Hello everyone and welcome back! I'd like to say my update did take a lot longer than I thought, I recently gave birth September 14th and have been recovering from surgery aswell. I had a lot of problems when it came to having her but we're both okay now, and healing well. I'm currently revising and doing some serious thinking about my stories and how I can write better, which is why this is a little shorter than last chapter. I really want to insert a chapter emphasizing her relationship with the Cullen's especially Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper. Enjoy!

Caius' roar shook the throne room, it was a roar of abandonment, sadness, and anger at being rejected. As the distance between him and his mate grew, so did the pain in his chest, though he had no need to breathe his chest continued to tighten and the venom in his throat dried instantly, he couldn't fathom this growing constriction as if another vampire had their fist lodged deeply into his breastplate. His pitch black eyes filled with venom tears that wouldn't fall, he stifled sobs in his hands as he fell off his throne to his knees.

"My Lord!"

"Brother!" Aro was by his brother's side in a second, grasping his shoulders and lifting him back to the throne chair, his shuddering breaths shaking his entire body. Guards quickly surrounded him, as Aro checked over him.

Weakness was something that Caius didn't show, to his brothers, ex-wife, and definitely not any other being. But this feeling was overwhelming him, draining him of his strength and clouding his mind, all he could see were her stormy blue eyes, inky black hair, and the coy smile that graced her rose colored lips. How her body coiled to launch in attack and how her eyelashes lightly touched her cheeks, as she blinked those large soulful eyes at him.

She had left because of his cruel nature, left because he demanded the death of those she loved, who went against the law. He saw himself as protecting his world, preventing the eradication of humans, as weak and worthless as they are, and vampires alike. Although he did slaughter the moon children to near extinction, this he admitted smugly and quite happily, he felt it was justified. They were mindless murderous beasts slaughtering everything in their path. Weather man, woman, or child. They had no use or place in the world or supernatural. It was law, if you exposed yourself without rectifying your crime then you were put to death. He felt that maybe he wasn't enough man for her. Was he so evil that he didn't deserve the love from the one created just for him, one who matched his power?

Marcus' eyes flicked quickly, dancing along to the bonds that only he could see and decipher. The unique gold and red bond of Caius and Kagome had dulled slightly and pulsed agitatedly, slimming at the distance growing between the two. Already their bond was suffering, though the time of separation was barely past the ten minute mark. Marcus' lips thinned, obviously this bond would affect both of them, they needed close contact until they could seal their bond.

"Brother! Speak." Aro commanded, trying to better understand what was happening. Even when separated from his own mate Aro felt only a dull ache and loss of concentration. He had claimed his own mate mere moments after meeting her. Maybe this was what was considered a myth in the vampire world, where a mate was rejected by the other, their souls began to break down their very essence and they soon would become empty shells of themselves or ravenous beasts with no conscious.

"His mating bond is suffering the more distance between him and his bonded increases." Marcus stated gravely. "They need to be reunited soon and his mate needs to see who Caius really is, there is no telling what could happen to either of them."

Aro's lips thinned as his face turned grim, he seemed to pale even more, a feat with his already porcelain complexion, "Then we retrieve her and show her exactly why she made the wrong decision. The girl is obviously strong and has her own weird power that should be treated with caution, she went head to head with Caius without tiring" Aro stood, his back to his guard. He and Marcus made eye contact and with a nod, a decision was made.

Turning sharply his black eyes turned venomous. "Retrieve The Cullens and human girl, if resistance is met you will kill her and take the Cullen boy's head. If you fail. You DIE. Standby. You five have your own orders, those worthy of your elite standing."

The guards shivered and disappeared from view, only Felix, Demetri, Alec, Jane, and Heidi stood before them, bent at the knee. They knew this voice well, though it hadn't been used for centuries, Even they themselves knew the punishment would be steep if they failed.

"You will convince Caius' mate to return, there is no telling what your King will suffer if she is not returned, if she chooses not to come on her own, then do what needs to be done. Let no hair be out of place on her head. Even you all are subject to death is she is hurt." Aro looked back towards Caius, his eyes pitch black and teeth bared at them all. "Though not by my hand."

"You heard him find her! NOW!" Caius barked, throwing parts of his marble throne chair at a guard, it shattered as easily as glass on his head, but he didn't dare move or react.

With a nod each member disappeared from their sight, their mission in mind, and the fear of failing weighing deep in their chests. The Goal; get their new Queen or die by Caius' hand. They'd rather be lit on fire.

"Follow me, I can track her," Demetri said, taking the lead and running towards the West. The Elite followed the closest and then the remaining.

"Kagome are you alright," Rosalie asked, watching a shiver touched the former's spine.

"I've had a bad feeling since we've got on this plane. It's in my chest, but now...Now I feel something much more sinister." Kagome murmured, playing with her skirt.

"Sinister?" Carlisle asked in alarm

"Maybe I'm feeling an angry low level demon, it happens from time to time, don't worry." Kagome smiled, pulsing her aura calmly.

"Are you sure?" Jasper asked from behind her, he could feel that it was more than what she was saying. She turned and smiled at him, but the look in her eye let him know it was something Rosalie, Emmett, Kagome, and himself would talk about at another time.

Nodding, she turned back to gaze out of her window. The moon was full and bright, clouds wisping in front of it. Her attention turned towards the red pulsing string attached to her finger, tied in a small bow. She knew what this was, everyone in her country knew what this was, it was binding and absolute. One spoken of a true bond.

"Unmei no akai shima" She whispered to herself.

The Red String Of Fate.