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Chapter 3:

Brian's trudged up the stairs to the loft with take-out coffee in hand. He was tired – extremely so – but he was finally going to be with his Sunshine for…. He took a look at his watch…

Fucking five hours… I have five fucking hours before I leave for the airport… fuck sleep… I want his ass.

He had sent Justin ahead to the loft when the transitioning of his den of iniquity, back to a greasy diner, had become a struggle he hadn't anticipated. No one wanted to leave his little pleasure party.

Fucking losers… pathetic, really…

Brian entered the loft and quickly braced himself, arms open wide. Within a nanosecond, a blond blur jumped into them, and began manically kissing him all over his face.

The teen artist was wearing a heavy, white, terry cloth robe and smelled of lemony soap, expensive shampoo, and the sweetness of youth. All Brian's senses were wonderfully overwhelmed by the sight, smell, and feel of his Sunshine.

This moment makes the whole pain-in-the-ass evening worth it.

Brian slowly separated himself from his wiggling, energetic lover. He didn't want to get too excited, not just yet. He needed a shower; he stank of mediocre blow jobs, desperate men, and grease.

"Are you tired, Brian? They just wouldn't leave, huh? Want something to drink?"

Brian forced out a Kinney smirk. "No, no, and no. I need a shower." He placed his forehead on Justin's and quietly growled. "And then, I want to fuck you, unless you have other plans?"

The blond responded with a bright Sunshine smile and laid one of his special, 'I worship the ground you walk on,' kisses on him.

When they both finally came up for air, Brian off-handedly placed a thick envelope in the artist's hand and then headed for the shower.

"What's this Brian?" Brian could hear the artist following him, so he sped up his pace.

"Brian! Oh, my god Brian, this is full of money… where did this come from… wow, there's at least… wow…"

I've got to come up with plan… and not another party… I can't have him jeopardizing his health. It would be so fantastic if he would just accept help from me, then I wouldn't have to jump through hoops… I'll figure it out.

Brian tried to downplay the amount of the "tip" money by pretending to be blasé. "It's your share of the fucking tips. It's no big deal, everyone walked away with quite a stash. It was a hell of a good night… and it was worth the trouble… all for a good cause." After Brian uttered the last sentence he immediately regretted it. He silently cursed himself for being so careless. He definitely didn't want the blond to find out the real reason that he tempted fate and broke so many laws.

"A cause? What cause?"

He fluffed off his rare admission of stupidity and shrugged away his rising anxiety. He took a hearty gulp of air and loudly exhaled it. I'll ignore him… and eventually Justin will drop it, maybe even forget it… most of the time, that's how things work…

"Brian? What cause? Brian! Okay… okay Brian, I'll stop asking, for now… but, are you sure about this money? I mean it looks like so much… too much for tips… there's got to be at least three hundred here… one, two, three… four… oh my god… five… oh… wow, eight… and even more… lots more!. Oh, shit! Brian, do you realize how much money is in here? Brian? Brian, are you sure about this? Maybe we should wait until tomorrow, when the cash register drawer is double counted?"

Brian continued to ignore all of Justin's comments and questions. The only indication that he was irritated was the forceful and careless way he undressed and threw his clothes randomly around the bedroom. Wordlessly, he jumped into the shower and half expected the blond to join him. But, when Justin didn't, the executive found that he had to put a little effort in dismissing the feeling of disappointment.

After his shower, Brian didn't bother to dress; he just kept his bath towel wrapped around his hips. He left the bathroom, ready to parry Justin's questions with sexual prowess.

Okay… someone is frisky. Well, I'm sure as hell ready, willing, and impatient. I guess I'm supposed to follow the Sunshine trail….

He saw a line of condoms trailing across the bedroom floor, then going down the bedroom stairs, and heading in the direction of the living room. The executive grinned to himself, already enjoying the little game.

Brian followed the condom trail to the top of the bedroom stairs, but before he went down them, he caught sight of Justin – and almost fell down them.

Standing in the living room, next to the coffee table, and at the end of the condom trail… was Justin… wearing a gold lamé thong… with a blond pony tail sticking out of his butt.

Sweat broke out on Brian's upper lip and his knees felt weak. Blood rushed to his cock and it sprung out to its full length, tenting the towel wrapped around his waist. He pulled off his towel and flung it to the side.

