Chapter 2:

Emmett and Ted walked down the city street, engaged in a riveting discussion regarding a major concern for nearly every gay man, everywhere.

"Teddy, I just can't agree with you – what's happened is he's ignored his skin care. I'm just going to say it – Brad Pitt is not aging well! I mean, my god, can't Angie spare a little night cream! Maybe a moisturizing mask would help, but his eyes look like sagging scrotum! It may be too late...

Teddy, why is there a line of men standing outside the Liberty Diner? It's Thursday night, what could possibly... Oh my god, Teddy, do you think something happened? Oh my goodness - Baby is working there tonight! We've got to go see!" The creatively dressed gay man grabbed the hand of his drab, suppressed, constant companion and broke into a run.

When the two men reached the diner, they couldn't understand why the men were begging to be let into the establishment, and why they weren't being allowed in. The two friends pushed their way through the crowd towards the entrance and were surprised to see a huge man blocking the door. They recognized him as Hank, the most intimidating bouncer employed at Babylon. His Herculean build seemed even bigger than normally.

The boys attempted to squeeze in behind the mammoth man, but Hank held up a muscled arm to block their way.

"Sorry, private party. Oh, it's youze guys. I still have to get clearance. Hold up."

Emmett and Ted shared a questioning glance, and then watched as Hank called someone on his cell phone. After a couple of blunt sentences and grunts, Hank ended his called.

"Kinney says you can go in, but you have to leave your phones here – everyone has to. Anything that can take a picture can't go in."

Ted, the proud owner of the latest iPhone, balked but Hank would not back down. After the two men handed over their phones, Hank asked them each for a sock.

It was Emmett's turn to protest, since he had spent a good three hours dyeing and bedazzling his socks so that they matched the rest of his colorful outfit. After Ted reminded Emmett why they were there, to check on 'his baby,' Emmett reluctantly handed over a sock.

Hank put the phones into the respective socks of the two men, then tied the ends and placed them into a white bucket that sat by the door. Hank informed them that on their way out, they would match up their socks and reclaim their phones.

As the guys entered the diner, Emmett briefly wondered why the blinds were completely closed in the diner's windows. Once inside, the men had to adjust their eyes to the dimmed lighting.

When their eyes had adjusted… they wondered if their eyes were deceiving them… The scene in front of them was surreal… and definitely not what they could ever imagine seeing at the diner… and maybe not even at Babylon.


Brian walked out of the restroom while he zipped up his pants. He stood at the end of the lunch counter and admired the fruits of his labor. A self-satisfied smile slowly spread across his face. The patrons of the diner, all his personal guests, were all engaged in some sort of activity that he had either experienced or created from his vast imagination.

His guests all had something in common, besides knowing him. They were successful, relatively decent – and had lots and lots of disposable income. Brian knew them all from various venues in his life, and they all had jumped at the chance to attend Brian's private party. Brian had told them that the party was for a good cause, to benefit an anonymous twink who was down on his luck and needed money for medicine and other vital things. Brian knew they would have come no matter what the reason.

I said 'a twink down on his luck,' but they heard 'a twink going down on…' and then filled in the blank… They all got here faster than sharks after bloody chum. And they keep coming… and once they get here, they cum some more…

Brian's "Save A Twink" function was the brilliant idea that had come to him earlier in the evening. It was one in a long line of Brian Fucking Kinney's incredible ideas… like breaking the hand of a football player who was a bully in high school…. or gluing a judge's ass to a toilet seat, after he had unfairly passed a light sentence on a hate crime perpetrator… or eventually, a year or so down the road, risk financial ruin to bring down a corrupt police chief who was running for a political office.

The plan had a simple premise - since Justin didn't want to take money from his lover, then he would earn it with his lover. Building on the idea that the waiters at Liberty Diner split their tips during the week, Brian logically concluded that he and Sunshine would split their tips at the end of the evening… and the profits that Brian made through his party. In actuality, Justin would unknowingly receive all of Brian's net profits.

By the end of the evening, Sunshine will be the recipient of quite a chunk of change… And, that takes care of his immediate money issues and gives him a small buffer… but it's just a patch, a short term fix.

There was club music playing in the background and the low "thumpa, thumpa, thumpa" rhythm could be viscerally felt; it fueled the energy in the room. Kiki was standing behind the lunch counter, bopping to the music's beat. She was the party's bartender and DJ. She happily performed her duties, while patiently dodging the loin-clothed, male dancer who was performing on top of the counter.

