I kind of neglected the advancement of the other pairings so the TokiOto and NatSyo pairings are gonna get some looove in this chapter. (Which also means this is going to be quite a long chapter).


Chapter 10

*meanwhile in TokiOto's room*

"Ehhh…I hope it all went well!" exclaimed the redhead, referring to Ren and Masato.

"Mmm…" his dark haired roommate made a noncommittal sound in response, his eyes focused on the magazine he was holding.

The redhead looked at the teen, ready to admonish him for not answering properly before his eyes landed on the cover of the magazine and a smirk appeared on his face. "Tokiyaaaa, your magazine is up-side-dooowwwnnnn! Cause you're worried about them too, aren't you!" he said triumphantly, snatching the article from the other's hands.

A faint, barely noticeable blush stole over Tokiya's cheeks as his roommate's claim hit the nail right on the head. The redhead let out a short giggle as his sharp gaze caught the blush and he threw a friendly arm around the other's shoulder and said "Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. We are all worried about them, anyone could tell that they are meant to be together, it's super obvious!"

Hearing that Tokiya muttered something under his breath, and Otoya cocked his head to the side in confusion. "Hmm? What did you say?"

His blush got more prominent as he cleared his throat before repeating "I said…I-I think that we are too. Meant to be together th-that is." The dark haired teen looked away embarrassedly as he spoke.

Otoya's mouth formed a shocked little 'o', before he blushed too as a silly grin spread across his face. "I-I'm so happy!" he wrapped his arms around the other, hugging him tightly. "I never thought—not in my wildest dreams!—that you would share my feelings. It was really hard ya know…trying to hide my feelings, especially since we live together. You're really b-beautiful you know; I'm surprised you didn't notice me staring all the time." He confessed guiltily.

There was a moment of silence before Tokiya spoke, "Actually I did notice. I just didn't say anything, because I didn't know why you were looking, I thought it probably had something to do with composing or even Nanami. If I didn't bring it up, I could just pretend that you were really admiring me. A-and, I always looked at you too. Because you're really c-cute." Blushing, he ran a hand through his hair. "Argh, we could've been together long ago, if I had just said something from the beginning."

"Ehh? It isn't just your fault! I-I should have said something also!" The redhead rushed to reassure him.

Suddenly Tokiya slid a glance towards his roommate, a seductive smirk on his lips. "Well, we know now though. Shouldn't we do something to…commemorate our becoming a couple?" His eyes traveled slowly down the other's body, before coming back up slowly to meet the redhead's eyes with his own, which were suddenly burning with lust.

"E-eeh? Aaahh…uhmm.." Otoya stammered, feeling his whole body tingle under the other's heated gaze. Unable to form any coherent words, he trailed off as his face got increasingly red.

"Don't you agree, Otoya?" Tokiya whispered; caressing the other's name as it fell from his lips. His pale fingers tipped the other teen's chin up as he brought their lips together for the first time.

The second their lips met, a frisson of shock went through the both of them, causing Otoya's lips to part as he let out a gasp. Taking advantage of the opening, Tokiya's tongue slipped into the other's mouth, exploring its warm recesses fully. He ran his tongue along the other's teeth and the roof of his mouth, before prodding gently at the redhead's own wet muscle.

Unused to kissing, Otoya's attempts to duel with the other teen's tongue was awkward at first but after a few moments their kisses became passionate exchanges accompanied by heavy pants and moans.

Sliding a hand down the redhead's shirt, Tokiya began to undo the buttons. Feeling the cool fingertips slip under his shirt to touch his heated skin, the redhead let out a surprised gasp.

The dark haired teen gently pressed the other into the mattress and began to strip off the other's shirt. "So cute…" he murmured, stroking the redhead's flushed cheek fondly. Leaning down he captured the other's lips with his own and their tongues dueled passionately for a few moments before the lust filled haze was broken by the sound of someone's ringer going off. Breaking apart they looked at each in confusion, their eyes still clouded with desire.

"Hmmnn? 'S that?" asked the redhead hazily, his thoughts still on what had just happened before they were interrupted.

"My phone…I think. Dammit." Tokiya rolled to the side and fished his phone out of his pocket to answer it with a growl, "This better be good."

