite place on Strawberry Street.