A red-headed, twenty-something twink walked past Brian carrying a tray of drinks. He was being led on a leash by a man who was well-muscled, leather-clad, and scantily dressed - his "master." The twink's own outfit barely existed. He wore a gold lamé thong. The patch in front barely covered his junk. In back, there was a butt plug that looked exactly like a pony's tail; the end that protruded out his ass was made of synthetic hair and it matched the color of the twink's hair. The tail arched up out of his ass and hung down in front of it. It swayed back and forth with his every movement.

There were three other 'pony' waiters moving about the diner. All of them were of different sizes, ages, and races but they wore the same type of thong and butt plug, and the color of their pony tails matched the color of their hair. They were serving food and drinks or cleaning tables – and all of them were on leashes held by their masters.

The pony and master relationship was a variation of the dominate (Dom) and submissive (Sub) sub-culture. In this particular sexual-based community, the masters were the DOMs and the ponies were the Subs-in-training.

A few Speedo wearing, unleashed men were also present. They were serving or assisting with the customers and doing various odd jobs. All of them had masters, but they were 'stallions' – meaning, they were former ponies who were well-disciplined and allowed to function without supervision.

Brian heard the men's room door open and smiled at the two exiting guests. Both men wore shit-eating grins and were busy straightening their clothing. A third man – young, hot, and with a six-pack stomach – stepped out of the restroom. He was wearing suspenders but no shirt and he held a clip-board. He yelled out into the room, "Robert Kemper and Jason Hyde, come on down! It's time to go potty!" Several commenting, lascivious guffaws could be heard throughout the diner's eating area.

He spied Emmett and Ted being led to a vacant booth and decided to greet them. He strolled by a table of two 'bears.' One of the hairy, robust men had pulled an unresisting, Speedo-clad 'stallion' onto his lap. All three seemed to be having a good time, joking and laughing. At the next table, a very distinguished looking gentleman was sitting by himself, eyes closed; his body was tensed and shaking… two legs and a Speedo-clad butt was sticking out from under his table, rhythmically rocking to and fro.

A pony and master were at Emmett and Ted's table, taking their drink orders. Brian walked up behind the pony and sing-songed a greeting of "Heeeellooooo boys!"

Brian thrust his tongue into his cheek, signaling his annoyance when neither man acknowledged his presence. Emmett was watching the antics happening all over the room and Ted's attention was completely captivated by the blond, pony-tailed waiter.


The former accountant jerked in his seat. He was genuinely startled to see Brian standing behind the pony waiter. "Oh! Brian? Is that you? Where… where did you come from?"

Brian's mood shifted down a notch and his sarcastic charm took over. "My mother's twat."

After the pony and master moved away, Brian leaned over the table, grabbed the shoulders of the two men and drew them into a huddle. "Okay, Pete and Repeat, I'm going to say this only once, so you better listen up. This is a private party, benefiting a particular important cause that will remain nameless. There are certain fees that will be charged to all guests, starting with a twenty dollar, per person, door fee. You will also be charged a fifty dollar table fee.

We are a using different menu tonight, it's limited and the prices are high. All non-alcoholic beverages will cost ten dollars, and that includes water. Alcoholic beverages are not available, because this establish has no liquor license. However, as a gift to my guests, I will gladly offer you a glass of Beam, Stoli, Glenlivit, or a Samuel Adams beer. But, of course, a donation is highly encouraged. That donation will be twenty dollars per alcoholic beverage.

Also, gratuity is not included in the pricing, so you will be generous and leave a tip. Anything less than twenty percent will be frowned upon.

One last thing: if you need to go to the john, you have to put your name on a wait list. Oh, and 'number two' is not permitted. Go to Woodie's if you want to take a crap. Any questions?"

Emmett's brain was straining to keep up with all the rules that Kinney had spouted. He reached a moment of enough clarity to ask, "So, it will cost us fifty dollars just to sit here? Why-"

Ted quietly corrected his friend, "No, it will cost us ninety dollars to sit here."

Emmett squawked, "Ninety dollars?! But that's insane!"

Brian aimed a steely glare at Emmett. "If you don't like it, get the fuck out."

Ted reached across the table and gently grabbed his friend's hand. "Em, it's fine, I've got this; it's on me. Um… Brian, we're fine and glad to be here… and, and able to participate… support your anonymous cause."

Despite being the creator of the newly successful "Jerk-At-Work" porn website, Ted still felt intimidated by Brian. But, no matter what, he was staying. He could easily afford the evening's fees and costs, and he was more than happy to prove it. Unbeknownst to him, Brian knew that and that was why he was invited into the party.