"Ranran, where are youuu? Practice started half an hour ago!" their senpai's voice was heard through the speaker.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS. THIS IS ICHINOSE. YOU'RE SO DUMB." Tokiya practically yelled, then hung up without waiting for an answer. A dark scowl formed on the teen's brow at the unnecessary interruption. "He always ruins things, so stupid." He muttered.

Finally getting his bearings back, Otoya giggled and turned to face the other teen. "We have the day off tomorrow, wanna go somewhere?"

"Sure, where do you want to go?"

"The amusement park, of course!" the red head exclaimed excitedly.

A gentle smile appeared on the dark haired teen as he watched his loved one talk animatedly about all the things they would do at the amusement park the next day. "I could watch his face for hours and never get tired; his expressions are just so cute. I'm so lucky to have met him." Tokiya leaned forward to place a light kiss on the other's lips. "I love you, Otoya."

The redhead stopped talking abruptly and his mouth hung open for a few moments before he snapped it shut while his face got increasingly red. "I-I love you t-too!" he stammered in reply.

"I'm so glad I met you. You bring so much color to my life. Thank you." The other teen's face just got redder and redder as he was praised. Chuckling, Tokiya stroked Otoya's cheek softly as he said, "I'm really looking forward to tomorrow."

"M-me too!" said the redhead as his features split into a smile full of pure happiness.

*and meanwhile in Natsyo's room*

The two blond roommates were sitting together on the couch, watching one of Hyuuga senpai's movies (Syo's choice).

"Ahh, I'm so happy that everyone is together with the one they love now!" exclaimed the glasses teen suddenly.

"Ehh? Why are you saying that all of a sudden? You're weird."

"Syo-chan, you're so cold! I was just thinking about how it's good that Ren and Masayan are finally going to be happy together, and also Toki-chan and Otoya. Just like us, nehh?" Natsuki said, smiling happily at the shorter blond.

"S-stop saying such embarrassing things." Syo said with a blush.

The taller blond suddenly looked straight at the other teen with a serious expression on his face. "But really, I'm really happy because we are together. All these years I used to follow you around and things, and now look at us. You are my most important person Syo. The one I love the most is you."

The shorter teen's eyes widened at the other's serious declaration, the other was hardly ever serious. "Wh-what was that, saying that all of a sudden! He says those kinds of things so easily, but I'm not like that!" Looking away to hide his flushed cheeks, he mumbled "Yeah, me too."

Disappointment flashed across the other blond's face at those words. Standing up from the couch he padded softly towards his bed.

"Ehh? You're sleeping right now?" Syo asked, watching his roommate lie down on his bed quietly, his back to him.

"Yea…good night." Natsuki muttered, his back still to the other teen.

The shorter blond stared in confusion at the other's back for a few moments, and suddenly his eyes widened as he caught the slight tremors that ran through Natsuki's form. "Natsuki? What's wrong?" He asked, walking over to his roommate to put a gentle hand on his shoulder. Receiving no reply he leaned over to look at the other's face, "Hey! You're- why are you crying?!" Still not getting an answer, Syo let out a frustrated growl and forcefully turned the other teen to face him. "Answer me Natsuki. Why are you crying?"

"I-I just can't take it anymore. It hurts too much. I feel like it's so one-sided. I'm always telling you that I love you, but it doesn't seem like you love me back. It seems like you just say 'me too' just to make me feel better, but you don't really mean it…" Natsuki broke off to sniffle. "I just…I just really want to hear you say it b-back, Syo. We're a couple, s-so don't couples say those kinds of things to each other? Right? B-but I'm the only one saying those things, so does that mean we aren't together? You almost never let me hug you or anything, and the rare times you do, it's only if I bug you about it for awhile. Syo, do you really love me, or are you just pretending you do?" He met the shorter blond's eyes with his own tear-filled ones, his lips trembling with the effort to hold in his sobs.

Shocked yet again at the words that came from his roommate, Syo was left speechless for a few moments. But suddenly his brows snapped together as the teen's words processed in his head. "You! Crying over such a thing! Especially, since there isn't even any reason to cry in the first place. Argh, crying isn't manly you know. The reason I…The reason I haven't said it is because it's embarrassing! I'm not like you, I get easily embarrassed when you hug me, especially in front of other people. And it's so hard to say the…you know. But that doesn't mean that I don't…you know. I-It's just really embarrassing to say it. So. You cried for nothing, because I wasn't pretending at all. We are t-together, really." He scowled down at the teary-eyed blond.

