A/N: This is my first story ever. Please tell me what you think of it :) I wrote it in twenty mins. So I'm very sorry if it's not good. Enjoy! :)

Erza Scarlet had a hard childhood she always knew that, probably had it rougher than the other kids because of all the suffering she went through.

Even after all the hard work she went through to free thoughs kids and adults from that prison. She was treated like a traitor, even when they saw with their own eyes and heard with their own ears of what she said. She may have done it for someone else, but she still wanted everyone to be safe.

Years later and here are those kids she knew, some of them even got off that Island the same has her, but they all turned evil, 'not all of them', she thought.'Some where corrupted'. She felt sorry she could couldn't help them like she wanted, that they couldn't live the life she had at Fairy Tail. To become stronger than she was in 'there' and know that there are people who help take the pain that happened in the past to help make sure that you have a brighter and happier future.

Yes, Erza Scarlet always knew she had a rough childhood, but she wouldn't change, because it helped her become the woman she is today. Strong, Kind, Wise, Stubborn, and Appreciate. Thoughs are the things that go through her mind of when she thinks of how hard her childhood was. And she realise's that she didnt have a hard childhood, there were pleanty of laughs and family she made. It made her stronger.

Erza Scarlet sat on a rock looking at the 'Scarlet' sky.