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I remember the day that still haunts me in my nightmares. It was a sunny morning, as my parents' ship sailed through the sky. At this time, I was only four, listening to Milo Greytail's short poem. Milo, a wharf rat, was a good friend with my parents and was a part of their crew. He was also my babysitter when my parents were busy with something. Most of the time, when I was with him, he would read me one of this latest poems, and I loved it! As Milo pulls out another poem to read to me; my dad came up from behind me.

"Good morning, Milo," he said, of course, to Milo. Then he leans down to me, since I was so small, and rubs my hair with his hand, "And good morning to you, little Abby." My name is actually Abigail, but my dad calls me Abby for short. "Has Milo been reading you some good poems," I nodded, "Good… Hey, you don't mind if I steal you for a moment?" When he says "steal", he meant to show you or talk to you about something. I know my parents are... were a little bit different from others but that's why I loved them.

"Sure," I said, "Milo, you can read that poem to me after, right?"

"Of course I can," said Milo, "We have all the time in the world." He was wrong about that though.

My father led me to the steering wheel at the top of the ship. I have seen the top all the time. The only difference was that I spotted a large box in front of the steering wheel. "Why is that box there, daddy?" I asked him.

He gave me one of his famous, cocky smiles and said, "Well, you're going to stand on it. I'm going to teach you how to steer this thing!" I looked at the wheel timidly. I know that the steering wheel is used to control the ship. It was frightening to think about controlling a ship because I was worried that I would turn the wrong direction or something like that. "Don't worry," my father said calmly to me. He walked up and panted me on the head, "I'll help you with the steering until you are ready to do on your own."

He picked me up and placed me on the box. Nervously, I place my hands on the steering wheel. My hands were so small that I had trouble holding on to it. My dad told one of the crewmates to hoist the anchors and the ship started to move. I made a small shriek as it moved and closed my eyes. My father placed his hand on mine and helped me steer. "Keep your eyes open, Abby," he commanded. Slowly, the darkness from my eyelids goes away and I see my actual world. "Just keep calm and slowly move the steering wheel," I did what he said. I loved my father, perhaps a little more than I loved my mother. Maybe it's because I'm with him more than her.

As I gotten comfortable controlling the wheel, my father starts to lift his hands off of mine. At first, I thought I was going to freak out, but I didn't. I notice nothing was wrong. The ship was alright because I found the confidence to sail it. Once my father was about an inch away from me and notice I had no problem, he said, "See, Abby. You're a natural!"

"Thanks, daddy," I said, "Wow; I can't believe I'm actually doing it!" He brushes a bit of my hair away from my face to kiss me on the fore head. "That because you got your skills from the best!" We both smiled at each other.

I wish that everything would stop right at that part, because the next part is so sudden and unnatural. A cloud came in and it's so black that I almost thought night was already coming. Even though I was only four, I still know that couldn't be possible for one second. I could see my mom and Milo running up the stairs. "Samson!" she said to my father, "What's going on?" The black clouds came closer and closer to our ship. Then the orange-yellowish morning sky above us goes into darkness.

My parents' crew below started saying things like, "What is this?" or "In all my life I never seen I storm like that!" My parent, Milo, and I stared helplessly at the black storm around us. "What do we do?" I ask my father. He continued looking at the storm, and then he called down to his crew.

"Everyone calm down!" He tells them. They did what he said, "You men, to the left, pull down the sails and bring down the anchors. We can wait out the storm 'til it pass!"

"But, Captain, the storm isn't like the others we have face during my years with you!" someone said, "If we stay in one place, we'll die!"

"Yes, he's right!" another said.

"Listen to me, I am your captain! If we move at all, what are the chances that we will hit into something?" the crew was silent, "Now do what I tell you!" Everyone went insane trying to get every together. Finally, my father took attention on me, Milo, and my mother. He looked at my mother, "Crystal, can you help me with getting the ship ready?"

"Yes, I'm on it," said my mother.

"Milo, bring Abby down to the lower deck; Crystal, the rest of the crew, and I will meet you down there when we're done."

"Aye-Aye, Captain," said Milo. But I didn't want to go away from my father. "No, wait, I want to help you, too!" I ran up and clung to my parents. They both pushed me away with moderate force and my father lean down to me. "You need to stay with Milo. I can't image what I do if anything happened to you. Understand?" He looked me in the eyes. We both had the same green eyes, but I had my mother reddish hair. "I understand," I said to him. He nods and pushed me towards Milo. Then we both ran to the lower levels of the ship.

Milo and I stayed there for a while and sat down on the ground. Then my parents ran in the room we were in. My father kept the door open for the crew and yelled at them to come in quickly. But as he called out to them, the ship's main mast pole came crashing down right at the door's entrance. Luckily, my father was able to dodge it, but everyone else was outside in the dangerous storm and we were all trapped. "No, no, no," my father murmured aloud, I could hear the crew screaming outside, which terrified me. "Not them… anything but them!" "Samson…" my mother said quietly, "Will they be ok?" I ask. My father's face wasn't like his old smiling self. Instead it was a face of shock, of despair and of sorrow. He came up and sat down in front of me, with my mother beside him.

"We just have to hope for the best for them," my mother said. "Your mother is right, Abby," said my father. He held my hand with his left, then he held my mother's with his spare. My mother passed her other hand to Milo's, and then he gave me his spare hand to let me hold it. We all sat in a circle with each other and held hands. Then my father said the last words I would ever hear from him, "I'm just glad that I am here with my famil…" That's all he could say before the ship snapped in half between me and my parents. Milo was still sitting beside me, still holding on to my hand.

I looked into my father's face, which was the most haunting thing I have ever seen since. His eyes were wide and his mouth was slightly open. His facial expression was a mixture of unbelief and terror. I think I had that same facial expression as well. Guess I also got it from him, as well. Everything seems to be in slow motion as I look at his face. From our expressions, we both knew what will happen next. We both knew that both he and my mother will be consumed by the storm. I try to hold on to his hand, but my hands were too small. My father's bigger hand swept away from mine and all I could do was scream…

That was a long while ago, and I still dread that very day.

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