As Ted scanned the room, he realized that he really could learn a thing or two from what was going on around him. The former accountant reasoned away the night's expenses by telling himself that he was doing research for his business. Ted already had witnessed two "situations" that he wanted his actors to reenact on live cam feed.

Brian's final words to the two were in regards to the "unique" staff at the private party. "Some of the staff might offer 'special' services, but that is at their discretion and they set their own prices. Payment is made directly to them and up-front. That includes the restroom attendants."

As Brian walked away, Emmett called out, "Where's Justin?"

Without looking back, Brian called out, "Running errands."


The blond 'pony' came back to the two friends' table for their food order, and was still leashed to his master, of course. Again, Ted's full attention was on the flaxen-tailed man. The pony was older and taller than Justin, but was still had a twink's lithe, slightly-developed body. Ted had a special weakness for blond twinks.

The master purposely stood close to Emmett, making sure that his crotch was at eye level of the flamboyant man. Emmett eyed the leather-bound crotch, and then looked away. And then he looked back at it… and then away… and then back… away… back… until he felt a little breathless and dizzy. He clutched the imaginary strand of pearls around his neck - a gesture denoting dismay and alarm - that every queen must perfect upon obtaining their first pair of high heels. He tried to calm himself with deep breaths.

The pony's master laughed down at him, which made Emmett look up. The master winked, but Emmett could only manage a meek smile in return. It had been a while since Emmett had felt such a raw attraction for someone; and sadly, he had never had a close encounter with a "master" before. He really didn't know how to act or what to say.

Emmet and Ted placed their food order and once the pony and master were out of ear range, both men released sighs of relief.

Ted groused, "Well… Brian has definitely surpassed himself. I would say he is breaking at least five different misdemeanor laws and I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't committing at least one felony."

Emmett looked around the diner in disbelief, "I can't believe it. He turned the diner into Babylon."

The porn site owner snorted back, "Babylon? He's turned this place into Sodom and Gomorrah!"

Emmet wistfully chewed on a cuticle. "Hmmm… I wonder if Sodom and Gomorrah had a wait list for the restroom."

When the pony and master returned with their drinks, Ted and Emmett both put their name on the wait list for the restroom. Ted really needed to take a piss and Emmett knew he would need to use the facilities sometime during their stay, he always did.

Ted watched as the blond pony slowly walked away; his strut caused the pony tail to swing broadly, hypnotically, back and forth across the young man's tight, perky ass. Ted quietly muttered to himself, "Brian Kinney is a fucking genius."


Brian listened to an upset Justin ranting about his trials and tribulations that he had to endure for the last two hours. The pharmacy didn't have his prescriptions ready and he had to wait for them to be filled. Then, he called to check on Deb and she asked him to go to the store and pick her up a few things. "There was no way I could say, 'no.'"

He was stuck in traffic, somewhere between the store and Deb's, and was being re-routed to "God knows where," by the police because there had been a major car accident. He said he still had to drop off Debbie's groceries, which would delay his return to the diner by another thirty minutes – give or take a couple of minutes.

Brian tried to calm the blond, knowing that an upset, distracted Justin could easily cause an accident. "Take your time, drive safe, and I'll see you when you get here."

"Brian, I'm so sorry about tonight. Are you okay? Did Kiki finally make it? Are you-"

"Sunshine, calm down. All is good. No worries. Kiki is here and I'm just… hanging out." Brian looked down at his dick, which was hanging out of his pants. "See you in thirty minutes or whenever you get here." Brian hung up the phone waved away the hands of a Speedo-clad 'stallion' kneeling in front of him. The executive stuffed his post-blow job, flaccid cock back into his pants and shook out his right leg to settle his package into a comfortable position.

"I'm a terrific fuck. If you give me a chance, I know I could make you forget all about Mr. Blondie."

Brian sneered at Speedo man. "You're just exercise."

The host strode away to attend to his party guests.

Speedo man took Kinney's rebuff in stride. He was still happy because he now had distinct and very enviable bragging rights – he gave the Great Brian Kinney a blow job at the most sensational party of the year. Of course, he would embellish his time with Kinney when he bragged about it to his friends.


Ted slowly slid back into his seat across from Emmett. He stared unblinking off into the distance. Before Emmett could ask him what was wrong, Ted flatly said, "You're going to need money for the restroom."


Ted dug out his wallet, pulled out fifty dollars and placed the money on the table in front of Emmett.

