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Sansa did not know how long the vision held her, but eventually consciousness returned to her. She was lying on the floor and from the light coming through the shutters suggested that it had been some time, there was also a banging sound filling the room. At first she could not trace the source of the sound, but after a moment she realized that it was coming from the door which she had bolted before taking shade of the evening. Rising groggily to her feet, feeling the dizziness and nauseousness that she had felt before, she walked shakily to the door and unbolted it. Unfortunately, she opened it just as the person on the other side, Brienne as it turned out, struck the door again with such force that it practically flew open, causing Sansa to fall back. This, in addition to her dizziness, caused Sansa to lose her footing and fall to the floor. The large woman stared for a moment and then rushed into the room.

"My Lady!" She cried as she rushed to help Sansa back up.

"I am so sorry! Please forgive me!" She babbled out as she helped Sansa to a chair and seated her. She cast a look of distaste at the goblet which had contained the shade of the evening and which Sansa had dropped as the visions had taken her. Once Sansa was seated Brienne went to a table and poured water into a cup and brought it to Sansa. As Sansa drank greedily Brienne looked down at her, her expression a mixture of concern and disapproval.

"My lady, I wish that you would stop. It is a vile concoction and I fear for you when you take it. Nothing good can come of sorcery and trying to see the future." From her seat Sansa smiled wearily as she looked into Brienne's face. She found the care and concern there to be comforting. She finished the water and put the cup down.

"Thank you for you concern. I am truly grateful for it, but I cannot agree with you. Dark times are coming, something which I never prepared for when I was younger. Now everyone is looking to me to guide them through…and I do not know how." She paused and felt a shudder pass through her. All the fear, all the uncertainty that she had been feeling welled up within her and she had to choke back a sob and blink away tears.

"I don't know what to do. Legends and nightmares are coming to life and I am nothing like the heroes in the old. All I fear is alone and afraid in the face of an all-consuming darkness. Shade of the evening gives me glimpse of the future and from these I may be able to find a way through all that is happening." She might have said more she let herself lean back in the chair as what little strength she had draining out of her. Brienne looked at her as if she wanted to argue, but was not sure what to say. For awhile they remained in silence as Sansa felt strength return to her. At last Brienne spoke, a little hesitantly.

"Has it my lady? Have you seen anything which might be of help to you?" Sansa felt a cold spike of fear as she remembered her visions. Even worse, she remembered the voice which had told her that there was no way to prevent what was going to happen.

Did that mean that Brienne was correct? If there was no way to prevent what was going to come did that mean that there was no point in trying to see the future in an effort to do so? She had to admit that a large part of her wished that such was the case. It would mean that she would no longer have to take shade of the evening and endure the nightmare visions and the feeling of sickness which followed. The thought that she would never have to endure those again filled her with longing. Yet, she could not, for to do so would be to admit something far worse. It would be to admit that there was indeed no hope. Still, did that mean that the visions could be trusted?

Whose voice had that been speaking to her? Was it a friend or an enemy? Could it be trusted? Was Maester Lawsen right? Were the visions nothing but meaningless hallucinations? A reflection of her own mind? Was the voice nothing but her own fears echoing in her mind? Even if was not and the voice could be trusted, something which she had already determined there was no way to know for certain if that was true or not, what was she to do?

The King was demanding more and more resources to be sent to reinforce his army at the Wall and Jon was also asking for more support. But, if the visions were true, did that not mean that she was squandering men and material which could be used to defend places which were not doomed to fall? It would appear that that would be the logical thing to do, but that would mean both abandoning those at the Wall and breaking her vow to the King.

Where she to do that the people of the North would see her as an oathbreaker and a coward and refuse to obey her and that would make things even worse. If she tried to explain why she was doing it they would call her either mad or a witch, neither of which would end well. But if she sent the aid then it might all be lost and they would be left weakened for the battles which would come later. For a moment she felt a wave of despair. What was she to do? The despair turned quickly to rage and she flung the goblet which she had drunk from across the room to strike the wall opposite her.

Damn the Others! She thought viciously.

Damn the King! Damn his demands! Damn…everything! And damn that drink most of all! That last echoed in her mind so loudly that she almost screamed it aloud. She had taken it to show her what to do in situations which she had never been trained to deal with and she could not see a way out, but all it had done was give her images which caused her doubt during the day and to plague her dreams at night. Shaking her head she left the room, Brienne behind her and made her way to her quarters to change out of her rumpled clothing into something more fitting for her to face the day.

As she walked Brienne made a small cough, an indication that she wished to speak with Sansa. Sansa, for her part, had no desire to speak, but it would be rude not to respond and she half hoped that speaking would distract her troubled thoughts. So she paused and turned back.

"Yes, Brienne?"

"I was just going to suggest that you put on something warmer, My Lady." Sansa looked at her curiously. It was true that the weather was continually worsening and all were feeling its effects, but Sansa did not think that she was any colder than the other inhabitants of Winterfell. Her thoughts must have been readable on her face for Brienne continued.

"It is just that, while I did not notice it at first, it is your lips. They look like they are beginning to turn blue."

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