The predator inside of Brian's psyche surged to the forefront and he strained to keep it in check. He slowly descended the stairs, aware of every nervous twitch by his prey.

Justin was smiling nervously and didn't seem to know what to do with his hands. He placed them on his hips, then in front of his crotch, then behind his back and then back to his to hips.

Before Brian could reach him, Justin snapped his fingers like he just remembered something, and held up his hands. "Wait right there, I forgot something." As he quickly strode over to the liquor cart, his ample ass jiggled and the tail swished back and forth across his exquisite bubble butt.

Brian didn't miss a second of the butt jiggling or tail swishing. His breathing became harsh and ragged. His dick was sticking out like a ramrod, throbbing, dark red, and it began to leak and drip. He grabbed the head and squeezed it, trying to stave off the inevitable.

Justin bent over the cart and poured a drink. The sight was almost too much for Brian to bear. A tremor passed through his body and he heard a buzzing noise in his ears.

The blond returned with a snifter of cognac. His nervously licked his lips, which did nothing for Brian's control. "Would you like to sample our cognac, sir?" He dipped his finger in the drink, set the glass on the coffee table, and then circled the wet digit around his belly button.

Brian came to stand within inches of the blond. He wordlessly nodded his head in response to Justin's question.

Justin nervously giggled, then said, "I borrowed the outfit from Jody; he was one of the ponies there tonight. He had an extra outfit, so he-"

Brian grabbed Justin and crashed his lips down on the artist's mouth. He shocked Justin with the fierceness of his kiss and the strength he used when he pulled him into his arms.

Justin had never seen Brian like this - but he liked it! Unfortunately, he couldn't breathe so he had to pull away and catch some air. He saw the wild gleam in Brian's eye and the tension in the man's neck and he felt a little frightened and yet exhilarated.

"Brian, I-"

"Shhhhhh…" Brian shushed Justin and then gave him a slow, sensual kiss. When he felt some of the tension leave Justin's body, he slowly sank to his knees in front of his lover and lovingly licked the cognac off of the younger man's belly.

Justin's cock had started to protrude from the front of his thong, which was hard for Brian to ignore. The older man decided to give his regards to it and licked the trickle of pre-cum off the head. The teen reacted instantly and loudly, "Jesus Christ, Brian. No – I mean, yes! Oh… I want you, now. Now, Brian-" He tried to pull Brian up by grabbing him under his arms, but the older man was stronger.

Brian countered the blond's attempt and then captured his wrists, holding them down against his sides.

"Calm down… some things need to be savored, Sunshine." Brian peppered licks and kisses around the teen's groin area, while he soothingly stroked Justin's hand, wrists, and thighs. At first, Justin moaned in protest, but then he decided to give in to the sensations. He dropped his head back and vocalized his intense pleasure.

In between kisses, sucking, and licks, Brian spoke words of praise and seduction to his lover. His hands glided over Justin's hips to the side bands of the thong. He inched the youth's thong down his legs, all the way to the ground, then made him step out of it. Once Brian had clear access to the Justin's twitching cock, he engulfed the head with his mouth. He sucked, licked, and jacked Justin's cock until it was a stiff ramrod like his own. All the while, Justin jerked, moaned, and held onto Brian's head, begging for release.

Justin's efforts were for naught, because Brian had other plans. He didn't want his Sonny Boy to lose control, not just yet.

Brian took hold of Justin's hips and turned his around so that he could see - up close and personal - the -teen's magnificent ass with the pony tail coming out of it. He sucked in his breath and held it for a second. The sight was just so stunning.

Jesus fucking cock suckers… that is fucking amazing… so hot… so beautiful… that tail in his ass… none of those guys at the diner have anything on him… fucking incredible…

Brian was in his zenith, completely enraptured by Justin's ass and its new embellishment. He reverently ran his hands down both cheeks; then held them, squeezing them gently. His tongue took over and traced lines and circles over both cheeks. He indulged his urge and tenderly bit one of Justin's delectable mounds of flesh. He then repeated the action to the other ass cheek. He could sense that Justin's dick needed attention, so he reached around and caressed, pulled, and squeezed it. He took his time with his little pony, licking, sucking, gently poking and prodding. He slowly brought them both to an overwhelming need for release.

He surprised and thrilled Justin when he abruptly threw the blond over his shoulder and marched up into the bedroom. Justin squeaked and then laughed out loud, calling out, "Oh, my god! Whooooa, Tarzan! Me not Jane!"

