"Do you think it'll be a boy or girl?" Gray grinned as leaned his head against Erza's stomach. It had almost doubled in size due to the new life growing inside of her. The thought of finally getting to meet his child made Gray ecstatic.

Erza chuckled to herself. She found it cute how excited Gray was about the baby. "Not sure. I wouldn't mind either one, though. I think the biggest question is what kind of magic they'll use."

Gray muttered to himself so as not to draw attention to himself. "I'd be worried to have another requip mage around the house. I can barely keep up with one Erza."

"You want an apprentice, don't you? I hope they'll be able to use ice make."

Gray grew flustered at the mention of it. "Don't bring that up! It's embarrassing! You haven't told anyone about that, right?"

Erza sidestepped the question. "Or what if it is a girl? I'm sure you'd be the overprotective father type, making sure she doesn't go out too late or not dating anyone until she's eighteen. It fits you perfectly."

"…She won't be allowed anywhere near Natsu and Lucy's son."

Erza smiled happily. "This will be a lot of fun."

Author's Notes: I remember seeing some sort of interview between Team Natsu and it mentioning that Gray wanted a pupil. I find that so incredibly adorable how he wants to be like Ul. I thought it would be a cute idea to add that in. And you know Gray would end up being one of those overprotective fathers. Then again, I can see that happening with a lot of male characters. Nonetheless, it's a trope I really enjoy and find both sweet and funny.