Jack stared in wonder and shock and this fully grown man who stood down looking at him. Had he really said his name? Or had Jack been alone so long he was going delusional? But he knew it was real, he knew because he realised who that man was, his faded freckles and brown eyes matched with his hair, but his smile, though aged, was still the same.
"Jamie Bennet?"
Jack stood; Jamie had grown taller than him, but not by much. He stared into his eyes, like he was going to find something there. He then noticed the young boy by his side "of course" Jack said, cracking a smile for the first time in a long time. Jamie smiled too but soon turned serious, "Jack, what's wrong? Why have you been here so long? The Guardians are they -" "They're fine" Jack interrupted. "It's been snowing here for ages, have you been here the whole time?" Jamie asked, Jack turned away from Jamie and nodded, thinking of how many researchers had come looking for answers and how they all ran from Jack's icy winds. "I have nowhere else to be". Jamie looked at him curiously, "What about the fun and snow days? I haven't heard of a blizzard or white out or heavy snow fall in so long". "I'm not needed, the world's safe" Jack said bitterly, letting his fingers stray absently over the bark of the oak. "You don't seem so happy about the safety of the world" Jamie said, picking up his son, holding him to warm him up. "We lost someone important the day this tree appeared, it's all that's left, a symbol of what we lost" Jack said turning back to Jamie, his eyes full of grief. "A Guardian?" Jamie asked his eyes wide in disbelief. "No…" Jack paused; his lips trembled as though it hurt to say the name. He took a breath and decided on something else, "Mother Nature". Jamie looked at him in confusion, "I didn't even know she existed…I mean how could someone that big… be lost?" "Circle of life" Jack scoffed, "another will be chosen". Jamie looked at him angrily "Jack the other Guardians obviously aren't here mourning, you need to be making snow days and watching over children, if another's going to be chosen why are you so -" Jamie stopped himself, seeing the glimpse of emotion in Jack's eyes before he averted them, avoiding Jamie's gaze. That glimpse of raw emotion, one that Jamie, as an adult, now recognised; the pain of losing a love.

A distant call rang out "Jamie? Ben?"
"go to them" Jack said. Jamie looked from Jack to the direction of the voice, then back to Jack. He reached out on arm to grab his shoulder firmly. Jamie winced at the cold but didn't recoil; Jack was colder than he remembered, much colder. "I'm not going to tell you I know how you feel. I can't imagine the loneliness, but I know things will get better, but not until you move on. It's been two years since this tree appeared. I think it's time you moved on, Jack". Jamie gave one last comforting squeeze to his shoulder before leaving.

As Jack watched them leave his mind slowly processed what Jamie had said. Two years. He'd been sitting in the same spot, frozen in time, for two years. For the first time Jack stood and shook himself off, finally seeing the world, his eyes no longer glazed, his breaths were shaky and he turned back to the tree. He couldn't reflect on anything, everything between the moment he lost her and now was a distant dream. He felt something inside him snap; he came out of his daze, all the senses in the world flooding back to him. He was curious, playful, and mischievous. He was Jack Frost. He picked up his staff which had been lying dormant for so long and it came to life, a snowy blue aura burst from it with his touch, seeming almost happy that Jack was finally back.

Tentatively Jack lifted the crook of his staff into the branches where something had lain hidden for a while. Once he had hooked it on he brought it down carefully, placing it on the ground. He knelt down on the ground. He stared at the basket; its contents a large, stone-like egg, the size of a football. This whole time it never hatched, never felt warmth, only the cold. The final gift Terra had left him. He stared at it for a while. He struggled to accept it, he didn't want to feel like he was leaving her behind. He took a deep breath. Moving on doesn't have to mean letting go, he told himself. As he placed his hands on either side of the egg to lift it, something from within it glowed with a brilliant white light that was all too familiar.

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