When Brian reached the bed, he lowered the blond to his feet and ordered him onto the bed, flat on his stomach. Brian just stood there for a couple of moments, enjoying the amazing sight of the tail flowing down Justin's ass and fanning out across his thighs.

He gently grabbed the teen's hips and gently pulled Justin up on his hands and knees. He scooped up a condom from the floor and grabbed a tube of lube from the bedside table. He quickly rolled on the rubber and spread a huge amount of lubricant all over it.

His hands were shaking as he slowly pulled the tail plug out of Justin's ass. He was obsessed with watching its withdrawal and he took his time. He ignored Justin's urging to hurry up; this was his reward for the very long evening, and he was going to enjoy it at his pace.

After the butt plug was completely out of Justin's ass, Brian laid the tail to the side. He wasn't finished with it, yet.

Though Justin had used lube on the plug, Brian didn't want to take any chances. He generously and gently prepared this lover. Then, Brian placed the plug part of the tail in the small of Justin's back and draped the hair over and down Justin's ass. He flounced the hair so that it fanned out, across the blond's thighs.

Brian's cock was throbbing and he knew he needed to hurry, before he accidently came all over Justin's ass. His lover was also pleading with him, begging Brian to enter him.

He grabbed his cock, angled himself so that he could enjoy the view, and then slowly pushed it into paradise. Both he and Justin hissed and gasped, overloaded with sensations. He gave them both a moment to adjust, before he slowly began to pump. In and out, in and out, he slowly brought their breathing and rhyme in sync.

As he increased the speed, Justin moaned and called out, but it was unintelligible. He grabbed a hand full of the blond's silky hair, at the desensitized area at the nap of the neck, and held it like it like it was the reigns of a bridle. He smiled when he realized that he was acting like a complete pervert.

The best ride of my life…

Sweat formed and ran down his front and back. He leaned over the blond and kissed, then sucked, Justin's neck. He voice was ragged and harsh as he whispered, "Best fucking surprise I've ever had, Sunshine… I want to ride your pony ass forever… fuck you forever… fuck… your tail is… oh god, yeah - come on, Sunshine, that' it. Show me what you got."

Justin couldn't reply; he was too caught up in the intensity of the moment. He began to ram himself against Brian's cock. The older man reached down and began to jack the younger man's dick, helping his lover reach his organism.

Brian let loose of all constraint and began matching his lover, push for push, while jacking him off at the same time. Justin yelled out that he was going to cum. Brian moaned loudly as he felt Justin contract his anal muscles, then felt the youth jerk and release. He came right after Justin, calling out his name. They both collapsed together, in a sweaty, heaving, gasping heap.

When Brian got his breath, he gently pulled out of his lover and rolled off of him. In a raspy voice, he managed to say, "We're keeping the tail… I'll write you a check… that was fucking hot… it's been too long… but, that made up for it... almost."

Justin huffed out a couple of chuckles and rolled onto his back and snuggled up to the side of his lover. "Oh, yeah? So, you enjoyed riding all the ponies tonight, huh?" Justin nuzzled Brian's ear with his nose and lips.

Brian corrected his lover, "No, just my personal pony," and he playfully slapped the blond on the ass, before pulling him closer. Justin was a little taken aback; he was amazed by what Brian had said. He was so sure that Brian had humped everything that walked or trotted that evening.

Justin decided not to torture himself over the meaning of Brian's last statement, so he changed the subject. "I don't know how those guys walked around with that thing in their butt. It's really uncomfortable."

Brian snickered, kissed the blond on the cheek and forced him to get up off the bed. Their cum was drying and hardening, causing some discomfort. He went into the restroom and grabbed a towel, while saying, "Well, Sunshine, that sounds like we've got some work to do." He wet the towel and quickly cleaned himself. He then brought another clean, damp towel back to the bed and gently wiped a drowsy Justin clean.

"I see long hours of training and riding to get you into tip-top shape. You want to grow up and be a stallion, right?"

The blond sleepily slurred, "No, I don't want to be a horse… I want to be…" Justin didn't finish his sentence, sleep had overtaken him.

Brian watched him sleep for a few minutes, marveling at the beauty of his lover. He softly kissed the sleeping youth and gently, as to not wake him, covered Justin with the bed sheet and blanket. He decided to let Justin sleep for awhile, before round two.