"R-really?" Natsuki asked, hope shining in his eyes.

"Really." Syo said firmly, nodding his head. "Wow, he is way more insecure about this than I thought. Why would he think I was pretending about all this. And anyway, even I'm not that great of an actor. Dummy."

"C-can you…" The taller blond wet his lips nervously. "Can you say it, j-just this one time! Then you never have to again if you don't want to."

Upon hearing his request, his roommate's eyes widened and his cheeks turned bright red. But he took a deep breath and forced out the words. "I-I love, y-you." And it was worth it, he decided, as he saw the other blond's face light up, a blinding grin stretching across his features.

"Syo-chan! I love you too!" Natsuki said, reaching up to hug the other teen.

"I know that, dummy." Syo said, a rueful smile on his face. "Oh man, he looks so very happy when I said that. And being happy is the only thing that Natsuki should be. Maybe I should try to say it more often, his happy face is so beautiful. Ehh, look at me, calling another guy beautiful. But who cares, it's Natsuki after all." Dipping his head, he brought their lips together in the first kiss that the shorter blond had ever initiated.

"S-syo-chan…" the glasses blond stammered when they broke apart, shocked at the other's bold move. They traded more kisses and when they parted again, he just smiled dreamily at his roommate.

"Ya know, when you smile…you look…beautiful." The words just slipped out of Syo's mouth before he could stop them. He flushed in embarrassment, but didn't take the words back because they were the truth, and it made Natsuki grace him with that beautiful smile of his once more. He put his mouth really close to the other teen's ear and whispered softly, "I love you, Natsuki. I really really do."

The other teen was becoming overwhelmed by the change in Syo, from such a cold teen to this openly affectionate blond. "T-that's two times Syo-chan, once was enough." He pointed out, confused with the changed blond in front of him.

"So? I wanted to say it again. Because you need to hear it right? I don't like it when you cry, I want you to be happy, all the time. You look best when you're cheerful Natsuki. So I'll say it more. Every day, for the rest of our lives together. To make sure that you know that I'm not pretending. Really, Natsuki, how could you even think such a thing? I wouldn't put up with you, and stay by your side all this time if I didn't love you." Syo chided the taller blond, but softened his words by placing a light peck on his lips.

"Ahh…every…day?" Suddenly left speechless at his words, Natsuki couldn't do more than stutter.

Giving him a look that said of-course-you-idiot, Syo replied. "Yes, of course. Is that not enough? I'll say it many times a day then. I love you."

"EHhh?! Y-you suddenly can say it s-so much! I feel embarrassed now!" The taller blond said, hiding his face in his hands. But after a moment he removed them to say "But, it's nice. It makes me so happy. I love you too!"

"And I love you more." He replied with a teasing grin.

"Nnnnn, I love you most! Hah!" Natsuki proclaimed with a triumphant smile. He then pulled the other teen down on the bed with him and proceeded to prove his words to the small blond—in a different way.

*the next morning*

There wasn't words enough to describe how happy Ren was to open his eyes and see his bluenet lover snuggled tightly in his arms. He felt an almost painful joy that tightened his chest and made his breath catch. He had dreamed about this moment for so long, it was difficult to believe that it was actually real this time. He gently stroked his lover's pale cheeks, not wanting him to wake just yet. "I can feel him...this is really happening. After all this time, he's finally mine. Really truly, all mine."

Unable to help himself from lightly brushing his lips across the other's. Feeling the warm slight pressure, the bluenet sleepily opened his eyes and smiled cutely up at his blond lover. "Jesus he's so adorable." "Don't look at me like that unless you want to be staying in this bed all day" Ren growled, his voice turned husky with desire.

"Hmmn? Look like what?" Masa questioned as he stretched sinuously, his back arching gracefully.

"Stop...being...so-" Ren captured the other's lips in a swift deep kiss, "goddamn flawless."