"Teddy, that's fifty bucks! Why in the world would I need fifty dollars to go to the restroom?"

"You're right. Actually… you might need more. There's another twenty dollars… just in case."

Emmett stared at his friend in stunned disbelief.


Their blond pony waiter, and his master, brought the bill to Ted. After the pony placed the tab beside Ted's plate, he slowly ran his hand up Ted's arm. He had Ted's full attention.

The pony then ran his fingers through Ted's hair. "Would you like an after-dinner mint? It's ten dollars – cash, up-front."

"Sure, why not." Ted gave the pony a goofy smile, while he pulled out ten dollars from his wallet. He offered the money to the twink, but the master took it. He had no idea what to expect, but the porn website king thought: Why the hell not… this little pony has me wrapped around his pony tail…

The twink slowly pulled out something from a little pouch that was tied to his wrist. It was a bottle of breath freshener spray. He then slowly sprayed a streak of the liquid down his front, from mid-chest to belly button.

The pony arched his back, thrusting his body towards Ted's face. In a low, seductive voice, he said, "Lick it off."

Ted had to swallow several times because his mouth had gone dry. He ever so carefully - and ever so thoroughly - licked the breath spray off the twink's torso. He couldn't remember the last time he'd had the privilege of touching such a beauty – with his tongue or anything else. He profusely thanked the pony when he was finished.

The pony cooed, "Ah, you're sweet. The next one is on the house." He turned away from Ted and bent forward, then thrust his ass into Ted's face. He then sprayed a strip of liquid breath freshener down his right ass cheek. He smiled at Ted and said, "Enjoy."

The master quietly asked Emmett if he would like an after-dinner mint, as well. Emmett hesitated before he responded. "Um… sure… but can I have it… from you?"

The master smiled broadly.

Fifteen minutes later, when Emmett and Ted were leaving, Ted made a point of saying good-bye to Brian in private. "I hate to admit it, but the truth must be told - you're a fucking genius, Brian. Oh… um… don't, don't be shocked if you see ponies popping up on my website. You know… um… you really should consider opening up a place of your own… some… some 'special' restaurant or what not. You definitely have a knack for it."

Brian gave Ted his signature smirk and walked away. He mentally filed the former accountant's suggestion into his "whatever" file.


After two hours and forty-five minutes of traveling through Hell and half of Pittsburgh, a disheveled, tired, and slightly irritable Justin Taylor walked into the Liberty Diner. He only got a few feet in, when he stopped dead in his tracks… and stared at the sight in front of him.

Brian came over to welcome his young lover back and laughed out loud when he heard Justin's unique greeting.

"Oh my god, Brian… what did you do?!"

Brian playfully bumped Justin's shoulder with his own. "I made some changes… you like – you like?"

Brian heard the blond moan, but not in the "I'm going to cum," kind of way. It sounded more like a, "kill me now," moan.

"I'm going to be fired… I'm going to be the first person ever to be fired from the Liberty Diner."

"Naaahhh, Sonny Boy… you won't be the first. There's been others. Oh, come on, Sunshine!" Brian threw his arm around Justin's shoulders and squeezed him close. "It's a party! Soirée extraordinaire! Relax and enjoy yourself."

Brian then whispered in Justin's ear, "Money talks, Sunshine. You know Rick, the owner of this rat trap, right? Well, he was more than happy to rent me the place. He's making a shitload of money from me tonight. He'll make more tonight than he would in four weeknights – and that's net assets. He was happy for the business."

Then Justin noticed that alcoholic beverages were being served – by a twink with a pony tail coming out of his ass… And he's on a leash… why did I leave Brian alone here…

A loud laugh brought Justin's focus to the restroom. A man walked out of the restroom, smiling ear to ear, and with his fly wide open.

"…Arrested… I'm going to be fired and arrested tonight. We'll get raided… and I'll end up being sold in jail to some guy named Bubba… for a pack of cigarettes."

"Oh hell, Sunshine! You're worth more than that – hold out for a higher bidder!"

"Oh god, Brian, what-"

"Shhhh, keep your voice down. You don't want to upset our guests, do you? This is a private party, what happens in here, stays in here. Tonight never happened and no one will say anything. If they do, it will all be hearesy; there won't be enough evidence to stand up in court. Hey, did you take your medicine?"

Justin watched a pony give a customer an 'after-dinner mint.' Despite feeling shocked, dismayed, and worried, he had to admit that it was a very impressive little gimmick. Justin huffed out a chuckle, "Probably not enough."

Brian snorted and kissed the side of the blond's head.