And, there will be a round two, Sunshine… I'm not leaving here without some more of your tail… Brian wryly smirked at his lame pun, but the truth was the truth.

He decided to take advantage of the time and pack for his trip. He rose and picked up his suitcase, laid it on the bed far away from Justin. He then crossed to the closet, but stopped before he opened the doors. He looked back at his slumbering lover and felt a pang of need in his heart… Then, another brilliant Brian Fucking Kinney idea occurred to him.


Two days later, Liberty Diner, Saturday morning.

"Brian! What are you doing here? I thought you were going to be in New York this weekend." Michael was genuinely surprised to see his best friend. He left his booth, eager to greet him. Brian barely reciprocated Michael's hug and kiss, but only slightly resisted when the smaller man pulled him over to his booth.

Brian ignored Michael's question and asked his own, "Where's Ben?"

"Oh, he had some student-teacher meeting thing this morning. So, are you still going to New York? You don't look dressed for it." It was true; the executive was far too casually dressed for a trip to the Big Apple. He normally wore a suit or some dressy-casual combination whenever he traveled for work. Today, he was in Levi jeans and a tee shirt – but his best friend thought he still looked incredibly hot.

Brian found Michael's questions somewhat irritating. "Jesus, Mikey, give me a goddamn break. It's still fucking early. I'm leaving tomorrow morning. I am allowed to re-work my schedule without getting your permission, right?"

As Brian responded, Emmett and Ted walked into the diner. Both men waved to Brian and Michael, but only Michael returned it. They made their way to the table; Brian got up and let Michael slide in beside him, allowing Emmett and Ted an empty seat, together.

"Damn, Brian. Don't get your underwear in a twist, I was just asking… Hey guys."

Emmett overhead Michael's snide remark and wanted details. "Uh-oh, temper-temper! Why are we bitching at Brian, what did he do now?"

Michael gladly filled him in and then gave his opinion of why he thought his friend was in foul mood. "It's work. It's like his boss can't do a damn thing without Brian holding his hand."

The executive completely ignored his "best friend" and watched the swinging door that lead to the kitchen. His whole body instantly re-charged when he saw Justin appear through them. He exchanged a smile with his Sunshine and watched as the younger man grabbed the coffee pot and brought it over to their table.

All four men greeted Justin with various degrees of warmth and voiced how much they needed the brown, bitter brew. While Emmett, Michael, and Ted distracted themselves with deciding on what to order for breakfast, Brian took the opportunity to check in with his blond.

"You get off in three hours, right? At eleven?" Justin grinned, nodded, but didn't bother to reply. He had something on his mind that was distracting his attention. Brian winked at him and said, "Okay, I'll come by and pick you up."

Justin smiled brightly and quickly gave Brian a kiss. He then took everyone's order and left.

Michael and Ben had attended a comic convention for most of the week and had gotten back the day before, on Friday. Michael supplied details of his experience, though they weren't solicited. Then, true to his nature, he got back to his normal routine of involving himself in his friends' lives. Michael asked no one in particular, "What did you guys do for the last couple of days? Did anything exciting happen?"

Emmett, Ted, and Brian immediately became concerned with getting coffee refills and water. "Hey sweetie, be a love and bring me…" "Sunshine, more coffee, but no water." "Hey Jus… when you get a chance… no hurry…"

All three men had no desire to share their Thursday night adventures. Michael wouldn't understand or appreciate the uniqueness of the evening. Plus, his condemnation of them would continue for months. So, with just a few sharp glances, they all silently agreed to keep the night's secrets between themselves.

Michael was not the most intuitive person, so he didn't catch on to his friends' odd behavior. He returned his attention to his best friend, and despite the earlier warning, he plowed back into Brian's personal affairs.

"Brian, I thought you were going early because you wanted to get some shopping done. Wasn't Dol - chi and Gab… Hanna, Banana… um, weren't there stores that you wanted-"

Brian blurted out, "I'm thinking of taking up horseback riding. You know; the noblemen's pastime."

The oddness of Brian's statement abruptly silenced Michael. Emmett and Ted stopped in mid-motion, not sure where Brian's revelation was leading.

The young artist arrived with the coffee pot at the precise moment of Brian's declaration – and he had heard it. He slammed the pot on the table, causing some of the hot liquid to splash out onto the table top. All the men, except Michael, acted as if Justin's action had been an accident. They joked and voiced their relief that no one was hurt, while helping to clean up the mess for the young man.