"Flawless?" The bluenet snorted. "You obviously need to get your eyes checked." He dismissed the compliment as he got up and began to get dressed.

Making no attempt to get out of bed, the blond contented himself with watching his lover. He wasn't offended by his cold words, because he could see that the blue's cheeks were slightly flushed from embarrassment. "Actions speak louder than words, love." He thought amusedly.

Throwing a disapproving glance towards the blond who was still lounging on the bed wearing nothing but a satisfied smirk, Masa admonished him. "You can't just lie there all day."

"Even though it is a rest day?" Pointed out the blond as he stretched lazily.

His words caught in his throat as he watched his lover's well defined muscles ripple so fluidly. Clearing his throat he forced the words out, "Well you were always the lazy one. If you aren't going to get up, I'm going out on my own." He had on casual clothes instead of his usual academy uniform. A black button up shirt with a maroon cardigan and a tan blazer over both, paired with snug fitting dark wash jeans and sneakers.

Masa always managed to give off this cooly sophisticated look, no matter how he dressed. "Makes me want to make him melt in my hands even more" Ren thought, as he looked at his icy prince. He swiftly wrapped the blanket around his waist and moved to cage Masa against the door before he could get out and brought his lips down to whisper in the other's ear. "Nehh, Masa, but I've already been up, see?" He said in a teasing voice, pressing the bulge at his crotch against his roommate.

"You-!" Blushing furiously Masa spun around to only to find his lips a breath away from the blond's. And the gap was closed before he could move back away. Moaning in submission he gave himself up to heat of the other, his mouth and his body.

Ren finally pulled away and pressed their foreheads together as they caught their breath. "I couldn't resist. It's true though. Every time I look at you my mind is filled with all these thoughts of what I want to do to you. Especially after last night, I look at you and remember how you felt when you came undone in my arms. I can't help it."

"You...idiot." the bluenet muttered weakly in response, for he was guilty of practically the same things.

"Hey, you know what we should do today?" The blond asked with a grin.

"No, we aren't staying in here all day." Was the immediate reply.

Ren pretended to be shocked. "What, how could you think that? Naughty little thing aren't you?" Bringing their lips close enough to feel each other's breath, but not quite touching, he whispered "But we could…if that's what you want."

"Wh-no! You tricked me!" Face aflame with embarrassment as the bluenet realized what the blond had done, he pushed at his chest to put some distance between them.

Chuckling contentedly at the desired reaction he had produced, Ren relented and clarified what he had really meant. "What I HAD meant, before you jumped to such, provocative conclusions, was that we should go out somewhere. Together."

"Ehh? Likea..d-date?" the blue stammered.

"Yes yes, like a date. That is what couples do, is it not? Go on dates?" The blond asked teasingly.

"B-but, where would we go? I mean I-I want to go with you, but we are both guys, so wouldn't other people look at us strange if we went out together?" Masa murmured self-consciously.

The corners of the blond's lips tightened in annoyance and he tsked. Turning around he began to dress in casual clothes himself. Navy blue button up, the same shade as his love's hair actually, under a black vest and paired with gray slacks. As he tied his hair up, he spoke. "I know you've always been one to follow the rules, but for once, can't you put your own happiness first?"

"You don't understand, you being the third son and all." The age old barb slipped out before he could stop it.

Sky blue eyes narrowed in anger at the jab, and he opened his mouth to hurl one back before he caught himself and proceeded to calmly finish putting on his black loafers. "Well, it can't be helped. I didn't choose when to be born." Suddenly a wicked smile flashed across his tanned face. "And just think, if I wasn't the third son, I would have never met you…would have never been able to love you the way I do now." Though the grin was still in place, the light blue eyes conveyed the sincerity of his words, as well as the wealth of his love for the bluenet.

Smiling softly in defeat, Masa apologized before taking the tanned hand to intertwine their fingers before exiting their room. "Well, where do you want to go?"

"Hmmm…how about, the amusement park?" suggested the blond with a playful grin.

"Wha?! What are you, five?!" was the outraged reply.

"Haha, no. Come to think of it, did you ever go to an amusement park when you WERE five? No right? As a matter of fact, neither have I. Now's the perfect chance to go together. It's a place couples often go too, so it isn't anywhere out of the ordinary." Came the blond's retort, but he had a fond smile on his face, showing that all he really wanted was to spend the day somewhere with his lover.

