Chapter 23: Boss Spain

Romano cautiously sneaked into Spain's home with a loaded handgun in his right hand. He walked lightly; his steps were nearly silent. He could hear Spain making something in his kitchen. He was humming the tune of Spain's National Anthem. Romano smiled as he turned a corner and pointed his gun at the back of Spain's head. Suddenly, Spain's humming stopped. He spotted Romano's reflection on his frying pan.

"Romano!" He turned around quickly, raising his arms.

"Spain," Romano said as he grinned.

"What…What're you doing with that?"

"What does it look like?" Romano stepped closer, gripping his gun tighter. Spain stepped back, slamming into his stove.

"Romano please. Step out of it. You wouldn't kill me!"

"I won't have to, if you surrender." Spain lowered his arms and his nervousness seemed to fade and was replaced by anger.

"Surrender? But I'm the boss."

Romano chuckled. "You were never the boss. Even when I was little." Romano stepped closer, placing the cold, steel gun against Spain's forehead. Spain growled as his eyes filled with fury and frustration.

He moved like a lightning bolt, Romano was unable to react. Spain ducked out of Romano's range and tripped him with a kick. Romano shot at the roof, barely missing Spain's shoulder as he kicked the gun out of Romano's hand. It slid across the marble floors underneath Spain's fridge.

"Heh, now let's see who's the boss." Spain raised his fists as Romano lifted himself off the ground. Spain threw an uppercut right under Romano's chin. His neck made a cracking noise as his body swung around. He wiped the blood that was dripping from his lips. He turned and quickly jabbed Spain's chest, causing him to back up quickly in pain. Spain smirked. "Heh, pathetic."

A quick kick to the chest sends Romano flying across the kitchen. He slammed into the wall beside the fridge. He shook off the pain and scrambled for his gun. His hands couldn't reach it. Suddenly he was lifted up by the shirt. Romano whimpered as Spain pulled him up. They looked eye to eye. Spain's eyes showed no remorse.

"I feel ashamed raising a weak little thing like you! You can't even fight me without your gun."

"Wait, Spain! Just hear me out would you?" Romano pleaded. Spain looked at him with a blank expression. Romano looked around finding something to attack him with or make a distraction. There was nothing in sight.

"I'm waiting." Spain narrowed his eyes.

Romano leaned in quickly, pecking his lips against Spain. Spain's eyes widened and his grip lightened. Romano wiggled free, but he was too slow. Spain was able to grab his hair curl before he could run too far.

"ChigiiiiI!" Romano yelled as he fell back. Spain pinned him down with his foot as Romano began to whimper again.

"Why did you come here, Romano?" Spain yelled.

"For an alliance." Spain lifted his brow and knelt down, Romano still pinned under his foot.

"An alliance, eh?"

"Si!" Romano coughed, losing his breath from Spain pinning him down. "Ita and I are creating a new empire! We already captured Germany."

"Oh, so you were trying to capture me weren't you?" Spain lifted the Italian's head by the curl. Romano remained quiet. He wasn't sure how to answer. He began turning purple from breath loss. Spain smirked releasing his curl and some pressure from his foot. Romano quickly sat up, gasping for breath.

"Alright. I'll join your little alliance." Spain said. Romano smiled but Spain quickly lunged back at him, pulling Romano by the shirt collar up to his face. "Just remember whose boss." His eyes roared fury and relentless rage, unlike his normal innocent, bright green eyes. Romano nodded slowly, trying not to break the stare. Spain grinned, backing away from the Italian.

"But…can I ask something?" Romano blushed as he talked. Spain looked at him impatiently. "Did you like that little kiss I planted on you?" His voice was soft and shy. Spain raised a brow and wore a toothy grin.

"I think you could've done better." Spain's response made Romano lick his lips with thirst.