"Who are these people? I don't really recognize them. Well, maybe one or two, like Hank, the bouncer."

Brian pulled Justin in front of him, faced him forward, and then wrapped his arms around him. He whispered in the young artist's ear, just in case there were prying ears about.

"Well, the customers are acquaintances and friends of mine from my various travels in life. Now the 'ponies,' and the guys dressed in Speedos, they are here with their masters, and all of them belong to a unique DOM - SUB 'den' here in town. The head master of the den is a dentist. He's the one that repaired my crown last fall."

Justin gave no response; he just continued to stare at a pony serving the 'after-dinner mint.'

"Anyway, the den was initiating a new 'stable' of ponies… and my little party afforded them the golden opportunity of training them in social situations. And, some of the ponies and Speedo guys decided to make the most of the evening… they're not 'pros for hire,' but they wanted to ride on the wild side… they've made a nice, tidy sum of cash tonight… from tips, and… extracurricular activities.

Now, the dancer on the lunch counter - Hank brought him in, he's fucking him on a regular basis. His name is… aahhh… I can't remember his name. Anyway, the dancer had some friends who were open to helping out their fellow man… for the right price. So… they became the restroom attendants. I have to admit, Sunshine, they are extremely helpful. Oh, if you need to use the john, let me know. I'll… just make sure you tell me first, okay?"

Justin slowly shook his head. "Only you could do this… this…wow… How long did it take you to pull this together?"

Brian poked his tongue into his cheek as he tried to piece together the timeline of the last several hours. "Surprisingly, not long at all. All the pieces just seemed to quickly fall into place. It was like it was ordained – like it was a miracle, Sunshine. Yes indeed - a miracle… Sonny Boy, fall on your knees and pray to the great St. Homo, thanking him for these bountiful gifts… and while you're down there, maybe you can…"

Justin jabbed his elbow into Brian's side, and he got a pinch on the ass in return.

Brian whirled Justin around and gave the teen a kiss that he hoped would distract him from his worries. After the kiss melted away, he allowed himself the luxury of holding Justin, enjoying his nearness, warmth, and smell.

One of the guests, a middle-aged, dark haired, average looking man, came up to the couple, interrupting them. He had come to say good-night to Brian, but when he saw Justin's face, he had a change of mind.

"Kinney, I was on my way out, but… whoa… well, it looks like the evening just got better." His hand reached out to touch Justin's hair, but Brian grabbed the man's wrist before he could make contact.

"Uh… no, not on the menu, Aaron."

Aaron's eyebrows met as he frowned in confusion. "No? Oh… private stock?"

Justin had wedged himself up under Brian's arm as far as he could. The man looked respectable, his clothes were expensive, but there was something about him that Justin didn't like. He didn't know what it was, but he was not going to ignore the warning feeling in his gut.

Brian smiled but it didn't reach his eyes. "He's not private stock. But he's with me. He's not part of any of this. Just forget that you saw him here. That's not a problem, is it?"

Aaron tapped the side of his nose and winked at Brian in a very knowing manner. "No problem. His face is gone and forgotten. But my advice to you, don't leave him standing around here unattended. He's much too tempting." Aaron said good-bye and walked out into the night.

The departing guest left Brian in a pensive mood. He pulled Justin out from under his arm and kissed his nose. As he looked out over the room, he said, "I'm going to pull the plug on this, now. Why don't you go to the kitchen and get something to eat. I'll need a little time to turn Cinderella's ball back into the Liberty Diner."

Brian took a few steps to leave but then turned back to Justin. "Hey, where are we heading? Babylon or the loft?"

Justin was shocked that Brian would ask him what their plans were for the rest of the night. He never had before. The teen's heart quickened and then he felt a tremendous amount of trepidation. He unconsciously started to chew on his thumbnail, trying to decide what to say. In a halting, trembling voice, he responded with, "I'm… ah… it's been a long day… um, evening… I'm fine but… I like just going to the loft, but if you-"

Brian put all of Justin's fears to rest when he cut him off with, "Good! – that's what we will do. Actually, I think Babylon would be anti-climatic after the last several hours."

Brian stood still for a moment, locking eyes with his lover. Unbeknownst to them both, the two men were thinking similar thoughts - they both just wanted to be alone with the other – and use their bodies to express what they couldn't or wouldn't say. Brian broke the moment with a wink to Justin, who in turn, beamed one of his brilliant 'Sunshine' smiles. Brian continued on his way, but now with a slightly warmer smirk on his face.


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