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Gabriella's POV (age 7):

It was the first day of summer vacation and I had come outside to play soccer. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a FOR SALE sign in front of the house next door. My mom was gardening and I asked, "Mommy, why is there a for sale sign next door?"

"There's going to be a new family moving in soon."

"Really? Who?"

"They have a little boy around your age."

Every day I hoped the new family would come soon so I would have a new friend to play with. One day when I was playing soccer in front of my house again I saw a car coming up the street. In a few minutes the car pulled into the driveway and I got my first glimpse of the new family. When the car stopped a little boy with sandy brown hair got out. As the boy started to help his dad unload the car I made my way over.

"Hi! My name is Gabriella Montez. Do you want any help? His eyes were the deepest shade of ocean blue and in that moment I flipped. It was those eyes. Something in those dazzling eyes.

The boy replied, "Ummm...su...sure you can help us". His dad joined. "Sure Gabriella! There are smaller boxes over there that you can bring in."

I focused my attention on the boy again. "My name is Gabriella. What's your name?" "Ummm...my name is Tr...Troy."

Before I could continue his dad interrupted. "Troy, can you please go help your mom unpack some boxes?" "Sure dad".

Troy immediately took off and I ran after him to help. I caught up and before he could go inside I grabbed his arm. He was looking right into my eyes and my heart stopped. I thought, "Was this it? Would this be my first kiss?"

But then his mom walked out. "Hi sweetie! What's your name?" "I'm Gabriella." Troy shook off my arm and ran to hide behind his mom. His mom asked him to show me around the house and before I knew it Troy took off again with me close behind.

All of a sudden, he runs off back into the house calling for someone named Amy. When I got inside the house Troy was nowhere to be found, except for a girl who I assumed was Amy.

"Excuse me but where did Troy go?"

She replied, "He went to hide in the attic, and if he asks, tell him that Amy sent you. I don't know why you want him though because he is such a dork!"

I started wandering through the house looking for him when I noticed the attic door open. And there was Troy looking petrified.