However, Michael saw things in a different light. He loudly scolded Justin for his ineptness; but Justin didn't care; he was too busy glowering at Brian.

The blond was pissed off that Brian would even allude to their 'pony rides.' He wanted it to remain private between the two of them, and definitely didn't want Michael to know. The thought of Michael knowing such details of their sex life was just too disturbing.

After one last poisoned glare and a discreet kick to Brian's ankle, Justin left to get more coffee.

Brian said under his breath, "I guess he didn't like the idea."

Michael's attention span was very easy to divert. He stopped complaining about Justin and followed his best friend's change of topic.

He jumped right into it and began to share his thoughts and opinions on horseback riding. "I think it's a bad idea… it's too dangerous. And the horses are so big. They're huge! And smelly! I heard of this guy who got thrown from a horse and hurt his back real bad. He was in a wheelchair…"

All of Michael's booth companions remained silent and just let Michael prattle on and on. They didn't become animated again until Justin brought over everyone's breakfast. The young artist's presence and the smell of the food rejuvenated the three conspirators. They laughed and joked as they helped pass around the plates of food.

Justin then hurried away to take the order at a table nearby. On his way to putting in the order, Brian caught his attention.

"Hey Sunshine, would you bring me a new fork, this one still has last night's dinner on it." Justin's smile was all the response that Brian got.

The blond put the new customer's tab on the cook's ticket carousel and went to fetch a clean fork for Brian. As he approached his friends' table, he heard Brian say, "Well, I guess maybe I'll just ride… ponies."

Justin threw the fork at Brian, who deftly caught it before it smashed into his glass of water.

"Thanks, Sunshine." Brian pretended that nothing was out of the ordinary, that having his fork thrown at him was acceptable behavior from a waiter. Emmett and Ted remained wordless and concentrated on their meals.

Michael, who continued to be oblivious to the underplaying subtext, was the only voice of protest. "Jesus Christ, Justin! You could have put his eye out! What is wrong with you, today? Maw is not going to like…"

Emmett couldn't take another one of Michael's tirades against Justin. "Michaaaaeeeel, hush up, sweety! It's too early in the morning to be a bitch. And, don't embarrass Baby while he's working-"

"But, he could have-"

Then, Ted joined the fray, "Michael, Brian's a grown man. He…"

Brian devilishly smiled at the chaos that he had caused. The main goal for his mischief making was to distract Michael and get him off of his back. He never wanted to discuss his personal, private motivations with anyone, especially Michael.

Fuck it, Michael; you're like a damn Pitbull with a bone… Shut the fuck up about my travel plan changes!

There was another reason for his mischief and it had to do with his Sunshine. Justin's bright, beautiful light seemed a little dim. He was not his normal brimming-with-energy self.

Brian had noticed it last night, but wrote it off to fatigue – they had been going at it like bunnies Thursday night into Friday morning. However, it continued through Friday and now it was Saturday morning, and his Sonny Boy seemed to be on the verge of glumness. Justin's usual sleep-deprived self was silly and giggly - not quiet and withdrawn. So, Brian decided to rile up his lover and shake him out of his reticent mood. He thought that teasing the young artist about 'pony rides' would do the trick.

Michael eventually stopped his attack on Justin - and much of the credit for the change was due to Ted. The Jerk-At-Work porn site owner had coaxed the comic fanatic back to his prior lecture on his adventures at the comic convention. As Emmett and Ted feigned interest, Brian drifted off into his own world.

The ad executive had solved one of his dilemmas, his schedule. He'd ordered one of the junior executives to New York, and gave the man a list of things that he wanted accomplished before he arrived on Sunday.

When Pete, Bob, or whatever the fuck his name is had the audacity to complain, I said the two magic words – "pink slip." Who the fuck did he think he was? Me?

I won't have time to shop before the meeting, but I don't need more clothes, I need more Justin… I can't believe I actually said that… thank god it was not out loud.

Brian would make it all work out – his meeting and all the rest of their issues. And maybe get Sunshine to liven up a little, we've got tonight… I think I'll make a point of coming home after New York City, before I head back out to Philly and Baltimore.

Brian continued to watch his Sunshine, listen to his friends, and conjure up other brilliant Brian Fucking Kinney ideas.