SOOOOOOOOOOOO, this is my first fanfic, please go easy on me~ It's a Ren x Masa pairing, from Ren's POV. He has the hots for Masa, but he's trying to resist the temptation as hard as he can, Enjoy~

Unwanted Desire

"How annoying. Shuttup already." Were the thoughts running Ren Jinguji's mind as his usual, self-proclaimed gaggle of fangirls surrounded him. Their high-pitched, shrieks at every little thing he did was getting on his nerves, all he wanted to do was escape. Suddenly his eyes caught a flash of blue and he glanced towards the source, hoping it would be who he thought. And it was—Masa Hijirikawa. Ren's eyes unconsciously tracked the figure's progress across the quad, taking in the sight of Masa's naturally graceful form. "Beautiful…" He breathed out, unknowingly. But he was rudely brought back by the sharp increase in screaming from the girls around him. Fed up, Ren roughly pushed through the crowd, needing to get away from all of them. One of the girls fell to the ground, and the others looked in shock at Ren, because he was the ultimate ladies' man, there was no way he was capable of violent acts towards them. Mindlessly he helped her up and reassured her, accompanying it with his trademark wink. Then he practically ran away from them, in the direction he had last seen Masa headed towards.

He found himself back at the dorm room that he shared with Masa. Without pausing to knock before entering, he froze in shock at the sight that met his eyes. Masa was sprawled out on his bed, with nothing but a towel around his waist. Still gaping at the view of his roommate's practically nude body, Ren quietly sat down next to him and pulled the bedsheets over Masa's supine figure.

"You're going to catch a cold sleeping like that, you idiot" he gently admonished. Masa suddenly stirred, sleepily opening his eyes and peered up at Ren.

"Mmm…R-ren? Is that you?" He asked while cupping Ren's face with his hands and pulling him downwards. "Ren, come lie down with me, this bed is big enough for both of us." Masa said invitingly.

"Idiot, how am I supposed to refuse you when you're looking like that?" Ren thought desperately.

"Ehhh? Do you have a fever? Your face is red all of a sudden." Masa asked curiously. He brought his forehead to Ren's to check his temperature, and then gave a slight shake of his head after a moment. "Nope, you don't seem to have a fever, so what's wrong with you?" He questioned, his dark blue eyes staring into Ren's lighter ones.

"N-nothing…Nothing's wrong with me!" Ren exclaimed, almost angrily. And then he winced as he saw Masa's eyes widen in shock. "Sorry, I'm just a little tired is all." He said apologetically. "Really, there is only so much of this cuteness I can handle. I think I'm already at my limit."

"Alright…well still, come lie down with me!" Masa dictated and yanked on Ren's arms, which caused him to topple down onto the bed, bringing their bodies into almost direct contact. The only thing separating skin to skin contact was Ren's thin uniform.

"I can't take anymore of this but there's no way I'll relent to this idiot's sleep dazed advances. He probably isn't even aware of what he's doing right now." Ren thought angrily. "What do you think you're doing?! Stop being stupid!" He yelled at Masa as he frantically got off Masa's bed. He wrestled to open the door and finally yanked it open, then slammed it shut behind him. "Stupid…stupidstupidstupid. I can't let myself be drawn in. If I did anything now, he wouldn't even remember it later. I need to be on my guard more. That can't happen again, or else I might not be able to stop myself." Ren berated himself as he closed his eyes and leaned heavily on the other side of the door.

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