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Gray enjoyed walking down the riverbank in town around sunset. It brought back a lot of memories for him. It also brought back a lot of painful memories to the one he loves. Around the time when he first met her, he found her sitting here by this very riverbank at sunset, crying. It's what opened his eyes to the pain she was holding deep inside of her and he felt like he finally understood her.

Ever since that moment, they had forged one of the strongest bonds in the guild. They smiled together, laughed together, fought together, bickered together and knew each other better than anyone. Gray had grown to love her through every moment of it.

As for her feelings…

Gray heard footsteps behind him and turned away from the river. He grinned like a hopeless idiot. "What took you so long?"

"This." The scarlet haired mage requipped into a brand new outfit. It was a white sun dress that looked beautiful in the sun's fading light. The way the skirt floated in the wind made it look very elegant and classy. She looked confident in it, though she always acted that way. "I decided to buy something special for our date. Well? What do you think?"

Gray's mouth fell open in amazement. "It looks…great on you."

Though Gray felt that was the understatement of the year.

"I guess that will do for now." Erza chuckled and strolled on over to his side. She hooked her arm around his and leaned in close to him. She looked incredibly happy as she looked up at him. "So, what did you have planned?"

Gray smiled back at her. "Well, I was thinking we could start off with getting something to eat."

He wanted to change those memories into something joyful for her.

Author's Notes: And so starts Grayza week. I have a lot of hope that Mashima will go back to the riverbank scene in the manga some day or even just reference chapter 89 again to prove he hasn't forgotten what he was written himself. It would be such a shame.