Jack set the egg back down in the snow and stepped back in shock. His heart clenched as the familiar white light shone, the memories of Terra flooded back. He watched as the form inside the egg stirred and began to break through the egg. Light shone through the cracks, growing stronger and stronger as pieces of the stone shell broke away. A small creature rose from the remains, the glow died down and a rather large reptilian creature stood almost immediately. Silvery blue scale reflected the sun's ray; flimsy wings sported a thin layer of feathers and it stood up straight on two wobbly legs. It swung its long tail from side to side anxiously, taking in its surroundings. Feathers crowned its head and it turned its sharp eyes on Jack. He gasped when he looked into its eyes. Despite the reptilian-like eyes, they were a warm brown; just like Terra's were. He clenched his jaw. It was a baby dragon. Was this some sort of sick joke? How could Terra do something like this?

Jack raised his staff at it in rage suddenly. The young dragon hissed and flared its feathers and wings. Just as it did, it brushed a note sitting in the basket it had been in. the note flew into view and settled once again in the snow. Jack lowered his staff and turned his attention to the note. The young dragon eased up and watched him curiously. Jack picked up the note and read it.

She's our last hope Jack, look after her for me. She can save everyone.

- Terra

Jack stared at the note and eyed the dragon suspiciously. She seemed just as cautious of him. He stepped closer but the dragon hopped away another two. She gave out a low growl to Jack, warning him to stay back. Jack sat and waited for the dragon to come closer but she simply sat opposite him stubbornly.

Suddenly he heard a familiar voice call his name. He turned to find Tooth closing in, she seemed flustered and excited. Her violet eyes were bright and wide as she crashed into him, hugging him.

"Jack! Oh my goodness you moved! It's been so long, how are you feeling? You don't look so well!"

Jack laughed, "Tooth! Chill out, I'm ok. It just took an old friend to make me realise it."

The dragon warbled. And both Tooth and Jack turned to face her. Tooth's crown of feathers pricked forward curiously and the dragon mimicked her. Tooth flattened the again, and was once again mimicked. Toothiana giggled and turned to Jack

"Who's your new friend?"

"I uh… don't know she hatched out of that egg Terra left" Jack said, staring at the ground, unable to look at Tooth or the dragon.

Tooth locked eyes with the dragon and realised why he was so reluctant to look at her.

The young dragon's pupil's dilated as it set its eyes on the small cloth bag in Tooth's hand. It seemed to be attracted to it. It cautiously, picked its way over to it, completely ignoring Jack and tooth, it's focus completely set on the bag. Tooth seemed to realise the attraction it had to it and opened up herm palms, extending out her hand to the dragon, offering the bag. As she crept closer, the back began to glow once again as it had before Tooth had rushed to Jack. Tooth emptied the bag's contents; several pure white stones. The dragon finally reached Tooths palms and stones floated towards the dragon. They lit up, their form become malleable , creating images, two figures dancing in lights, toys of all sorts whizzing around, a young girls face, a larger, more menacing serpent-like creature. Jack realised what they were; memories. The stones began to form once more as they spun around the base of its neck and settles into several indentations at its base. The dragons eyes glowed white and then faded back to brown. But there was something different in the way she now looked at Jack; her warm brown eyes now filled with warmth and familiarity as she warbled happily at him.