Giving in to that look, Masa's shoulders dropped slightly in defeat. "Alright alright, fine. Let's go."

Ren gave a triumphant whoop of joy as they walked hand in hand to where his flashy blue sports car was parked. Ushering the other into the passenger seat, he drove off minutes later in high spirits. Never had he looked forward to a date as much as this one.

"Ehhh?! Isn't that?" exclaimed the redhead, spotting a familiar pair of blue and blond heads waiting in line to get into the amusement park. "C'mon c'mon let's go say hi!" dragging his dark haired boyfriend behind him, Otoya raced to where the other couple was waiting. "Ren! Masa! What a surprise!"

The two looked up in surprise upon hearing their names and Masa began blushing furiously at being spotted by their friends. "Otoya…Tokiya. Are you two on a date as well?" Ren choked out, surprised to see the other couple there as well. "Otoya managed to drag Tokiya out here hmm, I wonder how he did that."


"Errr…you could say…" Came the simultaneous responses from the pair; Otoya's being the former and Tokiya's the latter. A muffled laugh was heard from Ren's side where Masa had unsuccessfully tried to hide his amusement at the pair's answers.

"Well well, no need to be shy Tokiya" drawled Ren teasingly. "You kids have fun now, nehh?"

"We're only a year younger than you two, idiot." Pointed out the dark haired teen. "And well, you two have fun too. Come, let's go Otoya." And with that, he dragged the redhead away before he could protest.

Still chuckling, Masa leaned softly against his lover. "I feel really excited, Ren. I've never been to one of these before."

"And neither have I. This will surely be a day neither of us will forget." The blond replied with a smile.

Moments later they were through the gates. Masa of course had snagged a map on the way in and was trying to figure out where they should go first. After much debate the decided to just follow the order of the rides they should go on that had been conveniently added to the map. The spinning teacups, the rollercoaster (in which Masa found out that Ren did not like heights—the blond clung to him the whole ride), the haunted house (in which it was Masa's turn to cling to the blond—he was easily frightened). They took a break and shared some cotton candy and popcorn. Many rides followed and then it was time for the most important ride: the Ferris wheel. The most cliché ride, but nevertheless one that they needed to go on before the day ended.

As they waited in line Masa tightened his grip on his lover's hand. "I had a lot of fun today, I'm glad you suggested to come here."

Smiling down at the bluenet he replied "I knew you would enjoy yourself here, that's why I wanted to come here. I'm happy whenever you are Masa." He leaned down to give the other a quick kiss.

"Ferris wheel Ferris wheel! C'mon Tokiya! Why are you walking so slow?!" the energetic redhead complained at his boyfriend's slow pace.

"What's the rush? The ride isn't going anywhere." Retorted the dark haired teen.

"But…There's no need to go sloooowwwwww!" moaned the other teen.

"Stop complaining." And to make sure, Tokiya pulled the redhead into his arms and kissed him. "So noisy. Why do I even put up with this idiot. But…he's so cute when he's frustrated like that. I can't help but tease him more. And look what happens when he makes that face: I'm kissing him in public!" Realizing what he was doing he released the other's lips and then began to walk at a very brisk pace, making it so that he was the one dragging the other along behind him. Once they reached the line for the Ferris wheel he once again spotted a familiar couple. "So they're here too." He commented with a chuckle.

He saw the blond lean down and kiss the bluenet, and grinned. "Ahh, looks like they're getting along just fine now."

"Who- Oh! They're here too? What a coincidence!" the redhead tugged his boyfriend into the line as he chatted animatedly about what he thought about the events of the day.

Barely catching what the other teen was saying, Tokiya was lost in his own thoughts. "This has to be the one of the happiest days ever. The only one that tops this was when Otoya had confessed that he shared his feelings. This is a close second though. I hope we have many more like this." Pressing the redhead tightly to him he leaned in and whispered "I love you, Otoya."

Blushing, the teen stammered out an "I love you too" in reply. But on his face was a grin of pure joy.

It was silent as the Ren and Masa sat together in the Ferris wheel cage (is that what it's called?). It was a comfortable silence though; they were leaning on each other, sharing their body warmth as they stared out at the lights below. Suddenly their cage stopped and after moment of panic they realized that they were at the top.

"I heard that when you reach the top if you-" Masa began but was cut off as Ren's lips crashed down on his. Numerous heated kisses followed before they broke apart as the Ferris wheel jerked forward again.

"You heard what?" Ren asked with a satisfied grin. "That when you reach the top, if you kiss the one you love, you'll be with them forever?"

"…S-something like that." He admitted, blushing at the blond's ability to know what he was thinking.

"Didn't think you believed in that kind of thing. And anyway, I didn't kiss you because I believe in that. I did it, because you do, and it was so cute I couldn't resist." He teased. He then dropped the grin and looked seriously at the bluenet. "Doesn't matter if we kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel or not, we'll always be together. I love you, and you're mine. You love me, and I'm yours. Nothing can come between us if we never stop loving each other. And even if your love fades, I'll still love you enough for both of us. I've loved you since we were kids, even when we were separated I still loved you. I loved you enough that I was able to overcome the medicine that suppressed my memories of you. The entire time I was overseas I was thinking of you, of how much I loved you, how much I wanted to see you, and how much I missed you. That's why, when we met again at Saotome Academy and you didn't recognize me, the pain was unbearable. And that's why I was so cold and harsh to you, because I wanted to lash out at you and punish you for not remembering me, even though I knew it wasn't your fault. I just-"

Masa stopped Ren's outpouring of words with gentle fingers. Hushing him gently he caressed his lover's hair. "I used to always wonder why you hated me so. I could only remember that we knew each other, but was unclear of what our true relationship was. But because of your harshness, it made me notice you more, and I slowly began to be drawn to you as I got to know you better and soon I started to feel jealous of all the girls who you gave your attention to all the time. You had somehow captured my heart, without saying a single kind thing to me. And now, my love for you is immeasurable. I love you so much, my heart is about to burst right out of my chest whenever I'm with you. So there's no way my love for you will fade; you're an idiot for even saying that. I want us to be together, forever. Nothing would make me happier." He smiled lovingly at the blond.

"I-" Overwhelmed by the bluenet's loving words Ren opened his mouth to reply, but before he could do so the door to the Ferris wheel cage opened and the operator was there telling them that they had to exit. Blinking in confusion, it took a moment before the pair remembered that they had been on the ride during the entire confession scene. They blushed and hurriedly stumbled off while giggling.

Hand in hand they slowly walked back to Ren's car, a comfortable silence once again hanging over them. On the drive back still neither of them spoke, they were content to bask in the glow of each other's loving words.

Ren and Masa made it back to the dorms a little before Tokiya and Otoya, but both couples were observed by the blond pair that had been strolling hand in hand through the quad.

"Looks like they both worked everything out. They look good together, and very happy." Observed Syo.

"They do! Ahh, that's good. They both had such rocky starts, but at least all is well in the end." Natsuki added, smiling contentedly as he pulled the shorter blond closer to his side. "We all have found our significant other now, isn't that great?"

"Err, what about Cecil and Nanami?"

Laughing Natsuki reassured the shorter teen that Nanami had also finally accepted Cecil's feelings for her and they were now in Agnapolis to meet with Cecil's father.

Syo complained about how he was always the last one to know about things the whole way back to their room. The glasses blond then kissed him, saying that it was fine, since he always knew first, so he would tell the shorter one right after he heard any news from now on. Humming his approval, Syo leaned up on his tiptoes to press his lips to his lover's.

"Yay, thank you Natsuki."

"Anything for my Syo-chan" replied Natsuki with a smile.

"Oh I haven't said it yet today have I?" Syo said suddenly. Seeing Natsuki's questioning look he smiled and continued. "I love you Natsuki."

"I love you too!" replied the other blond as he brought their lips together to seal the proof of their love.

And in both the other couples' rooms, similar confessions of love were being proclaimed: Tokiya and Otoya were finally alone together again and on their way to becoming true lovers; and Ren and Masato were joining their bodies together so tightly that it was difficult to tell where one left off and the other began. They let their love flow between them, ensuring that it would meld together to form an unbreakable bond that would keep them together, forever.

~The End~

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